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ERIN is here~!
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Posted 9/11/09 , edited 9/12/09
Please drop who ever you have doing the subs for this anime on CR and hire the staff from Static Subs. about the only word I know in japanese is Baka and even I can see a dozen mistakes in just the first episode alone. Seriously just take Episode 1 from Static Subs and Episode 1 on CR and play them side by side. You will notice a huge difference in the quality of the subbing.

As for me, even though I am a subscriber, I will only be watching this anime from Static Subs from now on, until you can get your act together and hire people that actually know what they are doing.

I know your probably just hiring the cheapest translators you can find, but when you do that to maximize your profit, everyone loses in the end because all your left with after its all over is a 2nd rate sub that no true anime fan would waste their time watching.

As for anyone else reading this I would highly recommend that you download the anime from Static Subs and donate a few $$$. They will greatly appreciate the support.

Also if they can show that more people are downloading the anime from Static Subs than are watching it on Crunchyroll then maybe they can use that as leverage to get crunchyroll to hire them for the subbing of this anime on CR.

When you think about it, having Static Subs do the subbing for CR is actually the smartest thing they can do. First it would turn what is right now their main competition into an ally and would most likely cause CR to see an increase in account sign ups and in memberships being purchased because Static Subs would tell all of their fans to come here to see the latest Erin episode, and last but not least it would vastly improve the quality of the subtitling that is being done on CR.

Everything above can also be said for Naruto as well but unfortunately dattebayo decided to stop subbing it when CR picked up the license so we will never know for sure if the Subtitles would have been any better under dattebayo's direction.
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