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Posted 9/8/09 , edited 9/10/09
A friend challenged me to write this. It's a Romantic Comedy-Tragedy where ten people die. It's less than ten pages long.
Let's see how this turns out... It should be INTERESTING.

Characters (10 of which will DIE) ::

~ Martha
~ Tommy
~ Mr. Morrisson
~ Amanda
~ Julie
~ Mark
~ Janet
~ Juliet
~ Bill
~ Bob
~ Bud
~ Ms. Susie Riley
~ Mr. Sam Rodney

(( more on the way ))

Chapter-Part-Section One :://:: Haunted House?

Martha raised her hand.

“Yes, what is the answer, Martha?” The teacher pointed at the girl, with the chalk piece still in his hands.

“Seven times eight is fifty-six, Mr. Morrisson.” Martha smiled and sat back down, smoothing her dress underneath her.

Mr. Morrisson nodded and pointed at the board. “That’s correct, Martha. Now, everyone knows how she arrived at the answer, right?”

The class nodded as a whole but the teacher explained it anyways, and Martha glanced over at the red headed boy that sat a few seats ahead and to the right of her. She’d had a crush on Tommy since last year, when she’d seen him give a speech about why poaching was bad.

But, she realized with a slight frown, he wasn’t looking at her at all. He had eyes only for the teacher, and the numbers on the board.

In short, he was the class nerd.

Some of the other kids made fun of him because he had glasses, but she thought they made him look smart and mature.

She silently opened her desk a crack, and saw that the little pink note in it was safe. She sighed, and went back to listening to the teacher.

After half an hour of learning multiplication, it was time to talk about the school festival they were having!

Martha was so excited for this part of the school year! It was always the most fun! And there would be a dance afterwards… Maybe Tommy would ask her to dance this year?

“Okay, students! What do you want to do this year as a class?” Each class was in charge of holding one event in the festival. Some classes did plays, some set up a food stall, some opened a small café even.

Someone raised his hand. “What about a Haunted House?” This met many cheers, and it was decided. Martha’s class would be doing a Haunted House this year!

Amanda and Julie, Martha’s two best friends, were in her group, in charge of making costumes for people. Tommy was with Mark and Janet, in the group that was going to have to scare people. That meant Martha’s group was making the costumes for Tommy’s! Martha crossed her fingers behind her back, hoping she would get to make Tommy’s costume.

Chapter-Part-Section Two :://:: What Size Are You?

The groups all met in the next few minutes to get things started.

“Martha, you wanna make Tommy’s ghost costume, I can make Janet’s zombie and Julie can make Mark’s skeleton.” Amanda was the leader of the group. Martha secretly jumped for joy at the news.

“So we should go get everyone’s measurements first.” Amanda made her way to Janet with a measuring tape, and Julie went to Mark with hers.

Martha held her tape in her hands nervously and poked Tommy on the shoulder. His red curls bobbed slightly as he looked up and over at her.

“Yes?” He had a kind smile on his face.

“Um, I’m making your ghost costume so I need to take your measurements, Tommy.”

He put down the marker he was using to make a poster, and stood up with a nod. “Alright, and thanks for doing this, Martha!”

He held out his arms at shoulder height and Martha held out the tape to get his arm length, shoulder width, chest and waist sizes. She was about to leave hastily but realized she’d forgotten to get his shoulder height.

“Oh! I forgot the shoulder height!”

Tommy straightened immediately and she held the tape to his shoulder and let it roll to the ground.

She wrote down the number, and stood up fully. “Thanks, Tommy! I’ll get this done ASAP for you, okay?”

“Yeah, and thanks again! I wouldn’t be able to make my own costume in a million years!” He smiled gratefully at Martha.

She was honestly shocked and it showed. Tommy laughed a little. “But… But I thought you could do everything, Tommy!”

He shook his head with an embarrassed smile. “I’m just good with numbers is all. I can’t do a lot of things actually.” He counted off on his fingers as he listed them. “I can’t sew, for one, and I can’t cook, I can’t swim all that well, I’ve never really ridden a bike, I can’t sing…” He rubbed the back of his head.

“Wow! I never knew that!”

He shrugged. “Well, not many people ask me about it so I never say anything…” He pushed his glasses up on his nose because they’d fallen off and Martha had the urge to squee. She knew her taste in boys was a lot different from most girls. She found the weird things attractive. Tommy’s braces, for one thing; she really liked those! And the way he kept having to push his glasses back up, oh, that made her heart melt! She also really liked his freckles.

The door to their classroom burst open and all the students jumped slightly.

It stayed open yet empty for a few seconds, and then The S.R.’s burst in with a bang.

“Hello, Mr. Morrisson’s Third Grade Class!” Ms. Susie Riley beamed.

“We have an ANNOUNCEMENT!” Mr. Sam Rodney beamed.

One thing you could say about this school was that it was… unorthodox. It had two headmasters, for one. They shared the office on the top floor of the building and had a diabolical pet cat that lived in the school. They used their power to do all these weird things with the school. Their idea of a P.A. system was this. Burst into the classrooms one at a time and say it to their faces.

The students and staff called them the S.R.’s because their initials were the same, and it sounded better than saying “The Headmaster and Headmistress” or simply, “the Principals.”

Mr. S.R. held up a banner, and Ms. S.R. spoke. “Attention, students and Mr. Morrisson!”

“We’re happy to inform you all that we’ll be doing something NEW this year at the dance after the Festival!”

“This year, Sunshine Academy will crown a Miss Sunshine and Mister Sunshine, who will be decided by popular vote!”

“You can submit a candidate in the office by filling out this form!” Mr. S.R. held up a stack of forms.

“Get yours in the office, TODAY!”

With that, Ms. S.R. threw down a black ball and it burst with a cloud of black-gray smoke, and they rushed out of the room.

This was commonplace by now and everybody went back to what they were doing without much fuss or astonishment.

“I wonder who will win,” Tommy mused, and Martha’s cheeks reddened a bit.

“Will you be entering?” She asked.

Tommy looked at her, surprised. “Me? Who would vote for me?”

Martha looked down and murmured, “I would…”

He smiled then, and nodded. “Okay, I’ll enter. But you should too.”

“R-realy?” Martha knew she wouldn’t stand a chance against Juliet though. Juliet was the most popular girl in their grade.

“Yeah, I’d vote for you hands down if you ran!”

Martha blushed again and smiled. “Okay, we’ll both enter. Let’s do our best!”

Tommy nodded with a smile and Martha excused herself, going back to her desk to draw out the plans for Tommy’s costume.

Chapter-Part-Section Three :://:: Are You Okay?

It was the next day, and Martha had gotten the fabric and things she needed to make Tommy’s costume and brought it to school. She’d spent all night last night coming up with the costume plan and stencil.

Now she would start cutting the fabric during the class time they were given to work on the project.

She was too busy thinking about it during math period to notice that Mr. Morrisson was calling on her for the answer to the problem on the board.

“Huh? What?” She stood up and glanced at the board. “Forty-seven!”

She stood still for a while. She’d just blurted the first number to come to her mind.

“Eh… No, Martha, forty-seven is not the answer… Who knows the answer?”

Martha sat down again, embarrassed and wanting to hide. Tommy was raising his hand and stood up as the teacher called on him. “Fifty-two.”

He sat down and glanced back at Martha. He looked worried.

Class was paused for a minute or two before they would start working on the project for the day, and Martha sighed and leaned back in her seat, staring at the ceiling.

In a few seconds, she’d sat forward again and was getting the fabric she needed out of her desk, to start work on the costume. She hadn’t been working for two minutes before Tommy sat in front of her.

“You okay, Martha?” He asked worriedly. “You’ve never gotten a math problem wrong!”

Martha had jumped slightly when he was suddenly in front of her, but smiled a little. He was worried about her! And he’d been paying attention to her.

“Yeah, I’m fine, Tommy. Just a bit distracted.” She laid a pattern over the fabric and pinned it down with pins.

Tommy nodded slowly and watched her work for a few seconds, then held out a paper to her. He had one of his own.

She tilted her head questioningly at it and he smiled. “It’s the form for entering the school popularity contest.”

Martha grinned and promised to fill it out before school got out.

Since Tommy was one of the people scaring in the Haunted House, he had not much to do before the actual Festival. He’d decided to hang around Martha, and do his math homework while the rest of the class worked.

Martha looked from her cutting and watched Tommy work diligently at his math homework. She could see that he had no trouble with it and it was a breeze to get through for him. She smiled. It was one thing they had in common; they were good at math.

Martha wasn’t really smart in any subject other than math. She couldn’t spell all that well and she wasn’t doing well with history or science, but she was amazing at math.

As Martha watched Tommy do his math homework, she found herself grinning foolishly. No, no, no! She shook her head and got back to cutting the fabric.

Chapter-Part-Section Four :://:: She's DEAD?

Everyone was peacefully working on their portions of the class project when the doors burst open again, and black smoke rolled in.

Differing from their usual custom, The S.R.’s walked in slowly and dramatically. They each held a large black rose.

Mr. S.R. was holding a picture of Juliet More as well.

Ms. S.R. started talking. “Children of Mr. Morrisson’s Third Grade Class…”

Mr. S.R. spoke dramatically. “We have some terrible news for you all.”

They were both silent for a while, and then said at the same time, “This morning, on her way to school, your classmate Juliet’s car got into a terrible accident.”

Ms. S.R. closed her eyes. “She was taken to the hospital, and we’ve just gotten a call. She died half an hour ago.”

“There was nothing they could do.”

Ms. S.R. started sobbing and clung to Mr. S.R. as they walked out of the classroom. She dropped a black-smoke bomb unenthusiastically and a bit late on the way out.

The class was silent for a while. When the smoke faded, Mr. Morrisson took the head of the class and said, “Alright, children… This is terrible news, indeed. But we must continue to work on this project… It’s what Juliet would have wanted.”

A child raised his hand. “Actually, sir, she hated this project.”

Mr. Morrisson was silent for a bit and shook his head. “I’m sure she didn’t r-”

“No, no, she said she REALLY despised Haunted Houses.”

“Yeah, she refused to do any jobs, remember, Mr. Morrisson?”

“And she went around trying to get everyone to stop worki-”

“All right, all right. But we still need to get back to work!”
He clapped his hands twice, and the children looked down and continued working.

Martha’s eyes were wide with shock as she looked over at Tommy. “Can you believe it? Juliet’s…. dead?”

Tommy nodded slowly. “It’s hard to believe…”

Martha nodded slowly. “Yeah…” She numbly went back to her fabric cutting.

As she cut, she was thinking. But now that Juliet’s not here… I might actually win Miss Sunshine! I just need to make sure Tommy wins Mister Sunshine… She looked up at Bill, Bob and Bud. They were the most popular guys in their grade… She had to make sure they either didn’t enter the contest, or didn’t win…

But who am I kidding…? I can’t do something like that!

She glanced at Tommy again. He was doing his homework. She sighed -loudly- and he looked up at her questioningly.

“Did you say something, Martha?”

She shook her head hastily and rubbed the back of her head. “No, no. I’m just… sad that Juliet’s gone, is all…”

Chapter-Part-Section Five :://:: Is It All MY Fault?

The next day Martha had part of the costume sewn. The top bit of it was done, and they could see if it fit today. Martha was excited as she skipped to the bus stop, and she stood waiting for it with a happy grin. The drama of yesterday was forgotten.

Bill had her bus stop too, and he was there already when she got there.

“Hey, Martha!” He called and waved with a smile. “I heard you’re running for Miss Sunshine. I’m running for Mister Sunshine!” He smiled a little bashfully. “Maybe… if we both win, we could dance together at the Dance?”

Martha blinked and said slowly, “Er, really? I, uh-” But she dropped her backpack in her confusion and her pencil sharpener rolled out of it.

“Oh, let me get that!”

Bill ran into the road where her sharpener had rolled, and then…

The bus was going too fast, and hit him. “Oh my God! Bill!” Martha’s hands went to her mouth and her eyes started to tear up, wide with horror. She’d seen… seen his… the way his back bent… it couldn’t have been right.

She could hear the children already on the bus screaming, and the bus driver got off hastily, but backed up when he saw Bill, and called 911 with shaky hands.

The police and an ambulance came, but it was obvious that Bill was no longer living. Another bus came to pick up the children, and took them to school. They would be a bit late.

Martha was the only one from her bus, other than Bill, who was in her class at school, so when she walked in alone and looking frightened, everyone started asking questions.

Tommy was in front of her desk in seconds, alarmed by the look of terror on Martha’s face. “Martha? Are you alright?!”

She shook her head slowly. “Bill… the bus hit him… He’s dead.”

The class erupted with questions for Martha, but Mr. Morrisson made them all sit down and give Martha some space to breath.

Class was slow that day, and when it finally got to be time to work on the project again, Martha was able to act normally again -somewhat.

“Tommy, will you try this on and see if it fits so far?” She held out the shirt portion of the costume.

He nodded and smiled, pushing his glasses up on his nose and sending butterflies up Martha’s stomach. “Sure.” He took it and added, “I’ll go put it on in the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

As Martha waited for Tommy to return, she thought about that wish she’d had earlier, to get Bill, Bob and Bud out of Tommy’s way for the contest… She couldn’t help thinking that she was the reason Bill had died. And what about Bob and Bud? Would they die too?

Tommy came back with the ghost shirt on, and held his arms out. “It fits perfectly!” He was grinning and she could see his braces. “You’re really good at sewing, Martha!”

She blushed and smiled. “Thanks, Tommy!”

And then there was a scream. Martha and Tommy looked up quickly, only to see Julie and Mark standing at the window. “Mr. Morrisson! Bob fell out!”

They were on the third floor!

A fall that long…

Martha’s vision started going black, and the last thing she heard for a while was Tommy calling her name.

Ahaha, some notes about this section-chapter-thing ....
@ "You're really good at sewing, Martha!" :: Always makes me think of Martha Stewert, every time I read it XD
@ Bob falling out the window :: Sorry Bob. No hard feelings :3

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26 / F / In my own little...
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Okayyy :3
Posted 9/9/09 , edited 9/10/09
-random post rite nao-

lol i like teh whole, '10 ppl will die'
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26 / F / In my own little...
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You know what???
It's REALLY hard to combine Romance, Comedy AND 10 people dying in one O_____O
I still needa kill off 6 people and I'm 8 pages in XD massive killing soon I think ........
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omg everybody dies MWAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! >:D
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26 / F / In my own little...
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Yuppers >:3
I needa finish this one XD
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