Post Reply (Game) Would You Rather
Posted 9/8/09 , edited 9/9/09
Choose between 2 answer, or neither of them.

I'll start

Would u rather talk with Ikuto or Nagihiko?
Posted 9/9/09 , edited 9/9/09

Would you play with Rima or Yaya?
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Posted 9/10/09 , edited 9/11/09

Would you like to spend the day with Tadase or LuLu?
Posted 9/13/09 , edited 9/13/09

Would you rather sing along with Ikuto's violin or play soccer with Kukai?
Posted 9/21/09 , edited 9/21/09
play soccer with Kukai coz i don't sing very well!

would you rather be with Angel Utau or Devil Utau?
Posted 10/9/09 , edited 10/9/09
Angel Utau

Would you rather go shopping with Rima or Nadeshiko??
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