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Posted 9/9/09 , edited 9/9/09
Don't you miss it
how easy it was back then
when you just sat on the
swing reaching for the sky
making fantasies of angels and elf's
flying around you

As you walk by the swing
you can see a ghost
looking like a child
sitting there reaching out a hand
inviting you

as you reach for the hand
a wall fall between you
whatever you try
it wouldn't break as you cry out for the child
who try to reach you

soon hands of those comes
and drag you away from there
what ever you try you cant break free
as they
carry you back to a world
with so many confusing things

Even you're dreams
they take from you and you're sleep
is stolen by those cruel images
as you feel
like breaking down
you run
you run somewhere
you don't know where
before you're feet stops
by the swing

Sitting down and start to move
you feel you go higher and higher
bringing memories back
and you're laughter
the laughter you trough you lost
the laughter of a child

Even if reality
will take you away one day
don't forget
when you sat on the swing and tried to
reach the sky
with you're small hands

Okey I think this one look a little like the "I wish I was that child again" poem I made a long time ago. Well I just feelt like making it, since I once had a idear when I actually satt on a swing, but who carry paper and a pen with them =.=
well hope you like it
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29 / F / LeSLy's WoRLd! ^^
Posted 10/17/09 , edited 10/17/09
pretty good yami
i'm glad u are writing again
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