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Posted 9/9/09 , edited 9/9/09
Isn't life a bliss
as we run around in the high grass
throw the water high, with laughter in the air
falling down on the with sand
just watching the clouds drift

lying right beside each other
drawing how we will be, when we finally get older
still we would have fun
talk about thing, and our future
making funny stories
that we are sure will happen when we get older
we are just kids now
but soon we will be teens

The drawing in the sand
a dream of our future
together we would be
best friends forever

then why did
a bloody hand wipe “you”
away from our drawing
so that “me” only stand there alone
with a smile
when tears should be there

The drawing in the sand
is still there after so many years
in my mind
your “you” is gone

Why did this happen
why did you go that path
not the one we had planed

I miss you
I'm sad
cause I couldn't save you

I want to take the same path as you
so that everything could be as it was
but you don't want that
that I know
and that's why I'm still here

The grass is waving
the water is lying still, and there is nothing in the air
as I look at the drawing
in the sand that once was here
I will cry
and this is something
you cant stop me from doing

Cause I couldn't save you

Did someone miss my long poems xD
well Im only glad that I started to write again, thank you world of music ! Pleas tell me what you think, I thonk this is the best one I have writed from those three I posted today. but give me what you think.

Well what do you think happned in this poem?
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