Types Of Reapers and Class and Rank
Posted 9/9/09 , edited 9/9/09
There are Many types Of Reapers. Im Going to explain them so you will Know which One you want to be And What classes Go with them.

Death Reaper: Death reapers Are the Type that Can Only Destroy A Soul. Death reapers are Usually mixed Breeds Or Half-Breeds and Come from different Species. They usually Are Infantry to the King And Queen,assasins Or mercenaries. Death reapers feed on Blood so the soul is not important to them.

Soul Reapers: Not Unlike what You Would see On bleach, Soul reapers feed On souls Of Their Enemies. Soul reapers also Carry thse Souls Over to the Next Part Of their Lives. Soul reapers Have been human at One time in thir Life But became a reaper Because Of Finding themselves Stuck InLimbo and Have been rescued By the Phantom King. Soul reapers are usually Generals, Lesser Knights and Paladins, Assasins Or Weapons Masters.

Phantoms: Phantoms Are One Of The Most Powerful types Of Reapers. Phantoms Can assume any Form they Choose But They Must return to their original form After A Period of time. A Phantom is a Male Reaper that Has Ascended His Class and Gained Full Control Over his Trans-State Armor. Phantoms are Knights, Paladins, And The king himself.

Sirens: Sirens Are The Female Version Of a Phantom. The difference is That a Siren has the Classes Of Magician, Added as Well.

Banshee: The Only banshee In existence is the Queen Of Reapers. The Queen Is As Powerful as A Siren and Phantom But the Queen Is the Only One that Can create Reapers Without Using A Spell. She can Create reapers With Just A Snap Of her Fingers.

Reaper Classes Are as Follows: Commoner, Infantry, Mercenary, assasin, General, Magician, Knight , Paladin, King, Queen.
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