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Posted 9/10/09 , edited 9/10/09
DVD UPDATE: I spoke to Fuji Creative Corporation in regards to the possibility of an Aoihana DVD and this is what they said.

Dear Mr. M____,

Hello. My name is S____ S____ (Mr.) of Fuji Creative Corporation. I am
responsible for licensing our anime for territories of the U.S.A. and
others. I was forwarded your email below addressed to our general mailbox.

First, I would like to say thank you for your interest in Aoihana on behalf
of ourselves and the producers. Aoihana is a brand-new anime series which
started airing weekly in July on Fuji TV, our parent company. As for the
exploitation outside Japan, currently, the show is only available on for streaming viewing with English subtitles, but the
video/DVD product is yet to be licensed, should we find the right partner in
the near future for your territory.

Here's something you can do if you will. Please send your request to publish
the DVD of the show to any leading anime DVD publishers in the U.S.A. and
tell them the show is great. We are afraid that due to the characteristics
of the genre, there are not too many anime publishers out there who are
willing to take the show despite of the quality... So your support does

Thank you once again for your email and we wish you all the best,

S___ S___

So for all of you Aoihana fans out there.. follow heed and send those emails! Bump if need be -
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Posted 9/10/09 , edited 9/10/09
^ bump if need be? Bumping isn't allowed in the forums, unless you're talking about the e-mails.

No advertising threads please. Aoihana threads should be discussed in the Aoihana Library, too.


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