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Increasing of Dani's Power

Friday 28/08/2009

(VIP Part)
Onas – It’s very hard to guess who will be the winner
Otara – Ironoside has secret power but that Dani is he really in level 2?
Shano – I think Dani is in Level 2 because when Ironoside scratched him last time..Dani’s blood came out and it didn’t regenerate
Kora – {their power and their level in fight is higher than what I thought …}
Fira – {that boy Dani has started release his full energy}
(At the Corner of Fighting Circuit)
Ayoma – {oh no Dani…}
Shino – {Ironoside….}
(Hayo’s Castle)
Kagomi – Dani is releasing his power…
Shitoro –if I was Dani I was going to do it
Kagomi – but this…
Shitoro - if Dani refused to do that then Ironoside will get more anger and we don’t know what will happen if Ironoside’s anger increased, right Kagomi?
Kagomi – …
(Above Fighting Circuit, in the Sky)
Dani – do you know why I hate to be loved by people?
Ironoside - ???
(Ironoside remembering)
…Ayoma – I just can’t understand why you do this all the time Dani? Eating and running away without paying?
…Dani - this is one way to make people hate you right?
…Ayoma -right but why you want people to...
…Dani - because if I died no buddy will miss me
…Ayoma - idiot Dani...
(Back to real time)
Ironoside – because you don’t want anyone to miss you when you die?
Dani – that’s one of my reason, and another one is that I don’t want to show mercy to anyone…
Ironoside – …
Dani – but I think still I am so naive
Ironoside – so….
(Ironoside with high Speed went Toward Dani; Sword-3 &sword-4 where under his leg and they are carrying him where ever Ironoside want)
(Dani’s Body Started to surrender by Electricity)
Dani - yahhhhhhhhhhhh
(Ironoside with Sword-1 Attacked Dani but his sword blocked by the Electricity that surrounding him)
Ironoside - !!!
(Ironoside attacked Dani again with Sword-2 but no affect on Dani’s electricity storm that was surrounding him)
Ironoside – what’s going on?
(Explosion happened and it throws Ironoside back)
(Ironoside was going to reach the spectators place; if he reach spectators place means he will lose)
(Ironoside used all of his power and he stopped himself in the sky)
Ironoside – that was close….
(Ironoside turned around and when he wanted to look at Dani he saw Dani before his eyes)
Dani – good morning
(Dani hit Ironoside head and Ironoside thrown on the Ground then Dani stand straight in hte sky)
Dani – Full Electricity Attacks
(Fighting Circuit in no time became sea of Electricity)
(Dani stopped his attack and he was gathering his power to attack once more)
(Ironoside was half dead on the ground and he saw Dani is going to attack again)
(At corner of Fighting Circuit)
Ayoma – {Dani become so seriously now}
Shino – Ayoma does Dani want to kill Ironoside?
Ayoma - …
(Shino wanted to help Ironoside but Ayoma stopped her)
Shino – he is going to die
Ayoma – we can’t interfere, it’s their fight
(Above Ironoside, Dani made circuit with his two hands)
Dani – Cylinder Electricity Attacks
(A cylinder from Electricity was going toward Ironoside but with Sword-3 & Sword-4 Ironoside moved himself away from attack)
(Ironoside used Sword-3 &Sword-4 which were under his legs to move toward the sky )
(VIP Part)
Shano – if things go like this one of them will die
Onas –
Shano - they both don’t want to lose…
Otara – mom rule is clear
Shano – but
Onas – I know what you want to say Shano but those two are the only one who can end this fight
Shano - …
Kora –{ I feel Dani’s attacks have became stronger then before…}
(In the Sky, Storm)
Storm – {Dani is so similar to his dad.. I think if he registers in the World Tournament he will be fearless opponent ….}
(In the sky above Fighting Circuit )
Ironoside – {I won’t lose..}
(Around Dani’s hand Electricity Started to move)
Dani – let’s see how you will avoid this
(Dani with high speed went behind Ironoside)
Ironoside - !!!
(Dani hit Ironoside back and Blood Came out from Ironoside mouth)
(Then Dani catch Ironoside Body and with high speed he went toward Ground then let Ironoside hit the ground)
(At the corner of Fighting Circuit)
Shino – Ironosiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide
Ayoma – {the worst hasn’t started yet}…………………………………..

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter37

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 9/13/09 , edited 9/14/09
* happy dancing* :lol
...finally it came out .....i thought i have to wait for the next year to see this chapter
it was a nother enjoyable chapter but come on it's not suitable for children to read it so much violent over here..:sweatingbullets: JK
Wrtier i don't like to rash u but i REALLY want to see the next chapter (TT^TT) don't let ur uni keep u full busy (>_<)"
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Posted 9/18/09 , edited 9/19/09
whoaaa thats not very good! that honestly sounds painful.....its good! =D
Posted 12/30/09 , edited 12/30/09
OH ..i waited to lllllllong for the new chapter
and I read this chapter more then 3 times..............I even started to memorize it..
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Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/11/10
yeah dani yeah nice one boya lets see how ironoside will dodge the next attack hehehehe that if he could carry his old body hahaha

what an awsome chapter boss .. keep the hard work
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