Ari-chan's avi shoppie!
Posted 9/10/09 , edited 9/11/09
welcome!!our theme now is summer!every moth will have special things they r banner,icon n fanbar/userbar!we also sell matching avis.there will be 5 stock 4 each avi desing n 1 stock 4 maching avi and moth's spaecial item.when avi is out of stock it restock in a moth,but when matching avi is brought i'll make a new pair in the old pair's place.enjoy!


what u wan?:
#number:(4 avi)
with who?:(4 those who wan matching avi)
u wan changes:(wirte'no' if don't wan)


special banner:uplaod 4 pics
special icon:3 pics 1 wall post
special fanbar/userbar:uplaod 1 pic invite buddys 2 forum post n 1 wall post
avi: uplaod 5 pics
matching avi:uplaod 5 pics invite buddys and 2 forum posts


fill in form
plz pay
pay with right amount
u can request two item once
don't request more an least ur request before is done
u can only request 5 items a week
follow all rules or get ingored


specail item 4 the moth:

normal item:


matching avi

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text: Isobe
what u wan?: Icon
payed?: yup
u wan changes:no
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