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Posted 9/11/09 , edited 9/12/09
We all have probably thought how naruto will end at one time or another, write down how you think it should/will end.

I think naruto and sasuke will have a final showdown, where sasuke does what itachi does for him, after a long battle he plans his death so naruto can go to the village a hero, and achieve hokage. In his final moments he'll tell naruto how to spin his rasengan at a velocity that would make the oppoenents cellular structure spiral in all directions on contact. Naruto realizes what sasuke is asking of him and finishes sasuke off. As sasuke is disintegrating he puts his hand to naruto's head and says " you have suffered through many curses, the curse of being alone, the curse of losing those close to you, and the curse of the nine tailed fox, now you shall bare one final curse". As sasuke says this he uses an organ transfer and forcibly puts his sharingan eye/eyes into naruto. " Now you shall bare the curse of the uchiha, and their path of blood will end". Naruto's starts to tear with his new [bleeding eyes since forcive organ transplant would hurt like hell] and say it didn't have to end this way. Sasuke would have a good-bye memory montage and disapear forever, with sakura quietly watching in the sun setting-distance.

* by the way, if you would argue that sasuke dosn't know organ transplant jutsu, my explanation for him having one would be by watching orochimaru "create" his experiments and copying it with the sharingan.

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