Post Reply Yukan Club FORM-
Posted 9/12/09 , edited 9/13/09
You can send the form via MSG to usako- or anime_luv2 or if you prefer you can just reply and leave your form here-

include your-
Gender- [its cool if a dude wants to take role of girl or girl takes role of boy lol]
Name of Member you will like to be-
Description of your self-&-why you would like to be this person in Yukan Club
Include a picture of yourself, any picture is fine, or if you want try to imitate the person you want to be from Yukan Club

Many People Can be the Same Character so everyone can join and have fun!

usako- I'm taking the role of Karen, I'm looking foward to meeting other Karen's as well
anime_luv2-taking the role of Yuri- hope's to meet other Yuri's as well.

-if you got any questions PM either usako- or anime-luv2
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