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This is a result of my boredomness ~ enjoy ;)


Won't Say I Love You
By: Xuan - Kuramalover



“I won't say I love you, because I seriously hate your guts.”

That was a lie. I should get run over and trampled by a speeding truck for saying something so stupid like that in front of my supposed 'lover'. I curse myself for being so mentally weak.

Eric smiles, it was a faint one – but it still managed to twist my gut into a nasty pretzel from guilt.

“It's alright Erie, I get what you mean.”

Hell, no you don't. I open my mouth, begging myself to blurt out anything to clear this damn misunderstanding, but apparently my vocal cords were betraying me.

Eric walks away and effortlessly waved back to me. Probably a sign which meant “we're breaking up, so cya.”



It's Friday morning, 6:45 AM. I'm in bed, I could feel bags under my heavy eyelids, and my head was cruelfully pounding as if I had a huge hangover.

I don't even drink!

I couldn't sleep last night after another break-up. It's always been like this; me getting a boyfriend, then said boyfriend dumps me after a couple months. Pretty cruel, right? You might say it's because the guys I've been dating were all messed up but technically, I'm the bad guy here.


Never in my life have I said “I love you” or anything remotely close to that cheesy-sickining line. Maybe I did to my family once or twice, but for that to come out of my mouth would mean the freaking end of the world.

Anyways – the thing about relationships is that once the trust in your bond snaps, it's most likely to fall even deeper into the abyss. People begin freaking out; thinking that their partners are with some other lover, thinking that they're not loved anymore, and thinking that everything they said was all a lie.

And it begins to fall apart after that.

I've been in a couple relationships before in my life. None of them lasted long. They all thought I didn't “love” them because I never said those 3 letter words. I told them before that I don't say that kind of crap, but I guess when you're in love you don't really care about that part until you get serious.

I mean, can't they tell I like them by just even being with them. Who in hell would stay with a person they hate? It wouldn't make sense! It got me thinking that probably everyone else here lost their common sense along with their heads.

But if you're talking about arranged marriages, then that's a different story. Luckily, I don't have parents who force that on me.

They say that 'actions speak louder than words'.

I swear I'll sue the guy who came up with a ridiculous quote like that.

Seriously, saying those three simple words isn't that hard, right?

I love you. I love you! I love you~

Urgh, I just grossed myself out by doing that.

I had once thought that the 'great ones' from above had sealed my lips and those words along with it until I came upon my destined love they call a 'soulmate'.

Then I re-thought that thought and thought that it was the most absurd thought in the world.

In the eyes of a different person, one might think I'm in denial.

It's not denial, it's a curse.
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This look to be amazing!
I love how it's like a thought pattern, like how one would actually think.

What would be the main genre for this story? I want to make sure I get it right in the list ^^
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Thanks for reading it ~ x3
I'm still in the process of writing it, so uhm, look forward to it? xD

Genre - Romance/Comedy (I think..)
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27 / F / In my own little...
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Mkay, I'ma go add it to the list now then :3

And I DO look forward to it ^^
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ima like the story soooooo good!!!
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wow tis was from owo
and i just found it now TEEHEE. LOL
i love it <3 OwO
and i actually read it! ^0^
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i like it alot!!! plz write more!!!!
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write! or else XD
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