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[KDrama] Will it Snow at Christmas?
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Posted 1/14/10 , edited 1/15/10
Go Soo: “I didn’t know this role would be this painful”

Popularity through the Kang-jin character of SBS’s Will It Snow For Christmas?

There’s a saying that if you want to make it big in the entertainment industry, you need a pure, clear gaze.

In this frigid winter with temperatures falling below 10 degrees, a pure, brilliant gaze struck the television airwaves, as though with a loud “clank.” Netizens have coined several nicknames for the owner of this stare, responding fervently to the source of their “Go Soo flu,” “Go Soo pangs,” “Go-vid,” “Go-neu-nim.”

Go Soo pangs refers to that painful longing he evokes in fans, while Go-vid is derived from David (as in Michaelangelo’s), and Go-neu-nim is my personal favorite since it’s absolutely ridiculous, combining his name with the word for God (ha-neu-nim). It’s equivalent to saying “God-Soo.”

Go Soo, who plays the lead in SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama Will It Snow For Christmas, is capturing the hearts of women viewers with his expressions and gazes that convey deep sadness and also endless reflection.

“Kang-jin is by nature very appealing. And good-looking. Haha, I’m sorry. He’s clean, upright, and passionate. He also has a talented gift for architectural design. The female viewers like seeing Kang-jin treating Ji-wan well.”

Of course, the Kang-jin character himself is handsome and cool. But it’s because Kang-jin met Go Soo that he shines. Formerly thin and of slight build, Go Soo used to look delicate, but after coming back from military service and entering his thirties [he's 31], he has shed his previous image. He has filled out his build and upgraded his image with acting that has matured, from a good-looking pure youth to a trustworthy, lovely man.

“You could say that in the past, I asserted my intent first, but now I deliberate endlessly about how I can best express the conditions that have been given to me. Also, in the past I used to agonize over whether this was the right path for me, but last year I felt that acting is really my path. If I’ve changed, it’s because of that.”

The title Will It Snow For Christmas? gives a bright feeling, but the plot is heartbreaking. With dramas like I’m Sorry, I Love You, A Love To Kill, and Thank You, writer Lee Kyung-hee has always plucked the heartstrings, and Kang-jin and Ji-wan’s painful love is the same way.

“I liked that Kang-jin isn’t a character who is only soft and warm with women, and I was drawn to what he went through in his adolescence. I wanted to try a drama that wasn’t easy on a fundamental level, that was a little dark and serious. But I didn’t know it would be this painful. The further we get in the drama, the more painful it becomes. I didn’t know it would be this difficult.”

Growing up with a mother who is a cafe hostess and making it to the elite ranks, Kang-jin has a first love in his high school days, Ji-wan, who leaves suddenly. Unable to forget her, they have a fateful reunion a decade later. However, the reason for Ji-wan’s departure is because her brother died in the river after diving in to retrieve Kang-jin’s lost pendant. Although Kang-jin finds the Ji-wan he’d dreamed of finding, discovering this tragic truth torments him.

“Kang-jin reunites with Ji-wan after a lot of difficulty, but soon afterward he makes the painful realization that he is a source of pain for Ji-wan, and tries to distance himself from her. They confirm their love again in the January 7 episode (#10), but… you’ll have to watch the future episodes to find out what happens. [Laughs]”

He’s introverted. He’s quiet and thoughtful. He’s also an upright man. Within a loud, boisterous entertainment industry, he has a personality that makes it easy to be hurt.

“Before and after my military service, whenever I took a break from work, I deliberated over whether I had to continue acting. When I struggled with work, I even thought that this actor’s job was too much for me to handle. I thought, do I really have to go back there again and live that frantic life and lose myself? But I decided to do it to support myself. In the past, I found it a burden just being in the spotlight, but now I accept it, and I’m trying to enjoy it.”

In the past, he has mostly taken on characters who carry the weight of life on their shoulders, such as in Piano (2001), The Age of Innocence (2002), When a Man Loves a Woman (2004), and Green Rose (2005). Following his army discharge, he has dived into deeply shadowed acting with the film Into the White Night and this drama.

However, in his rookie days, he showed his oddball side in sitcoms like Jump, Family Honor, and Nonstop. Even now, although he can be cold, sometimes he tosses out a joke and provokes a laugh.

“I still pursue roles that are a bit difficult emotionally. Of course, upbeat acting is also difficult, but right now I keep feeling drawn to roles where I’m driven to the edge of a cliff. I did comedy a lot in my early debut days. I think I’ll do it again a while later.”

He said of acting, “The process of creating a character is interesting, and I like focusing on something in order to do it. I enjoy being able to go all-in to make a character.”

But he finds it awkward to call himself an “actor.”

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Posted 1/18/10 , edited 1/19/10
Fans get their “Christmas date” with drama cast

Some happy fans got their “Christmas date” with the cast of Will It Snow For Christmas, per the show’s recent promotional event. If you’ll recall, the SBS drama series held an online event that invited fans to tell memorable Christmas stories, with winners getting to meet the actors and possibly win a background acting part.

Four winners were chosen out of more than a thousand participants and given a brief tour of the broadcast station offices on January 14. They shared a meal with lead actors Go Soo, Han Ye-seul, Sunwoo Sun, Song Jong-ho, and Kim Ki-bang, and took photos with supporting actress Jo Min-soo, who plays Go Soo’s mother. In addition, they were shown the drama’s upcoming 13th episode, which airs this Wednesday.

One participant, aspiring broadcast writer Kim Yuri, asked Go Soo and Han Ye-seul about filming their “snow kiss” scene (Episode 10). The answer: “It was snowing a lot and very cold, but I was glad the scene came out beautifully.” Two of them (Kim Ki-wook and Lee Hye-jin) were given bit parts as a hospital patient and nurse, respectively. Kim Ki-wook also presented Han Ye-seul with a gift he’d made himself, a wooden bowl (pictured below); Kim Yuri gave all the actors decorative jars.

Afterwards, the four winners wrote on the drama’s homepage, “By coming here to the filming set, we saw the actors and staff all working hard, and got to know what they’re like normally. I hope there are more events like this in the future.”

The drama’s assistant director, PD Shin Kyung-soo, said, “In the past, there have been instances where groups visited the filming set, but this is the first time having viewers invited on a date with the lead actors and appearing in the drama itself. I’m glad we were able to give a meaningful experience to the viewers, and will do my best for the remaining episodes.”

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Posted 1/20/10 , edited 1/20/10
I didn't like this drama at first but it got really good heh.. I miss hanjunsu the old guy he's like the best actor there(his facial expressions are so believable..Still I wish they showed more of the architectual aspects but I guess it won't happen in a romance drama like this
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Posted 1/20/10 , edited 1/21/10
this drama is so good from ep1-10 but turned pathetic from ep11 onwards.. am really pissed off on the twist and how it turned out to be to the point of regretting that i've wasted my time... they're making us viewers look like!! sorry guys but i never got pissed like this on a drama.. i just hope they get back on the track after ep12.. else, its really a waste of my time :-(
Posted 1/24/10 , edited 1/24/10
It feels really bittersweet when I think about that the fact that this will be ending next week. I actually liked the twist because it made me love the character Kang-Jin more because it showed how deep of a person he really is. IMO his actions borderline stupid and touching.

However because I like the character so much, that's where the "sweet" part of my bittersweet feelings about the end being near come in. I really enjoyed the plot of this drama, but I'm glad that after next Thursday we won't have to see Cha Kang-Jin suffer weekly anymore.
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Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/27/10
I'm loving this drama more and more. In the beginning, it was a bit slow and boring but after that it became more interesting to watch especially the love triangles between the couples. Go Soo is in his best in the drama for me. His character is amazing. Although I love Han Yeseul which is one of my fav actress, but she failed in this melodrama, not suiting her 'sorry'
The OST of the drama is super hit, love majority songs of the drama...
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Posted 2/27/10 , edited 2/28/10
I just couldn't finish this series no matter how much love Go Soo's acting. I found the twist in the story a bit ridiculous. Jo Min Soo is one fine actress, playing Kan Jin's mother though.....too bad the story went along that line.
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Posted 3/1/10 , edited 3/1/10
guys where i could download this drama?
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Posted 11/5/10 , edited 11/5/10

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