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Posted 9/14/09 , edited 9/14/09

Now I know the enw seaosn (season 2) fo 5ds has not only jsut kicke doff tis aweosme n known worldwide anyway. I know that it was started per-say in japanese and everthing, but theres something about the english dubbed version and the dueling thats got me attracted. Especially now since we introduced bad guys who are awesome. Its the type of people you hate to love. The plot is wicked awesome for season two and all the cards (especially the earthbounds) are way supper rare, important, and jsut damn cool. So here's where you can tlak abotu some of the things you love abotu the new seaosn of 5ds. And keep watching it to support cw4kids to promote there 3rd season. (u didnt no there was a third season did cha lol ^__~). It's all good and remeber to give ur ebst comments and as always. "LETS KICK THIS DUEL IN TO OVERDRIVE"
Posted 9/19/09 , edited 9/19/09
i really love da second season for 1 becuase it sjsut awesome the colors and everything. Now in refrence to theme you get to asee alot more action with the runner and danger. With the duel runnersd and earthbound's u see the actualy 3-d animation take place and its kool. Plus the cards are jsut awesome anywyaz lol. I also love the relationships that goes on with the chracters and the ower they have when signers come togeter cant wait to watch more. Kepp uploading CW4Kids
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