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Posted 9/14/09 , edited 9/15/09
was it a satifying anime for you?
i absolutely adore it. it was awesome. completely action packed every episode. my emotions were going wild. one minute so sad, then laughing my guts out and then shaking my head. definitely a classic anime in which i will recommend to others for me.
it had awesome characters...kamina(freakin awesome), kittan(more awesome as he got older), simon(truly great)
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Posted 6/8/10 , edited 6/8/10
Yea I like Kittan as well.. I'm secretly hoping for a sequel
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Posted 6/9/10 , edited 6/9/10
I wouldn't put much hope in a sequel... The 27 episodes covered it pretty well (sure there was little to no backstory to any of the characters, but I'm thinking that was pretty much the point... Not looking back, always going for the end and always, always evolving into a different person than you were a minute ago.)

How did I like Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann? It was super awsome. Twice. The single greatest thing I have ever seen. It has me crying like a woman every time I watch it - I usually don't. Anyone even remotely into anime should watch this.

I worship TTGL. Worship!
Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/19/10
All in all the show was great until a certain event that kind of shut me off....Kamina dies. Thats one badass void for the other characters to it still worth to keep watching?
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Posted 7/6/11 , edited 7/6/11
Loved it, what else can i say, Kamina is and always will be the most badass character in this show, you cant compare anyone to his unshakable confidence, and persona.
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Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/9/11
The anime is overrated as hell. Mostly because kids love it. TTGL tries so hard to be serious and for 18+ but fails down to 10+ failed comedy.
You cant expect people to develop insight of the strength of brotherly bonds after 6 episodes.Also random deaths later on ruin the main power of the series and that is over optimism.
The plot has a nice twist, but half of the series just pushes on and starts loosing any real line. Forced drama and underdeveloped characters (as much as pushing Yoko into sideside character area where her only line is "Only you can do it")
I loved its because over the top scenes and mecha combinations, I even swallowed "punch trough space and time move"
If it was full comedy, this would have been a perfect anime. But like this, i can say its only good.
Heroic age had a better story, better character developments, better plot continuity and better ending overall.
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Posted 6/11/12 , edited 6/12/12
This is definitely my favorite anime of all time. i Especially loved the bits of romance in the first and second season. This is definitely an anime to remeber.
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