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25 / F / Your Cookie Jar
Posted 2/28/10 , edited 2/28/10
Dumbest Person: Most of the kids at my school..well maybe lazy is more like =.=
Smartest Person: This one girl and pretty *sniffle*
Most Annoying Person: Dad's step dad...and there both emotional that it makes me sick *barf*
Hottest Person: This dude w/ long hair *dude he rocks it xDD it compliments his muscles* ...*drools*
Most Fun Person: A friend of mine..never a dull moment xD
Most Boring Person: So called friends at my last school...they was boring as heck...=.=
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Posted 2/28/10 , edited 2/28/10
- dumbest person: My friend's little sister. For the love of god, I don't even.
- smartest person: One of my best friends. She aces all her tests in everything. I'm so jealous. ;3;
- most annoying person: One of my friends. She talks about shit that nobody cares about 24/7, and never shuts up.
- ugliest person: This girl in my English class. I mean, I usually try not to bash people's appearances, but ugh.
- hottest person: My very very very best friend. She's gorgeous.
- most fun person: YOU, BB. (8
- most boring person: A girl from the 'popular' crowd in my year. She makes me want to set myself alight.
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25 / F / Under the Starry...
Posted 2/28/10 , edited 2/28/10
Dumbest person - almost everyone i know in my school :D... maybe coz im asian hmm
Smartest person - this guy i use to know... he dont really study either lol...
Most Annoying person - this guy in my english class ._. i swear one of these days I AM gonna punch him hard in his face.
Ugliest person - oh theres this girl in my year who is actually one of the dumbest person i know and she has also the ugliest personality ever (cant think of anyone ugly in appearance)... just looking at her puts me in a bad mood... not exaggerating ._.
Hottest person - no one i know personally but.... Matt Dallas *_* OOH OOH i remember in grade 3-4 once i saw this really hot caucasian dude in my school with the most charming smile XDD.... he was like 16 then? haha... he helped me once and i was stuttering badly XD
Most Fun person - probably this girl i dont really know... she brings sunshine everywhere :D.... sadly i left school before i get to know her better =o
Most Boring person - me coz i bring awkwardness everywhere i go :X
Posted 2/28/10 , edited 2/28/10
no one or everyone XD
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