Japanese DEVS Delighted with the PS3 Motion Controller
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Posted 9/17/09 , edited 9/17/09
stated by Jun Takeuchi (Resident Evil 5 producer)

- Said Takeuchi-san, "Speaking to other developers in Japan, I've heard a few of them say they were delighted by the Sony motion controller because they can just port over their Wii titles to the PS3." We would just rather presume, of course, that if and when they do port their wares from the Wii to the PS3, they'll brush it up real nice.

don't really like wii games but we might be seeing fatal frame 4 on the ps3 !! =)
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Posted 9/17/09 , edited 9/17/09
lets not forget marvales games is also so happy about the ps3 slim so maybe NMH too woooo
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