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May 2nd

He took my hand in one subtle motion - getting down to one knee, and asking me the biggest question of my life, while he still held my hand ;

"Lily Anne, will you marry me? Will you spend the rest of your life, and death, with me?" It seemed like at that moment the world was at her feet, But- soon it would all go crumbling down, like any good thing. "YES!" Was all she could say while she cried tears of joy, she would become a Mrs soon. She dreamed, fantasied of this day, since she first layed eyes on her Fiance. He was everything to her. Everything...

May 16th

The ring suddenly began to weigh a thousand pounds on her finger, something wasn't right. Not totally there. The sound of his car announced his return, she loved that familiar sound. He pulled into the driveway. Just the little things seemed to matter. She greeted him with an embrace as loving as a Mothers.

Tonight. He promised her a night to remember under candlelight.

They talked about less trivial things; and their hopes and dreams (Lily's were all about Simon of course). They spent hours chatting, they moved in together last month, and built their very own house with their bare hands, just after Simon had proposed. They handled the bills together, all the financial burdens. Although, the passage of time was quick...

June 5th

The big day was approaching... Like any ordinary girl, Lily started to get cold feet. There were so many arrangements to be done! The brides dress, guest list, decorations, food! Simon said he would - and could handle everything. And so I trusted him. Yes, everything was nearly perfect.

That exact night, Simon went into the shower after he came back from work, his cell phone beeped once, and the screen lit up, I heard the shower still running, and decided to read the text he had received, it wasn't an invasion of privacy, everything that was Simon's was mine...

It took me less than 7 seconds to read the single text, and the meanings behind the persons words, the phone dropped with a loud thud almost as if breaking apart. I felt the blood rush threw my head- I trembled to place the phone back on the coffee table exactly the way it was, that way Simon couldn't notice.

Wha... is- is Simon cheating on me?!

The text had said, 'I miss you and love you, come back home.'

June 7th

Two days ago I started to get frequent headaches and negative thoughts on everything, was this denial for me? How could... he? Or am I just being paranoid?! No. The text said it all, loud and clear. Simon doesn't love me anymore.

After Simon got back from work I didn't want to bring it up... I didn't want to upset him, it was just a little ways away until our Big Day... He held me close in front of the fireplace, not nearly as hot as our passion. My head rested against the beat of his heart, beating with mine. The same rhythm, it was like a song.

"I love you Simon... I just want you to know that. I always will." My words came out cold and flat, I felt a deep freeze to my heart, why? Before when I'd told him the 3 words I felt nothing but happiness. Pure. Joy. And when he said it back. . .

With not a second to react- his lips touched hers, a kiss to remember, and possibly the last kiss. But... there was something different. It wasn't as inviting, there was no...feeling behind the kiss.

July 3rd

It was really warm today on this Summer day, she found a blissful Summer love. That would last a life time. Lately, Lily's brain hadn't quite adjusted to obvious knowledge, every good relationship NEEDED trust and honesty, and Simon and Lily's relationship was no different. She had to know what was going on. Even though she didn't want to.

Would he call off the wedding?


But... why does it feel as if it's an inevitable thing?

"S-Simon...I trust you, so...I thank you for always being honest with me." Her voice was edging into denile, HE wasn't being honest with her! And she knew it! She was breaking in every possible way, and he did not even notice. She hid things well. If he didn't tell her what she'd seen a month ago... she'll still love him. With a passionate HATE. She was already in too deep to escape now.

"Lily. . ." He whispered, hugging her in his kind, yet warm arms. She was in the arms of her only love. "There are no secrets..."

That's all it took.

Silently, the pain reached her and she could not say a word. Why... your lying to me... Simon did not notice this because of his embrace toward her, she could just die.

Still, her heart beated in amplifier. She knew it was over.

July 15th

Many sleepless nights. I even tried crying myself to sleep...It wouldn't work. I would stay wide awake with a grief in my heart, one I wasn't ready for. Simon had been coming home from work very late nowadays, bringing home different hours of the night. So, this was a good thing because he wouldn't see her crying... But when he did get back home she would pretend like she was "sleeping" and Simon would sleep next to her on the bed. Not even realizing this. Stroking her hair while she "slept" or until he eventually fell asleep himself...

I've been dead inside, how could he not tell me this!? Was I a fool? I was pretty sure I started weeping that exact night though.

That following morning- or afternoon actually I awoke at 2pm- I had overslept. Of course, I would think all this was just a dream and I would wake up from this horrible nightmare... I wouldn't feel like SHIT anymore!

I was wrong. This was real, it was reality. NOT a dream.

So, I did the unthinkable I would never do, I would not bring up enough courage to do so anyway.

July 16th

The hours I waited for Simon to come home from work were HELL ON EARTH. It was exactly 2:30 in the morning and I was just sitting on our bed, waiting.

And waiting. . .

until I heard the rough engine of his car pull up in the drive-way, my face was stone cold and too saddened to feel anything. Still sitting immobile until he entered the door.

I was waiting for him to come threw that door, expecting I was sleeping. I hated that familiar sound that announced his arrival now.

And then, the doorknob turned. And I pounced out my words while I saw Simon's eyes fly open with shock to find me the way I was. "Was I a fool Simon?! Had I not given you everything?! I many sacrifices for you! So many...just to maintain this relationship and keep it alive! But you've always told me I shouldn't have to make sacrifices in a relationship! You said you rather GIVE me things than make me sacrifice! What happened to TRUST and HONESTY!?"

I truly did think he would be the only man in this world I would ever love, and I still did. No matter what he had to say next...


He pissed me off so bad right now. My eyes were as wide as a hawks- growling under breath. "I READ THE TEXT MESSAGE, SIMON! I READ IT. I READ IT..." She dared curse in front of him, "FROM THAT...THAT BITCH!"

My breathing was failing on me, I didn't know right from wrong, was this the right thing to do?! She was so beyond angry right now that her angry had churned into a volcano, about to erupt. And the expression on Simon's face was one to remember.

"THAT...THAT BITCH YOUR REFERRING TO WAS MY SISTER!" Not only did Lily ACCUSE Simon of cheating, but also not trust him, and invade his privacy! These feelings seemed bottled up inside, now the jar seemed to have opened up and emotions were sent flying all over the room.

I gasped to find no oxygen around me whatsoever, and fainted.


It didn't matter though, it was over. This would be the last time I heard his voice...his angry...boiling anger scared me. This wasn't the Simon I knew anymore.

I waited for those words that would sure enough end my life, after I re-gained consciousness, "LILY!" Simon screamed and ran to my side, I prayed I didn't just say all of that to only love.

"I'm sorry...but if you can't trust me...I don't see how it's going to work out...Lily- I'm sorry."

How could he be saying this! I was WRONG! We could of just worked things out like we always did! We ALWAYS... worked things out.

We were soul mates!

- - Hell - -

It was just the day before the wedding, when Simon called it off.

I dreaded the day, and expected it...It became a permanent date into my mind.

He left me all alone at home, with all the finances, everything we ever worked hard for! This house, was not a home without him, we built it together...and we were supposed to be living in it together! I had to call each guest and tell them the wedding was off... each phone call was unbearable, as were their responses...

It devastated me more than you would think.

'What happened... Why...' They all said.

This feeling was nothing like leaving your fiance at the altar! Oh no, THIS was WAY worse! We had plans! After the wedding... having kids! And, and the Honeymoon! We planned on going to Hawaii!

This house, was as vacant as a waste land, all his clothes and belongings GONE. His scent, I couldn't even smell it anymore... He was never to return. I wouldn't wake up early in the morning and pick up his clothes and hang them up in the closet, I wouldn't iron his business clothes any longer...I couldn't even tidy up the house anymore. What was the point now?

Aug 1st

It's been a while. No word from Simon ever since... I DIDN'T deserve this constant heartache! I DIDN'T! I had some pride left! It was all too clear now.

I wanted Revenge. And I would get it in any way possible.

I was never the same, Good-bye old Lily, and hello with the new. Never before have I seen myself driven to revenge! I planned out each encounter in which I would see him again, but Simon would always be a no show whenever I would stop by his work place, where did he go?!

- - - Unexpected Rite of Passage - - -

It was out of no where, that my friends had planned a get together with me today, I hadn't seen them in over months, to them, they felt excluded whenever I was with Simon, it was my fault for not including them... but, I'm glad they were there for me in such a desperate time.

It seemed like while I was hanging out with them I would forget all my troubles, for a short period of time. We were eating at a Cafe, one we haven't been to in over 5 years now.

"Lily, Someone is staring at you..." My friend Aisha said, she was the spirited one out of all of us.

"Who?" I looked around without much consideration, Aisha ducked her head when the man looked over at her and she blushed under the table. She was such a drama queen.

Who was this person staring at me?

He walked up to our table finally, Aisha blushing in embarrassment and he said, "Excuse me ladies, May I borrow one of your napkins?" He was a polite person, he looked just as ordinary as anyone I've ever seen, but. There was something about him. His smile was enough to brighten up a room, perhaps my life.

Mary, my other less spirited friend blushed too and shrugged with ease, "S-Sure."

But I reached out for the napkin at the same time the man did, both our hands touched. And my friends giggled.

I pulled mine away first in a rush, hiding an expression on my lips I haven't used since... since... Those happy times with Simon.

Did that stranger just heal my heart? Just by touching my hand... amazing.

Sept 17th

They were inseparable since. Lily and the man she met at the Cafe, named Antonio. He had kept her from frowning so much, that look in her eyes changed, she was more optimistic on life.

No more wallowing in the past, Lily had pledged.

But what about her revenge?

Had she truly moved on, and forgotten her first love?

It was her life, and she needed to move forward, life was that way, stupid. But that's the way it's always been. To her surprise, her life went in fast forward. Lily's parents were in town and they wanted to meet this new guy in her life. Antonio was just any ordinary guy, he was genuine and pleasant to be around. With dreams and ambitions. Lily could tell her parents fell in love with him just as fast as Lily did.

" parents sure do fancy you!" He liked the way I talked like that, and my smile matched his.

"Of course, I had no doubts." He kissed her in a way she couldn't resist. This time, it was with someone else.

But Antonio didn't know that big part of Lily's life that she left behind, that part was Simon. She didn't bother telling him, because she was sure it was over. One loves lost, another ones gained.

Lily thought Antonio was just like an angel, brought to her from above, with his own personal halo, and he vowed he would love her for life. That would be what he would say on their wedding day. . .

- 5 Years Later -

Simon was living with his dear Sister and Mother that had missed him so much. But, Simon missed Lily! He had said to his Mother that he would be the only person he would ever love, beside his Mother and Sister. Without knowing it, Lily got Simon to feel the same way Lily USED to feel! She was doing it! THIS WAS REVENGE.

"Simon! What are you saying?" Mother had asked his son, thinking he was half crazy. And half out of his mind.

"Mom, I'm sorry. But I need to see her once more time."

Simon didn't know if his Mother would understand. You see, his parents divorced years ago, and fell completely out of love. So much yelling and fighting between them in the past, and this is the end result.

"She.. she hasn't even replied to any of your letters! She couldn't possibly feel the same way for you after 5 years son, MOVE ON!"

It was true, Simon had wrote Lily letters for 365 days for a year, but he stopped after that. Because all of them had gone un-responded.

"NO, YOUR WRONG! I LOVE HER! And, And..." He started to cry, "I just realized...I still do...!"

This was something Lily could never forget about Simon, he was tender and not afraid to be emotional.

Simon left then, and went back to that little town where he first fell in love. Back to the house they both built together...

It took him some time to think over what he was leaving behind, he had an old girlfriend back at home that LOVED him unconditionally. But Simon did not feel the same way, everywhere he went with her, everything he done, it just reminded him of Lily. This girlfriend Simon had could never compare to a real love, could never compare to Lily.

- - Moving On - -

Lily had matured over the years, she'd moved on with her life, not thinking of Simon even one bit. But of course, she didn't live with Antonio at the place where she'd built that house with Simon, No, her parents gave a house they had to Antonio and her.

Lily was making her own revenge, subconsciously. But it didn't matter no longer. She had Antonio. The person she would soon marry.

One night, Lily's whole life turned into a roller coaster.

"Lily, there's something I'd like to ask you...I've already asked your parents you see," He smiled, getting down to one knee, "And they're okay with it..." I made him stop then, kissing him until he finally asked. He slipped the ring onto my finger, "Say yes Lily! Marry me!"

The answer Lily wanted to say was obvious. There was no doubt in her mind... but, her mind...crashed. And her heart began to pain in old first love memories.

"Y-YES!" She said.

Her face showed how happy she was, but her heart otherwise, and it also hid the fact that; at that exact moment she said Yes, Simon's face crossed her mind.

More Soon
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*claims first post*
Reading it now >:D
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*stops before Aug 1st* .____. I'm on Simon's side here....
She didn't trust him. AND she didn't bother to see whose number was texting =w= You'd think she would recognize her fiancee's sister's number/name/whatever .___.
She brought it all on herself.

Man, I gotta say, I dislike Lily.

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Lol i think she was alittleeee tooo preoccupied wit teh whole 'i miss you and love you come back home' O_O
idont think she cared about who it was @ that moment XD

shes just....alittle...un-smart? XD
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lol it's like how I feel about Cathy in Wuthering Heights =w=
I guess I don't dislike her but I dislike the decisions she makes =w=
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Ahaaa oh maan your like a MIND REDA owo
i was going to have this one part sayin, - - It's All My Fault - -
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Not just kinda, it plain and simple IS her fault XD
I think she's got paranoia issues =w=
I wonder if the same sort of thing will happen with 'Antonio' ....
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