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» Chapter 1 ★ "Disturbance"

Mary was reading for 5 hours straight in her favorite Library, with her friend Sharon sitting next to her- reading a book about a Mouse and a Cat. Mary had read beyond those childish novels- She read adventure books and more complicated ones- she was a book worm. And she was proud to show it!

Something disturbed her peaceful reading, a group of 4 guys entered the Library while making too much noise. And that pissed off Mary, bad. Sharon just tried to block out all the voices and continue her book. But she saw her friend Mary from the corner of her eye get irritated. Mary growled and lunged over at them with a ruler and a book.

"Shut up will ya!? THIS IS A LIBRARY!" She barked. Confronting them within a second while they were about to take a seat on a 4 chair table.

"Sheesh! You fuss over everything, Smary!" The lead guy, that she knew from school, Lionel responded. She hated him in particular. He was the annoying-est out of all of them! And he called her... SMARY! Because she was "smart" and then the "Mary" part. Mary hated that nickname. And Lionel started it the whole school calls her that. Except her friend Sharon of course- who was still trying not to look over at the hectiness I was causing.

She slapped him with the ruler on the top of his head, "DONT. CALL. ME. THAT!" She demanded slapping him countless more times on the head, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. . . She counted in her head, then he snatched the ruler from her and pointed it at her, as if being the annoyed Librarian who had such NOISY teenagers! "Stop that. SMARY." He tapped her once on the shoulder and smirked.

Sadly... the Library Lady wasn't around to see all of this... it was her break. And someone who didn't give a crap about who entered was standing by as a substitute.

"I SAID STOP CALLING ME THATTT!!" She was SO loud that Sharon just had to watch with awe. She was laughing the whole time though, cheering Mary on. "GO MARY!!!"

"Hit a nerve did I?" He retorted, raising the ruler high up in the air so she couldn't reach it, then snatching her book from her possession! THAT PISSED HER OFF THE MOST. She was steamed now. I'll hit you SOMEWHERE!!!

"GAAAH!!!" She jumped and jumped trying to get it back, but he got on the tip of his toes and reached higher, Lionel's friends had a laughing fest along with Sharon. This was all too amusing, even for a LIBRARY!

Mary finally gave up and slumped her shoulders, peeved. "LIONEL! IF YOU DO NOT GIVE MY BOOK BACK THIS INSTANT- I'LL...I-LL!"

Lionel raised an eyebrow, amused as all the others who watched this charade. "What Smary? Will you bore me to death? HAHAHA!"

She chuckled to herself, No, but close. "I'LL KICK YOU IN YOUR FAMILY JEWELS!" But before he could respond he was kicked in his jewels, some elderly man started a guffaw laughter, glad he enjoyed the show...

Lionel dropped to the ground with a sweat drop, " I mean Mary!"

Mary cackled and took back her book, "THAT'LL TEACH YOU, LOSER!" She was victorious. Lionel's scoundrels helped him out of the library, laughing still. "Yeah! Show him to the door! GET OUT!"

Mary brushed off her shoulders and sighed, going back to her and Sharon's table. "Well, that was fun huh? Glad the Library Lady was away..." She chuckled. Reading her book backwards, she had so much fun... she hasn't had that much fun in a long time.

"THAT WAS EPIC! But, Mary. Look over there!"

She pointed toward the table Lionel and his goons were going to sit, a book sat on the table, Mary hadn't even noticed they placed a book on the table. . .

Both the girls walked up to it and Mary picked it up, reading the attached sticky note, "For Smary: I think you'll enjoy this book. It's about Adventures." Her eyes widened in shock and annoyance at the same time.

Sharon just stood still as a statue, I'm sure she was going "Awww" inside her head.

"I told him to stop calling me that..."

Though it was the thought that counted, and, she couldn't put the book down. When she got home she read over 100 pages, how did he know Mary liked Adventure books so much?

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 2 ★ "Closed"

It was 4 o'clock in the morning, and Mary still found herself hooked on this Adventure book. She just couldn't imagine putting it down. And tomorrow was a Sunday, she wasn't sure or not if the Library was closed, if not, she would have nothing to do on that Sunday. And would be so bored. Luckily she could always hang out with her best friend Sharon.

Mary walked downstairs and had a mild breakfast and dashed out of the house, the Library opened at 11am, and she left Lionel's book on her bed. Flipped open to a certain page~ 230. Her parents eyed her for the 3 minutes she gobbled down her breakfast, astonished a teenager could eat so fast and not get fat. Mary ate a lot. She loved Chicken.

Panting, and sweating in the blazing heat of the morning she stopped and took a breather on a bench that awaited passengers to their bus. The bus pulled up in front of Mary and some elderly folk walked on. Finally when she caught her breath and her heart beated normally she stood at the front sign of the Library, which listed the time it opened and the days. She sighed.

"It's closed Today...just as I thought." It didn't used to be closed on Sundays, this Library used to be opened year round! But ever since it got a new "policy" it was set in stone that they only closed on Sundays. The policy now was kids over the age of 10 needed Library Cards. I leaned at the front entrance and slid down the door, sad. The Library was like my second home. . .

I closed my eyes and imagined myself back at home and reading that Adventure book, in peace, and comfort. It was so hot outside that I was sweating too much. I don't think I could get back home in this shape. Until I heard the familiar sound of 4 voices... Ugh, that was worse. "Well, well~! Look who it is!" Said one of Lionel's goons, they blocked the sun so I was shaded now in their presence. I was kind of glad they showed up now...

"PISS...OFF!" I scowled and looked away. Not looking at either of them. Lionel shouted something that made me jump to my feet immediately, "Your so BORING Smary! You should'a known the Library closed on Sundays by now."

"SHUT IT LIONEL!" Did he NOT learn his lesson last time?! It wasn't fair this time, I didn't have Sharon to back me up if something bad happened... nothing bad COULD happen right? I mean, they're just messing with me... RIGHT?

Lionel pointed over his shoulder as if to dismiss them, and his "friends" all looked puzzled, "Huh? But we wanna stick around and watch!" They insisted, WATCH what!?

"Beat it guys, I think your scaring her, Especially you, Ron. Your a bit...big."

Ron's face fell and he pouted, "I'M A SOFT GUY THOUGH! C'MON LIONELLLL!" Ron said in his big, deep voice, and I made a 'WTF o_O' face. Lionel's other 2 friends dragged Ron back by his arms, Ron just complaining the whole time. Was he really so tough?

Some of my shadees were gone now! Only Lionel remained.

"Leave me alone already...why do you annoy me so much?" I spoke and scowled looking ahead while Ron was still being dragged, fighting to get free but failing.

"I'm not sure, Smary. I think I grown to like you. Your fun to mess with."

I stuck my finger in my mouth, pretending to barf.

"Oh, shuuut upppp!" This time I walked up to him and faced him down. Though he was taller I had to try hard and maintain my 'intimidating' stare.

"I'm serious. Anyway, did you like the book?" He walked closer to me as I took steps back in advance, I wouldn't let him get near me!

I pretended I didn't know what he was talking about. "Book... ? What book? I don't know what your talking about..." I became frantic and when I couldn't step back anymore, I was pinned to the front door.


"Nu uh. You didn't see the book. . .?" His face looked hurt, but to me it was just an ACT. He reached for what I thought- my hair, but his palm was out and he slammed it to the door, making me jump and almost scream.


But all he did was laugh, "It was for you... how could you not pick it up?"

"I don't know okay! Geez..." I made a face and tried to find a way to escape, but his whole freaking body blocked the damn way! His face was like, 2 inches from mine! PERV!

"You know I can't forgive you for what you did yesterday... I am less of a man now."

I almost laughed, but instead made a =_= face, disgusted. He was... SO CRUDE!

"WOULD YOU STOP!? I DON'T NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT!" I was at the point of seriously just kicking him there again. . . If he didn't leave in 5 seconds! I'll do it. I would!

"Say your sorry Smary, and I'll leave you alone. Forever."

Forever...? My eyes sparkled, and I pushed his face back from mine, he was too close for comfort.

"I'm sorry I kicked you in your family jewels. Now don't go back on your word..."


He finally backed up, and I felt relieved. He glided further away and waved, "See you tomorrow then, Mary!"

Mary slightly smiled and laughed to herself, Lionel had always been such a big lier...

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 3 ★ "Visitors"

Today was a Monday. And Mary had the burden of school. . . though she was happy for what was coming after school, she was going to watch a scary movie with Sharon, it was a movie they had rented a few days ago.

The girls threw on their pajamas around 8 o'clock pm, Sharon was going to spend the night. Mary's parents were visiting their friends who were just next door. Mary had the house all to herself.


"Omg omg omg! =w= Put it innn! I wanna watch that HOT vampire in ACTION!" Sharon squealed and made a face like, >w< that. She had the 'hots' for vampires.

Mary laughed and inserted the movie into her VCR. She was happy she didn't have any homework to deal with tonight, and she was almost finished with that Adventure book as well! She had only a page left to read... She would savor the last page until some other time. Now was 'Hot Vampire Killing Spree Action Time.'

Okay, so that wasn't REALLY what the movie was called.

Mary layed flat her stomach and crossed her legs from behind her, passing popcorn back and forth to Sharon.

Both the girls drooled as the main vampire leader was finally introduced, "" Sharon stated throwing some popcorn in the air and catching each one except one in her mouth. She was talented like that.

"I knooow! Omg Dimitri is...incredibly awesome~" Mary just couldn't help becoming a fan girl as well. Dimitri was famous in the Vampire world.

Sharon kicked her legs upright on the bed, like a dog would wag its tail when happy, 3 minutes into the movie and ANOTHER hot vampire was introduced! Aeron!

Sharon switched positions on the bed and layed on her back this time, her head dangling off the bed, swinging about while watching the movie backwards.

"Is it better that way?" Mary wondered, puzzled as she still stayed the same as she did before.

"Not really, I just can't seem to stay still! >W<" Sharon said.

10 minutes into the movie and there was a bloody killing scene, and... the pretty lady was being sucked dry! Mary and Sharon were at a loss for words, as well breath. They're eyes were so glued to the movie, that ANYTHING would make them freak out, even seeing a bug.

Thunder struck outside, and it started pouring, the lights in Mary's room started to turn off and on, giving off a VERY creepy effect.

"I'M SCARED MAR!" Sharon shuddered, now, sitting up and pushing her knees together. It didn't take a lot to scare her...

"Of what? C'mon let's just watch the movie... It's just a little rain!" But Mary couldn't convince herself, it was POURING. And the lights flipping off and on... doesn't help.

The girl in the movie shrieked so loudly that it was the kind of cold-chill like feeling you would get along with goose-bumps! This wasn't the movie night I was accepting. Should of just stuck to reading in peace... stupid scary hot Vampire movie would give me nightmares.

In a matter of seconds, a shadowy figure moved passed the two, Mary's curtains blowing in the breeze, something... eerie was happening...

"M-M-MARY! I T-T-T-THINK THERE'S SOMEONE IN YOUR CLOSETTT!" Sharon nibbled on her finger nails, the closet door was opened a crack, and Mary's adrenaline pumped as she became brave and scared at the same time, deciding to see what the hell was inside, IF anything was. Sharon's mind was probably just playing tricks on her...

Sharon stayed on the bed, picking up two pillows for self defense if anything were to go wrong.

Mary- slowly peeked her head in the closet, while the door made screeching noises as being opened, Mary being pulled in the closet.

"HOLY CRAP!! MARYYYYY!" Sharon threw a pillow at the closet, freaking out, "OMG OMG OMG OMG."

In the closet was pitch dark, and Mary screamed when someone pulled her face up to theirs, as her lips touched someone else' in the closet, it was a rough, kind of PERVY kiss.

Sharon fell off the bed at that time, staggering to see what just happened to her friend. As she peered in with wide frightening eyes she saw Mary KISSING Lionel.

Behind Sharon, a big-muscular guy stood, laughing. "YEAH, LIONEL! GET SOME!" Sharon kicked Ron in the face as a reflex, "What a foul mouth!" She continued trampling on his face.

When Lionel FINALLY released her mouth and let her breath, she coughed and gasped running out of the closet, "WHAT...THE....HELL...LIONEL AND RON!?!?"

Lionel shrugged coming out of the closet, [LOL] "Ehh, was THAT what I was missing out on?"

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 4 ★ "Sharon's Secret"

At that exact moment of exchanging saliva with the PERVIEST person she had ever known in her life, HES SOOO GONNA PAY AFTER THIS! AND WHAT DOES HE MEAN BY 'Was THAT what I was missing out on!?' she raced for her life to the bathroom, washing out her mouth with soap, rubbing her lips with a wash cloth from touching the...the PERVS lips! She was quite repetitive though, at this time she finally understood 'OCD'. Because she couldn't stop washing her mouth with soap! It was a BAD taste.

Sharon stood over the second perv, Ron. Who's face she had kicked in ever since he said, 'YEAH LIONEL! GET SOME!' So vulgar. But Sharon frowned while looking over at Lionel, digging in his ear while flicking earwax somewhere near Mary's bed, Sharon sighed, and a bit on the disgusted side while watching that... "Why did you do that Lionel?" She had asked him, Mary didn't seem to like him at all. And he had just... KISSED her like it didn't matter!

Ron groaned while getting back up and hiding behind Lionel, terrified of scary kicking girl. "WHY DO YOU CARE!" He yelped. And Sharon shot a mean glare.

"Yeah, what's it to ya Shannon?" Lionel scowled, always forgetting her name, looking ahead of Sharon- waiting for Mary to come back and throw a tantrum... Sharon frowned when she'd seen Lionel look past her, but not at her. Ever since Middle school. . . he'd been treating her like complete SHIT. She's been hiding it all this time, from before, at the Library, ever since Middle School... she knew at one point all those closed off emotions would go free and she'll go mad.

"She doesn't like you!" Sharon comeback-ed, showing her pissed off side, her fists trembling, "When she gets back here, she'll never forgive you... perv!"

Ron finally stood in front of Lionel in defensive position, he would stand beside his friend for life. "Your so pathetic really, Shannon- or whatever. Lionel doesn't have any feelings for you anymore! So just give it up! He likes Mar-" But he was interrupted while his attention turned to Mary- who had slammed the bathroom door shut while making her return greatly troubling. Ron hid behind Lionel again, shuddering in a fetal position. One moment he was all brave and now a complete wuss.

"....!! YOUR STILL HERE!? YOUR SO DEAD, I'LL KILL YOU BOTH DEAD!" Mary threatened while pumping her fists in the air and growing a big ol' vein on her forehead, But Mary stopped herself as she saw Sharon, suddenly changed expression alone made her worry and forget all about the kiss... and the two from breaking into her house!

"Sharon...? What's wrong? WHAT HAPPENED WHILE I WAS GONE!?" She asked bewildered, SOMETHING must've happened. Bad enough to make Sharon form tears in her eyes...

"I hate you..." Sharon's head had been down and her eyes hid with her bangs, Mary could tell she was trying so hard to hold back tears... and possibly something else.

"Who? Me...?" It couldn't have been her best friend... Sharon, shakily pointed a finger at- what could of been Ron or Lionel. Or even both.

"Ron? Lionel? You hate them both? Well... I do TOO! But you shouldn't... cry..." She walked up to her dear friend while trying to comfort her, reaching out her hand to only finding it SLAPPED in front of her terrorized face, she had no idea what Mary had done to deserve this treatment...

Lionel scoffed disgustingly and finally decided to do something about it. He slightly pushed Mary effortlessly out of the way, sending a slap across Sharon's face, and saying, "Don't treat Mary like that! EVER! Don't take your damn anger out on her! Isn't it about time you finally told Mary your big, bad secret...?"

Sharon was beyond the point of strangling him! She wanted him to suffer in silence and burn in a fire! She tried keeping her breathing even, and her face from showing the hurt, but a tear slipped down from her cheek, and she squeezed her eyes shut.

Mary watched in utter most shock, "DON'T YOU DARE HIT HER!!!" But before Mary would use physical contact to hurt Lionel, Ron came from behind and held her arms behind her back.

"Go ahead, Shannon. Tell Mary your BIG secret." Ron's face finally fell to one of seriousness, there was no sign of fooling around. And Mary noticed that, while she stood by and let Lionel hit her face! But, then she wanted to know what she had kept from her... they told each other everything. Every little secret.

"I..." Sharon breathed like it was her last time, because after saying this... she would definitely go off on someone.

"Love Lionel..." her voice cracked, and she sobbed while still continuing to talk.

"...But I didn't want to tell you because I thought you liked him, and and-!"

She picked up her fist and wiped away the tears below her eyelids, her cheek was still red from the slap... "I didn't EVER want to tell you..."

Mary listened with deep disbelief, she couldn't believe it would happen... after all those times Lionel had flirted with Mary... and picked on her... Sharon just 'laughed' but inside, that's NOT what she was doing! She was hurting because she wanted Lionel... as disgusting as that fact sounded.

This drama was too much for teenagers!

Sharon spoke again, shaking her head, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I don't know why I do-! I JUST DO."

Mary's eyes widened, she could feel they would pop out at any second, while Sharon ran off while streaming tears and yells, she dropped to the floor when Ron had finally loosened his grip.

Sharon....LOVES Lionel!?

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 5 ★ "They're Agreement"

To Mary, the kiss with Lionel didn't even matter anymore, she was more worried about losing her friendship with Sharon... over, Lionel? RIDICULOUS! She wouldn't let that happen. Though she was a bit inquisitive to know exactly how this all started...

Mary scrambled back to her feet, absorbing all of this... she needed time. Too much happened and it left her slow. Ron's face was cold pale- and Lionel gave a certain knowing smile like nothing had even occurred, "Aren't you at all mad at her? I mean, to keep such a secret... and knowing you feel the same way about me."

Mary did not stir, she said with bitter anger, "I don't like you. I never did. I HATE you for making her cry!" Mary wasn't one to cry, but it seemed like her voice just pushed further and further into a crying state...

"Mary-" Lionel held his hand out, but Mary refused, looking at him for a very long time, finally saying, "You heartless bastard..." and ran after Sharon. At this point she didn't want to decode what Lionel meant before, she didn't give a care.

Sharon- who was dissolving in sobs had been swinging poorly on a swing that connected to a tree, just to the side of Mary's house.

"S-Sharon..." Mary started to say, walking more steps to meet her. There was another swing just by Sharon, and she took that one.

Sighing as she hopped on and gripped onto the rope, she lowered her eyes to her feet, quite for a minute, "...I don't care if you like Lionel you know... were still friends." Mary said, but Sharon continued looking on ahead.

"I just thought... well they were so many hints he'd given you... and you accepted his gift, then I thought you started to like him..."

"Gift...? Oh, the book..." She'd never say it out loud though, but she'd had almost finished with the whole book in less than two days, others would of taken months to finish reading a 400 page book!

When Sharon started to swing higher, the swing began to make a shrilling sound, Sharon looked pleased. She didn't want Lionel to get in the way of her friendship with Mary...

"No matter how many 'gifts' he gives me... I won't return the pervs feelings," She wondered hard if, she'd chosen her words incorrectly... what she said made it sound like Lionel liked her... but Mary didn't feel the same way.

"...? Oh, Mary! Let's forget about it all!" She sniffed, drying her tears with her sleeve, this time they were because of happiness.

"Yeah, let's NOT let Lionel get in the way of our friendship! No matter what he does!" Like for example, kissing her...

"Yeah, yeah! ^^ Just... let me cool off, I still hate him and Ron..." She said grudgingly. She couldn't forgive them...

Mary didn't want to answer that. If it was Mary being slapped by Lionel like that... she WOULDN'T ever let that go, and... not returning her feelings and being so harsh to her, she couldn't forgive that... She felt so bad for Sharon though, loving someone as heartless as Lionel...

"Friends?" Mary smiled, kicking her feet in the air.

Sharon waited until her swing had no more momentum and would stop, "Friends!" And they hugged then, best friends once more.

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 6 ★ "A Feeling"

Mary had forgotten she'd let Ron and Lionel stay up in her room... she couldn't imagine what they would be doing in there! She rushed upstairs with conflicted thoughts, and Sharon waited in the living room for Mary.

She entered her room to only find them gone, she felt a bit glad, but when she saw Lionel's Adventure book sitting on her bed, she knew Lionel saw that she'd actually took it home, and read a lot... she didn't want to give him the satisfaction before.

Mary shouted downstairs for Sharon to get back into the room, it was safe.

I swear if I saw them in here after all of this, I would call the cops... They DID technically break in too...

Sharon pouted slightly, tilting her head at the fallen popcorn and the film that they missed, "Aww... the hot vampires must feel neglected now..."

Mary just laughed. Looking around to make sure everything was as she put it... and that nothing had been missing.

Knowing Lionel and Ron, they probably crashed her house just because they were 'bored'. They really had no good reason for anything...

That night Mary and Sharon had tried to continue with the way things were, eating their popcorn and drooling over the hot vampires, as if nothing had happened...

She would give Lionel the same bitter look as Sharon did, not returning someones feelings is just... rude! At least tell them they could be friends...

On the following Tuesday morning, it was time for school again, Sharon and Mary had been running late, they had re-watched the Vampire movie last night, and Mary's parents never known since they got home at around midnight and went right off to bed.

They put on their school uniforms, not even seeing if they were on right, and zapped to school without having any breakfast, the hallways were completely student-less, and Sharon pointed to her classroom, "I'm going now Mary! See you after school~!" She waved and disappeared into her homeroom.

Mary waved back and continued further, being stopped then by a hand, "Wait." Said the voice, turning the corner around to meet Mary.

"You certainly have guts, I'll tell you that much..." She clamped her teeth together.

"I'm sorry about last night... it was crazy of me to-"

"Don't you friggin' think its too LATE for apologies? And you shouldn't be apologize to ME!" She was referring to Sharon...

But Lionel something else... "...I'm talking about the kiss... " Did she already forget...?

Mary still didn't do anything to show any acknowledgment to what Lionel had been saying, she decided to give him the silent treatment. That was the worst punishment, if Mary didn't even talk about to him, if she didn't always make a fuss of everything... maybe he would REALLY leave her alone and get bored of her... ?

Lionel finally processed her un-caring reaction, "...Oh I get it..." He sighed, rubbing his forehead as if just getting a headache, "I'll talk then. You just listen..."

Mary just wanted to go to class! But Lionel had blocked the way, and she really hadn't mustered enough strength for arguing, she slept late the night before.

"I saw the book in your room... you really did pick it up... and you seem to have almost finished reading it too..."

Mary snorted, "Jus' a book, who cares." She just forgot she was SUPPOSED to be quite...

He frowned. "Isn't there anything I could do to make you forgive me... ?"

"Apologize to Sharon. Say your sorry. But don't hold your breath, even then, I might not forgive you..." She stared with new fury at him.

Lionel huffed a long sigh, coming closer to her, which wasn't the best of ideas at the time... Mary didn't even bother walking back, she just stood there, crossed arms and glaring with resentment.

"There's somethin' else, you can just listen... There's a reason why I can't apologize to her, it'll all be irrelevant anyway, I still wouldn't feel the same way for her as I do for you..."

Mary's could feel the un-ease settling in her stomach, she really didn't want to hear it now...

"Mary, I L-" They both turned then and found a Teacher coughing casually behind them, strict with tardiness, "You two! Get to class!"

Mary was eager now, and could escape free without hearing Lionel say it... She walked past him without sparing a glance of recognition, Lionel just stood there, sadly staring at the sparkling floor below.

...Love you...

Mary fretted to herself when she was alone, her eyes lowered the entire time, she didn't like this new way she had to treat Lionel... it was more worse than before! Can I keep our agreement after all Sharon. . .?

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 7 ★ "Lonely"

Sharon would be staying after school this week, she'll get home around 4:30 and might have time to read with me at the Library. While I waited for her after school, I got so lonely...

I tried to keep my train of thought closed off, I couldn't get into this book I just started reading if these stupid, lonely thoughts popped into my head. Of course there were other students sitting at the same table I was, they were all in their own little world, the world of books. But I just couldn't keep my eyes still on the words of my book, they roamed around the Library, I spotted the Librarian taking off her glasses for a snooze, I'd been in here for half an hour now.

So bored... I thought to myself with a sigh, Adventure books have always sparked my interest, but I don't think the book was the problem here. I hid my face behind the book, laying my chin on the table and falling asleep.

When I woke up to some loud footsteps, my gaze captured the Librarian's, who looked as if she just woke up as well, "Time to close, It's late. Go on now."

I gasped and jumped out of my seat with a start, the book I was trying to read falling to the floor. "HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN ASLEEP!?" Everyone was gone, I squinted looking threw the windows from a distance, it was dark out, Twilight.

I ran for the door and hurried home.

The Librarian's eyes shifted down, noticing the girl forgotten her book. "Hey, wait! You forgot your book!"

But she was already gone, the Librarian sighed, and returned the book back to its original spot, back to the reference area.

When Mary finally reached the outside, she tried to understand her thoughts, and why it was always the same one. She was being a hypocrite... Sharon had loved Lionel, and Lionel hadn't returned her feelings, just like Mary hadn't for Lionel. For some reason it troubled her, she'd had never acted like... any other ordinary teenager. She thought of herself as a unique individual.

She heaved a yawn, eyes dropping sleepily, she stopped walking while the light turned red on the streets, she saw her house. Lights on, Sharon's house just a couple blocks away, and then Lionel's.

He was the one who invaded her thoughts the most.

"I'm gonna hate myself in the morning for doing this... =_=" She crossed the street when it was safe enough, then walked past her house unwillingly, it started to rain a bit, drizzle, and then it was all out pouring.

"DAMN!" Mary shouted threw the rain, she put up her hood on the top of her head, holding it down from falling, I can't believe I'm doing this...

She was never one to be proven wrong, or feel bad for her actions. She'd never done anything wrong so she wouldn't feel the guilt many other teenagers did.

She almost tripped on the sidewalk leading to Lionel's house, I CAN'T IMAGINE WHAT HE'LL SAY TO ME! She'd listed the options inside her head on what Lionel's reaction would be, and what he'll say.


'I BET YOU CAME HERE FOR THE SECOND KISS HUH?' And then he would try, too!

Mary growled to herself, stepping on too many puddles on her way.

She took no more steps, and looked up at Lionel's house, one light had been turned on, and it was most likely in Lionel's room.

She sighed again, making the face again, =_=

Mary creeped as if being a burglar, sneaking just under Lionel's window, if he would look out, she would be seen in plain sight.

She picked up a rock, and threw it into his room, or hit the window... she couldn't tell for sure if it was open or not... but it was raining why would it be open!?

"GET YOUR ASS TO THE WINDOW, STUPID!" She echoed, the rock made a loud thump sound from inside Lionel's room, "Huh?" He wondered, he was sitting on his bed and reading just after he'd taken a long nice shower, when he heard a rock hit his window.

He walked up to the edge and reached his head out to the pouring rain, hair already soaking wet. No shirt on.

"PUT A SHIRT ON FIRST!" Mary demanded, covering her eyes with her hands. Though peeking a bit threw her fingers. [LOL XD]

"I just took a shower!" His voice was heard threw the rain, it sounded confused. Then he thought, What's she doing here...?

I couldn't even see the expression on his face though, I'm sure it would be priceless.

But then I did when he jumped down from his window. . .

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 8 ★ "Gesture"

I've completely gone wacko...O_O Mary thought to herself over and over again, One; it was pouring. Two; It was late and she wasn't even home yet! Three; LIONEL HAD NO SHIRT ON! Four; LIONEL HAD NO SHIRT ON!!!

When she peeked threw her fingers, he'd appeared on the wet grass, still pouring. This would be romantic if it was with someone I loved... AND IF HE WORE A FREAKIN' SHIRT!

"What's the big deal? 'Least I'm wearin' shorts...." He laughed. That sense of humor never got old...

I rolled my eyes, ""

Then he became serious, I bet he was still mad about me blowing him off...


I gasped. Hands falling to my side, staring at his bare chest. [LOL I LOVE THIS STORY]

"W-WHAT!?" Where did THAT come from...!? I saw it coming though, and kind of deserved it.

My head fell down, "I deserve that." I mumbled awkwardly.

"Your so lucky I'm not giving YOU the silent treatment! I'm not one to hold a grudge...and plus. My feelings won't change until you... well I don't know, kill me?"


Huh... ? This guy doesn't give up... how much HATE can he take from me?

I've only apologized to one person in my life, and that was him. From before... I started to laugh.

It was when I kicked him in his so-called jewels! "What's soo funny?" He asked, walking up to me. Oh god.

"N-nothing!!" I waved my arms around, but he was still coming closer...

"Tell me." He demanded with a look of a... perv. Yeah, well he has no shirt on. So go figure. [LOL]

"I rather not..." I mumbled, our faces now inches apart.

I said nothing for the time, but just stared up at his face, it just turned into a monologue and only he spoke; "Again with THAT!?" He snapped.

"I-I'm S-sorry!"

He looked at me with that wet, drooping hair of his, our clothes were soaking wet. And his eyes stayed focused on mine. Awkward.

"Congratulations. You've just apologized to me twice." He raised a thumbs up. But my head still stayed down.

"Meanie." I glared up at him, why did I come here again?

"It's a nice gesture really, coming here to apologize.♥"

Is that why I came here...?

"Y-yeah... I guess that's it..."

His hand lingered on my cheek, and I just couldn't help leaning my face into his palm. It looked like we were about to kiss again, because he moved closer...

But I just stopped him- "I really am. . ."

He blinked, "Say what?" He grinned.

"Sorry." I said.

"Ohh." He mumbled, and I could tell I couldn't get away from this. Persistent bastard.

"Just shut up and kiss me you fool." He moved in to my lips, and we kissed in the rain, his chest was still naked, he would get sick like that in the pouring rain!

Great... now I care about his health...

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 9 ★ "Afraid of Love"

He caressed my cheek softy when the kiss ended; this time he ended it. I blinked, still imaging this was all some dream and I would wake soon to hating him all over again... But I don't think so anymore.

". . .It's still raining. . ." I pointed out the obvious, the rain dripped on our faces, on his chest... but jeez did he have some nice abs... [XD]

"Oh well, I like the rain." He smiled gently, and I nodded.

After a while he started to saunter away from me, not touching my cheek anymore.. "W-wait! Where are you going?!" I shouted, holding my hand out for him to grab it.

"Bed." He answered simply, Well it was late. . .

Then he chuckled. "Unless, of course, you'd like to join me."

I abruptly picked up a rock and threw it at him, hitting his forehead.

"Ow!" He screamed in pain.

"NO THANKS PERV!" I growled back at him.

He rubbed his red forehead for a minute, "See ya tomorrow, Smary. Dream of me~" And he vanished into the rain with his pervy laughter stuck in my head.

I stood motionless as a stick, "Meet me at the Library after school or something!" I shouted, but most likely he didn't hear it.

When I got back home, I was relieved to see all the lights turned off, and my parents asleep. Sneaking in in the middle of the night wasn't my thing, that was for ordinary teenagers, but I guess I wasn't so ordinary now was I... ?

I went into the bathroom to dry off first, I was SO wet, then crawled onto my soft mattress and fell asleep, doing just as he asked, dreaming of him.

When I woke up to bird chirping outside my window, and my blaring alarm clock set off for school. I hurried and got dressed eager for school. I might see Lionel...

The school hours were quick; and I didn't see Lionel at all. I saw Sharon though, but that's only because we had one class together today.

After school I went straight to the Library, checking out a book from the Adventure section and taking a seat, I could tell the Librarian wasn't happy with me from last time, falling asleep and all...

I promised myself right then and there I would finish reading this book... not think so much.

But then he came threw the door, My head was still hidden in the book, and he sat across from me on the table, coughing.

I moved my book to the side, shyly smiling.

"Hey you..." I blushed.

He smiled back, folding his arms on the table. "What's up."

"Oh nothin' much..."

He noticed for once I was blushing, and there was a look of too much thinking on my expression.

"Somethin' on your mind?" He asked, putting his arms across from the table, grabbing mine.

My eyes widened, "Y-yeah...actually there is." I looked down and paled a bit.

"What are you so afraid of?"

I took a moment to think about that, but when I did I found out it wasn't so hard to figure out, "Everything." I said.

He sighed, "Everything, huh?"

Were we going out or something...?

"But mostly, Love." I didn't think I would be able to say it out loud to him, love is such a powerful word; I've read it in many Romance books. When you fall for someone, you give them the power over yourself. You just hand it over so willingly, because you know it's right. I remembered one quote that I'd always love, "We were given: Two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find."

"Oh? Your afraid of love?" I almost heard him snort, but instead he continued to look serious. And I melted in those eyes that watched me with care.

He maneuvered around the table, embracing me from behind.

"No need to be afraid Mary... do the things that make you afraid." He laughed. Quoting someone.

But it really wasn't silly, your heart could so easily shatter by done actions, words, it was so scary...

I've envied those who loved each other though... they seemed to be living in a fairy tale.

"I'll try. . ." I sighed, I'll try to love you...if that's what your asking me to do...

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 10 ★ "Under the Sheets" [PG 13 PG 13. LOL... MAYBE WORSE?]

Mary missed hanging out with her best friend Sharon... she's been so busy with school, and speaking of school, she hasn't seen Lionel's posse around as much... maybe they died in a car crash? WOO HOO!

But she didn't feel bad about hanging out with Lionel, since it's not EXACTLY 'Coming in between her friendship with Sharon', she just hasn't seen her much lately...

Mary stayed cooped up in the Library for the rest of the week, always coming in right after school, beside Lionel's pervyness, he was a decent guy. He had his moments. But she still kept her guard up.

It was on the weekend, Saturday night that she decided to finally finish up on an old Adventure book from 3 weeks ago, she'd never had the chance because her thoughts always interfered... and Lionel always used to meet her after school at the Library. So she couldn't read with him just staring at her...

Mary layed on her tummy on her bed, humming to herself as she read the wonderful Adventure of the Prince and Princess.

When her stomach became to talk to her, she went down to the kitchen to grab a Snickers bar, when she got back upstairs... and turned the handle, her mouth hung open and she coughed as if there was no available air.

Her dad was downstairs watching TV along with her Mom, if they were found out about Lionel and her...

She slammed the door behind her, "L- WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY BED!?" Lionel was under her sheets! Just laying there watching her... pervy-style.

"I got bored, I haven't been to your room in a" He trailed off smiling, looking around the room. It was like any other room he'd seen, a bit nerdyish with all the books lying around.

"...Yo-You...Don't tell me your...NEKKID UNDER THERE?!"

Lionel laughed out loud. A laugh she gasped at. "IT IS NOT FUNNY!!"

He blinked just noticing something, "Nekkid?"

"Yes..." For some odd reason, she hated saying the word NAKED.

Lionel stared at her for a moment, then repeated, "NAKED.NAKED.NAKED.NAKED.NAKED.NAKED.NAKED.NAKED.NAKED-" He went on and on, until Mary freaked out.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" She threw her Snickers bar at him, panting as she was obviously out of breath.


"See for yourself." Lionel said seductively.

Mary stared at him, unbelieving. When she threw a lamp at him... "WTH!? IS THIS NATIONAL BE-PERVY-TO-MARY DAY!? She tried to catch her breath, so much much...

"Quite possibly." Lionel said.

Mary slapped her forehead, sliding down her entire face, infuriated.

"Leave.Now.Or.Else!" She ordered, but Lionel made no hint to leave.

But just then, Mary gasped and bit her tongue, she heard footsteps coming! Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!

She whispered quickly to Lionel, "G-get in the closet!"

Lionel stretched his arms, then said appalled, "Your dirty."

Mary was about to shoot him with her imaginary gun, when she heard two knocks on her door, "Mary? You alright in there? I hear voices...?" Dad said threw the door.

"E-everything's alright Dad! Just a minute!" She tried to keep her voice not so hostile, but she was sweating bullets!

"LIO-" She began to say, but he was already gone, possibly in her closet...or better, out the window!

She sighed gladly, God... that was a close one...

Dad turned the handle and entered with a deep mystified look, when he heard a chuckle come from the closet. . .

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 11 ★ "Boyfriend and Girlfriend"

Mary stared into the closet, Lionel was in there... and her Dad would know, it would be the end for sure. The end of her innocence, everything. Her parents always thought of her as the Study-and-Read type. Not have-a-perv-in-your-closet type!

Dad stalked closer to the closet, but I jolted upright and attacked the opened closet, blocking it. Too afraid to see what he'll think of me.

"Uh... hunny? Someone in there?" He was suspicious, and wondered why I reacted in such a way.

"It' one, It's just this little alarm clock that goes off whenever I make too much noise..." I lied poorly, that was so sad. AN ALARM CLOCK THAT CHUCKLES?!

". . . An alarm clock that chuckles?" He tried to fight a smile, and a laugh possibly... "An... alarm clock?" He laughed this time.

"Y-yes! I know stupid, but you know me," Nervously said, I laughed along with him too.

"Hold it, Mary. So you were talking to yourself? Is that how this... alarm clock went off?" He rolled his eyes at the end.

". . . Yeah." I sweat dropped.

He shook his head and turned around, heading for the door, "You weird, weird child. I love you Mary." He teased, with a proud smile of his 'weird' child.

"Love you too, Dad." I sighed. I hated lying, I was supposed to be a good role model! Me MARY, I mean Mary doesn't even sound like a rebellious name!

When Dad had finally left out of sight, closing the door behind him but leaving it a crack open; I ninja'd into the closet, preparing for a beat down.

"God- Lionel! Do you know how close that was?! Your butt woulda been in SO much trouble!" I warned him, leering around to see where he had been, my closet was a bit small, and dark, so I opened the door a bit to let some light in. And Lionel popped up right in front of me. I was about to scream when. . .

He silenced my scream with a yet another kiss, my cheeks flushed bright red, and noticed that he wasn't completely naked, but just had boxers on... still! He made me think he was completely nude!

He gave a lecherous laugh afterward, and said, Shhh! You don't want your Dad to find us up here after all do you?"

I pinched his cheek really hard, "S-stop doing that! I'm not one of those kids who lie to their parents, and secretly have their boyfriends up in their closets!" I was still blushing, and he leaned forward curiously, "Oh? Since when were we boyfriend and girlfriend?"

I thought it was obvious. . .?

"I-I mean, we kissed and all... 3 times now right? I just thought-"

He kissed me again, to shut me up I guessed.

"4 now." He smiled widely, and pulled me unexpectedly into his arms, my head rested on his shoulder, blushing.

We stayed quite for a while longer, before I noticed how perfect this moment was to tell him I would return his feelings.

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 12 ★ "Pumpkin Pie, Check! Knife, Check! Lionel's still a perv, Yup"

We were Boyfriend and Girlfriend now, I guess. It seemed weird, the reputation we've always kept was the same throughout Elementary and Middle school, he was the Perv, and I was the Book worm. How can both those people come together?

Well I guess were living proof of that, though he annoyed the crap out of me sometimes, he was okay to be around at the same time.

It was still quite in the closet, he was warm though, like my own personal heater.

My cheeks turned a light shade of pink, it was warm, mostly my face from all the blushing that's going on.

"I should go now Mary. . . Before you get yourself in real trouble with me." He grinned with probably those lecherous thoughts buzzing around his mind like bees.

At least he was concerned about getting me in trouble. A good quality in a Boyfriend. He pulled away really not wanting to- and was about to jump out of the window, when I pulled his sleeve back, "Wait!" I called out. I wanted to tell him, I really did!

And he turned half-way around, beaming. "You don't want this night to end do you?" I knew exactly what that meant.

I gleamed over at him while scoffing, shaking my head, I'd expect this line from him. He would always ruin such good moments for us!

". . .Ugh. Never mind! It's not important anyway." I let go, and waited for him to realize that it was.

He didn't get it. Just stared at me like I was some alien, I look down and sighed.

He stood motionless, and thought something over for a bit.

"...Alright then... Anyway, Tomorrow is the Pumpkin festival, you should come by my house that night and we could hang out. My Mom would like the company, and help on the cooking, since my Dad is away and all..."

I nodded, bashful. Would this be our first date? "Sure...I'd like that." I continued to stare down. Thinking.

I wasn't quite skilled in the Kitchen, so I couldn't make Pumpkin Pie without some assistance.

"See ya then." He winked and blew me a kiss, climbing down my window with his half nude self. This was the second time he had no shirt on... the guy was crazy. Coming here half naked...

Halloween was just around the corner, I would of liked to spend it with my family, or Sharon. But Lionel was my boyfriend, I didn't want to exclude any of them all, it's just complicated... I've never felt like this with anyone.

I yawned. Tired already.

I threw myself onto my bed, a smile on my face from something that made me giggle.

"Chuckling alarm clock... seriously, Mary?" I mumbled to myself, I could of said something A LITTLE more intelligible... I yawned again, and my eyes closed shut.

When I woke up in the morning, all I could think about was going over the LIONEL'S HOUSE. The PERVS house. Where he LIVED. I wonder what perv tactic he'll try there...? I walked downstairs rubbing my eyes, Dad was looking at me from the Living room strangely, of course, the Chuckling alarm clock...

"Morning Dad..." I began, leaning toward the couch his was sitting on, he was reading the morning newspaper. "My friend invited me over to her house tonight for the Pumpkin Festival. Can l-" He interrupted me mid-sentence though, and his reply was quick.

"Sure, sure. You can go to Sharon's." He didn't give a second thought, he knew Sharon well, and probably would only assume I hang out with her.

"But your Mother and I are having company over tonight, we would of liked you to be there... but if you rather hang out with Sharon it's fine..." His tone was hopeful still, but I wanted to see Lionel tonight.

"Thanks, Dad." I grinned pleasantly. Although I told yet ANOTHER lie. Woopie, Go Mary~

I passed the time with reading my favorite Adventure book, the one I hadn't finished before. Sundays were boring. And nothing to look forward to. Maybe me coming early would please Lionel? I nodded to myself, I guess I could go now. It was about time anyway. I told dad Bye and he waved while I paced on the sidewalk, when he closed the door I turned the corner and went the direction Lionel's house lead. Dad would freak if he found out I was going to Lionel's.

When I arrived finally, and lifted my hand up to knock on his door- I was greeted by Lionel's mother. She seemed like a really cheerful person just by looking at her, she looked as if in her 20's. She wore a pretty designed apron. So she liked to cook I guess.

"Hello, are you Mary? It's nice to finally meet you!"

I nodded and smiled at her.

"Y-yes, and it's nice to meet you too!" She gestured me in with a greetful smile, the house was amazing. Big, and the staircase huge. Lionel sure was living the life.

"Where's Lionel?" I asked after looking around for a minute. Jeez, I'm so eager. It was embarrassing!

His mom smiled with her eyes closed, "He'll be in shortly. He had to go buy ingredients for the Pumpkin Pie last minute. Follow me to the Kitchen, Mary." She lead the way, she sure was a happy Mom. I wouldn't mind having her as a Mom. Mine was so out of touch. She knew nothing about me then my love for reading.

"Nice Kitchen you have here," I looked around, amazed. The decorations for Halloween! Everywhere. So many pumpkins, lights. It all sparkled. On my way here I barely saw any Pumpkins on the front porches, nor lights. People were so drab.

Her face brightened up a bit, "Thank you! Oh and, just call me Suzanne. I'd go with Mrs, but that just makes me sound old." She giggled. And with her giggle, the phone rang suddenly.

"Oh my, I'll be right back! It's probably the guests for tonight!" We'll be having more people over? Lionel didn't mention that...

I took a seat in the Kitchen and sighed, it was so cozy in this house. I'd get comfortable so easily, then I heard the back door open, was it Lionel's Mom? Why would she have to use the back door? No, it was someone else.

"Hiiiiiiii~ You made it!" Lionel popped up from behind me in some loving voice I'd never heard before, he almost sounded like a girl. He wrapped his arms around my waist, then tossed a bag onto the table, it was most likely the ingredients for the Pumpkin pie.

"PERSONAL SPACE!" I cried out, he was SQUISHING me! I turned a Tomato red color, from both blushing and being squished, he moved closer to my ear, and nibbled on it. Was this how he WELCOMED me!? "I missed you." He pouted cutely. Though I couldn't resist, he had just NIBBLED on my freakin' EAR!

I freaked out naturally, running around in circles for a bit when I decided to grab a knife, "Careful perv! I has a knife!" I stabbed the air, pretending to act tough. My ear a red color now, jeez, what else would I except from coming here!?

"What? You'll stab me with a Kitchen knife?" He frowned. And I stuck my tongue out at him.

"I thought you liked me... I thought I was your boyfriend."


My face fell, and I glared at him questionable, "I-I DO! AND YOU ARE!" Admitting it made my blush rise. And it was so easier to just finally tell him I liked him.

He tried to hide the smile he was showing, it was just an act to get me distracted for a few short seconds, I flinched a bit when he appeared in front of my face, lifting me up in the air while he hugged me. "Just kidding~"

I sighed and half smiled, "Of course..." When he finally put me down he looked at me for a moment, as if thinking of what to say next.

"So, before my Mom gets back here, what was it you wanted to tell me last night?"

I just looked down again at the sudden question, and my heart began to overreact, he brings this up now?

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 13 ★ "Too Many DAMN Distractions"

Mary never thought over how she could say this though, 'I've decided to return your feelings' seemed like the best way. Because she couldn't exactly use the L word, yet. Not by a long shot.

Luckily, her distractions were on her side when Lionel's Mom walked into the room again. Still smiling.

We backed away from each other at the moment, PDA wasn't our thing. We liked being alone. I was saved again, but I really shouldn't feel so relieved. Yet I do.

"Lionel, Ron and the rest of your friends are coming in a bit." She told the both of us, looking at the distance on how for apart we were. She didn't seem to care, Hell, I would think having someone as great as me as Lionel's girlfriend would be an accomplishment!

Lionel studied my reaction, he knew I freaked out whenever it came to that Ron, but I tried not to go crazy in front of his Mother.

Lionel coughed halfy, almost as if motioning a sign of some sort, then I followed his stare to the knife. I dropped it immediately "Oh!" I hoped Suzanne wouldn't think of me as some Phyco girlfriend now...

"She was about to make me a sandwich Mom. Isn't she great?" Lionel lied, smiling. Perhaps he's done this before like I have? We were both such big liers.

Suzanne's expression was still happy.

I picked the knife back up from the floor and hurriedly put it back on the 'knife holder' stocked with many more.

The doorbell rang before I could say anything, Suzanne went to answer it on the first bell. Lionel looked into my eyes with those captivating eyes of his- put his hand in the air and tangled his fingers in my hair, "Hurry and tell me. She'll be back soon."

I could hear Suzanne's faint words over in the Living Room, and more voices were heard. It was Lionel's Posse for sure...

"Why didn't you tell me they were coming?" I asked, changing the subject as if he never said anything before. I knew he just wanted to know what I was going to tell him before.

"Your not answering me, Mary." He prompted, frowning.

I eased closer to speak in his ear, and whispered; "Too many distractions, maybe later." I looked at his eyes from the side of mine, he looked tense.

Then Ron came in with his loud timbre voice, "LIONEL BUUUDDDYYYYY! I MISSED YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

What I say about DISTRACTIONS!? Sometimes I think Lionel and Ron are married or something!

Ron pushed me aside and almost made me fall over- lunging into Lionel's arms with a hug of friendship. What, they haven't seen each other in years or something!?

"Oh, great." I mumbled to myself sourly. Crossing my arms over my chest.

And then I saw the others walk into the Kitchen, did Lionel get a new group member? I never noticed him before.

"Who's he?" I pointed at him, confoundedly. Using emphasis on the word he.

Ron was exult nonetheless, and sure showed it. "That's Conner! He's kinda short-ish new to the group! Quite though, a man without many words." Ron told, and I looked over at him with a 'I still don't like you' expression. Lionel led everyone back into the Living room, everyone followed. And I followed at his side.

Was Conner as pervy as the rest of Lionel's posse? Hmm.

Suzanne stayed in the Kitchen though, picking up the bag of ingredients Lionel bought from the store and placing them on the counter next to the sink, she had that Pumpkin Pie to make. And she couldn't have no distractions from us children, though, I was supposed to help her. That's why I came here right? And to 'hang out' with Lionel right?

"I have to go help your Mom out with that Pumpkin Pie. . ." I said while Lionel still held his arm around me, we sure looked like a couple then. And this didn't seem to surprise any of Lionel's friends.

"Alright baby, we'll be chillin' here. Hurry up though." He winked, and his friends all laughed but one. "I'll miss you."

I grinned sarcastically, Baby. . .!?

I made way into the Kitchen, surprised to see Suzanne already started.

"Hmm, let's see... Eggs, Pecans, Creme, Sugar, Ground Cinnamon-" She looked over at me and was eager to have me at her side in a matter of seconds, two's better than one that's what they always say.

"So, what do we do first?" I asked her completely without knowledge of any of this, I tried to block out the voices coming from the Living room, I enjoyed cooking, or learning how! I wanted to do something nice for Suzanne. Lionel was a bit occupied right now, so whatever. I'll take my precious time.

About 20 minutes passed and I sighed pulling up a chair, "Whew!" I was tired, mostly doing all of the easy work, Suzanne guided me step by step with the recipe instructions.

And now we just had to wait for the Pumpkin pie to be cooked and done.

Suzanne stood over the sink and rinsed some dishes off, wiping off her forehead in the process, our aprons were only a bit messy, mine was the cleanest since she'd done most of the work. But I learned so that's what counted!

I noticed at the moment the voices from the other room were gone. Where'd they all go? I wasn't paying any attention at all.

But then the new guy- Conner walked in.

His face looked like it masked a secret, it looked like he'd never smiled in his life. And he didn't talk much. I could barely hear him when he said something to Suzanne, "Just getting a snack Ma'am." He said threw mumbled words.

Suzanne barely nodded. "Of course."

Conner left with his snack and passed me with what looked like a charming smile.

The quite guys seemed more my type- opposite of Lionel, but Conner's smile was too friendly for his own good.

» To Be Continued

To Read More Go To This Link :
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