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Posted 9/20/09 , edited 9/21/09
Everyone, a very nice to meet you here! Actually I have a question here about Johnny Kitagawa. Hope someone can answer me about thisif can, hope everyone answer it....

I don't know very much about Johnny Kitagawa but for some reason I just saw a news which gave me a huge shock and worried. I was thinking that is it real or fake. So can anyone who know the truth told me is it real or fake?

This is the news I talking about:

Johnny Kitagawa, 68, has been accused of sexually abusing many of his young male charges, including one aged 12. Police, abandoning a traditional reluctance to pursue such cases, have announced an investigation.

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Mr. Kitagawa filed a libel suit against the magazine, Shukan Bunshun, which quoted several boys who said they regularly had sex with him because they feared he would not advance their careers if they refused.

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Sexual harassment claims and libel suit

Rumors concerning Kitagawa and possible sexual harassment of the youth in his employ had surrounded the agency since 1988, when Koji Kita (北公次, Kita Kōji?), a former member of Four Leaves, published a series of diaries under the title Hikaru Genji e (光Genjiへ, To Hikaru Genji?). Kita claimed that Kitagawa had used his position of influence over the group to make unwanted sexual advances towards the boys under contract to him. Similar allegations were made in a book published in 1996 by Junya Hiramota, a former member of another of Kitagawa's bands. Hiramota alleged that he had seen Kitagawa force a boy to have sex with him in one of the talent agency's dormitories. Later, in 1999, the weekly newspaper Shukan Bunshun (週刊文春?) printed a ten-part series that detailed numerous allegations of sexual improprieties. The accusers were a dozen teenage boys who had been recruited into the Johnny & Associates organization, who spoke on condition of anonymity. In addition, the series also accused Kitagawa of permitting minors in his employ to drink alcohol and smoke. The accusations prompted international newspaper coverage.

The controversy resulted in Yoshihide Sakaue, a member of Parliament, holding a hearing on the matter in April, 2000. Sakaue said that as a result of the media coverage, and in response to a request from a constituent, he wanted to examine whether government officials had properly investigated complaints about Kitagawa. Officials of the National Police Agency acknowledged that they had investigated Kitagawa's agency, but had not determined that sexual harassment had occurred. Officials did indicate that Kitagawa's company was warned about permitting minors to use alcohol and smoke cigarettes. The National Police and Welfare Ministry indicated that under the Ministry's understanding of the law, even if the allegations against Kitagawa were true, the acts could not be considered child abuse because Kitagawa was neither parent nor guardian to the boys in his employ. In addition, officials testified that neither the boys nor their parents had pursued a criminal complaint against Kitagawa. Kitagawa denied any wrongdoing, and his attorney characterized the claims as being from disgruntled former employees voicing discontent. Kitagawa sued Shukan Bunshun for libel. Other than Shukan Bunshun, none of the major Japanese media covered the story of the allegations against Kitagawa, the hearing in Parliament, or the Kitagawa lawsuit. The New York Times attributed this lack of coverage to Kitagawa's influence over the popular media. Once Shukan Bunshun began publication of the series, Johnny & Associates denied the newspaper, and the other media owned by its parent organization, access to any of its performers.

After protracted litigation, in 2002 the Tokyo District Court awarded Kitagawa an 8.8 million yen judgment against Shukan Bunshun, finding that the articles defamed him. Shukan Bunshun appealed the ruling. In a partial reversal of the district court, the Tokyo High Court in 2003 ruled that the Shukan Bunshun series did in fact defame Kitagawa; however, it ruled that the defamatory content of the articles was limited to the allegations that Kitagawa had provided minors with alcohol and tobacco products. The court found that the Shukan Bunshun had sufficient reason to accept as trustworthy, and publish, the sexual allegations by Kitagawa's former clients. Kitagawa appealed this decision to the Supreme Court, but in 2004 it rejected his appeal.

This news gotten from

So is it real? I hope is it fake thought~ if it is true, I pretty worried about Hey Say JUMP...
Well I believe that this news is on 1990 above or it is a long time ago.

So my question here now is:

- Is this news real? Or fake?
- Since this is an old news, does Johnny still do this kind of thing now? (I hope not, if he is I worried about Hey Say JUMP!)
- Can you all tell me more about Johnny Kitagawa? (Since all I know about Johnny Kitagawa is he is the boss of Johnny Entertainment!)
- Between did Johnny had wife? 0.0 If he is, why he still do such kind of thing long ago? 0.0

So please answer me about this questions since I still seeking the answer for these questions~
For the people who know it, please tell me ne? Onegai shimas!
And thank you for reading this and for the people who post the answers here, thank a lot~!!! ^^
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Posted 9/24/09 , edited 9/24/09
The news was real, but the sexual harassment are never confirmed.

this kind of thread has already been a buzz topic.
If you have done some research already about Johnny Kitagawa(regarding that you posted this), go and see more infos about him if you want. A picture thread is posted in here if you want to see him.

No he doesn't have a wife nor a child.
It's his sister that holds the company into one along with him.

common sense, if he is still doing it(but it is NEVER confirmed), then his other popular JE talents(such as Arashi, KAT-TUN, NEWS & Hey!Say!JUMP etc.) would have already filed a lawsuit against him considering they are much more handsome and body-toned.(no offense to the other JE talents though)

well, just think about this,
if there is JOHNNY KITAGAWA, there wouldn't be any JOHNNY'S ENTERTAINMENT.

the title of the company itself has a long way to go.
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