Vizard Ichigo & SS
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Posted 9/21/09 , edited 9/21/09
Strange thing about bleach is that there are certain things that are drastically different between the Anime and Manga. One thing that's drastically different is people seeing Ichigo in his vizard form. In the anime, pretty much everyone has seen Ichigo use his vizard powers. Now take away the Bounto, The Bakoutou, and the current arcs. When you think about it, not too many people have seen ichigo dawn the mask and fight. These leads to several questions

1.) How many people know about Ichigo's Vizard powers?
2.) How many people have actually seen Ichigo use them?
3.) Finally, will SS be accepting of these powers?

Now with the current situation in the manga, Shinji tells Yamamoto that he's an ally of Ichigo which should be a give away to him. With the Vizards assisting in the Espada fights and also eventually learning the full truth about what happened 100 years ago, one would think that they'd look the other way on both the vizard and Ichigo.
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It may end up a factor of accepting their presence but just not welcoming them with open arms. Afterall they all do have hollow forms which is what the SS fights against most often but the fact that they can control them makes an uneasy balace.....I picture that once its all out in the open itll be kind of like just after the cold war with the uneasy truce yet showing up as allies when needed.
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Posted 9/29/09 , edited 9/29/09
1) How many people know about Ichigo's Vazrd powers?
-Byakuya, he's witnessed Ichigo's hollow but is probably unsure of whether Ichigo is in control of those powers.
-Ichigo's friends(Orihime, Renji, Uryuu and Rukia->Chad doesn't have a clue I don't think) including his father and Urahara + Yoruichi know of his powers.
-All the Vaizards definitly know of his powers or they wouldn't have tried to recruit him.
Total: 1 + 7 + 8 +1 = 17 not including all of Ichigo's arrancar opponents such as Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and Dordoni or however you spell his name and Nnoitora. (Yammy has no deductive reasoning)
2)How many people have actually seen Ichigo use them?
-Orihime, Uryuu I don't know about Rukia because she saw him fight Grimmjow the second time and could tell he was using great power but she did not see his mask before, during or after that incident.
-All the Vaizards
Total: 1 + 2 + 8 +1 = 12 Not including Ichigo's opponents
3) Finally, will SS be accepting of these powers?
Definitly not all the Captains will be on board with this idea, atleast not at first. I think Yama-Jii has no choice in the matter except to accept them because without the Vaizards help, the Winter War will go in Aizen's favour and then byebye Karakura Town. So for the moment, I think they will be accepting. Then there are people like Soi Fon who absolutely detests the Vaizards and Mayuri whoprobably wants experiment on them.
I think the anime team is missing that huge factor, that very few people know about the Vazards, very few people care about the Vaizards and very few people will accept the Vaizards with open arms. IN the anime Ichigo has no discretion of his powers which isn't true because he's very self conscious while he uses them and the Vaizards aren't necessarily showing their existence openly to the world.

Nice Topic by the way.
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