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::: Prologue ~ Kidnapped

She was playing on her sidewalk. Her Mom and Dad were inside the house, far from her when she escaped into the middle of the street, cringing half way down to pick up her ball.

It was sprinkling on the Autumn day. The road was slippery, and the roads were slick, Fall leaves dancing all over the road. The clouds were toned gray. Enveloped in precipitation. Her cheerful childish giggles were heard all around the neighborhood, the sun began to show threw one obscure cloud. . .

A stranger drove his car past the girls view, and stopped, completely blocking sight of her house, and her. Her younger brother noticed while staring out the window, a car pull up next to her. And he called his parents right away. He knew it was too late; and they couldn't do anything. The house was too far to save their precious only daughter. Saya was found gone and so was the car, her parents staring in horror and her brother giving an incredulous look, he didn't know what just happened to his sister. She was gone, too fast to comprehend. He could only watch.

Young Saya's wrists were swollen and red, they were tied against each other, too hard. And so were her legs. She couldn't speak because there was duck tape over her mouth and she couldn't see; for she wore a blind fold. She didn't know what was going on.
One minute she's chasing after her ball across the street, the next. . . she's kidnapped.

The black tinted car pulled up after what seemed long hours drive, parking in front of a mansion. The size was incredible. Saya was getting claustrophobic in the trunk of the car, and she had asthma. Under stressful, scary, situations as these she would die without her inhaler.

"Ain't that a shame. She seems to be having an asthma attack." The hooded- teenager didn't look fazed. But just annoyed. "Our little plan isn't gonna work if she dies... yet." The female responded, picking up Saya's light body and bringing her to a king-sized bed inside the mansion just before un-doing all the constrictions they had on the girl; blind fold, ropes, duck tape.

"Listen, girl. If you wish to live, you'll listen to us, you won't try to get any help. You'll behave like we ask you to, you'll follow every command, we won't tolerate you trying to run away, if so, we'll kill you." The hooded teenager raised a finger, "Actually, I'll do that." He said darkly. Stepping aside to flaunt the inhaler he had in his hand.

The female rolled her eyes, alienated. "Before she dies Eon! Quit foolin' round." She rushed him.

And he said, "Catch a deep breath girl, and... do whatever it is you do when you have an asthma attack..." Eon instructed, the inhaler in the girls little arms, she remembered her Mom always used it on her... she used that past memory as a resource, a really important one.

The asthma medication from the inhaler started to make its way into the girls airways and lungs. Her breathing began to normalize, no longer worsening.

Eon smiled. "I just saved your life. So you owe me, Saya." He reached for her hair and the girl flinched, curling his fingers in her hair. She looked over at the female, who didn't look as scary as the man, with her innocent eyes she could get away with anything.

The female shook her head, as if answering 'No.'

And Saya frowned.

Hoarsely, she finally spoke, a bit breathless as the inhaler dropped to her lap, "Who-who are you people...!?" her eyes widened around the un-familiar room, just realizing she was laying on a bed. A pillow under her head kept her head still up, as if being examined by Eon. "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!" The little girl shrieked, closing her eyes shut. Eon pulled his hand back and laughed, "Okay, okay! So demanding..."

The female rolled her eyes once more, "She'll be a rebellious child to us when she grows up, insolent even."

What... are these guys... saying!? Saya thought bewilderingly.

Poor Saya only knew she was kidnapped and kept against her will, she abided to their rules, and never asked questions. She only knew the males name, 'Eon' and that he somehow knew her name... knew her.

She was never found after that. After Saya's disappearance her parents called the police right away; sending a Search and Rescue team, but finding no trace of the little girl. They tried every possible way, putting up posters in each town with her picture on it, the news even were generous enough to report that Saya had been missing.

Again, no luck.

Years and years passed, Saya was now 16. She held her life-savor inhaler in her arms, and cried herself to sleep, curling up in a ball like she did each and every night. The door cracked good enough to let light in, she could not leave, she had no will nor strength to. Even now.

Her giggles and delights were no more, and her neighborhood mourned because of that.

- - -

::: Chapter 1 ~ One Good-Bye

Saya dreamed of her parents, parents she hadn't seen in 9 years. Little brother that was by now, a young man. She couldn't picture their faces that well; she'd forgotten their faces... she'd lost all hope ever being found. This mansion she's grown up in... was now her home. This mansion that lived her two 'parents'. Saya remembered the female's words; "If you try to run, we'll kill you." Saya didn't want to die! Ever! But she had no choice in the matter, they were killing her on the inside.

She woke up in the morning to Eon's voice calling her from downstairs, "Saya hunny! Breakfast is here!" Eon sang from downstairs. She was old enough now... to withstand the physical abuse coming from him.

Eon planned on telling Saya the news after breakfast, if she didn't have anything to eat before she told her, then she would probably faint.

Saya's stomach grumbled while she sat up on her bed, in the corner. She was too hungry to rebel against a meal. "I'm coming..." She answered in her usual frail tone.

Eon had always messed with her head the most, done Reverse psychology and even worse. Intellectually and morally; she had a weak mind and believed in anything he'd said to her. 'Your parents don't love you anymore, that's why your still not found.'

The female pulled a seat out for Saya's coming down the stairs, she sat down and looked around the huge kitchen, it was excellent to look at threw anyone's eyes. Then she glared coldly at Eon and his three course meal. And Saya only had a plain Egg for breakfast.

"Eat." He demanded when he followed her cold stare toward him.

Saya's stomach grumbled again, and she held it to stop, "Don't tell me what to do."

"You can just starve then." There wasn't a trace of worry in his voice. Saya looked past Eon- and at the window. It looked like a nice day outside...

After breakfast, -and Saya barely touched her Egg- Eon delivered her the news anyway. "Did you get all that?" He asked her, holding her hand as he led her outside, to the car. The female followed behind.

"Yes, Eon..." Toneless, and she hid the scowl on her face, Eon looked ahead and didn't see.

Eon told her that the day after Tomorrow they would be getting on a flight... he didn't tell her where they were going. But the female was coming along as well. He said; she could say good-bye to 1 person... because she wouldn't be back here anymore. There was one condition though, the person couldn't be a family member, and only a friend. And the only words she could say to that person was, 'Good-bye',

and just leave.

"Take a seat in the front." He instructed her, and she did so. The female sat in the back, and Eon drove.

"Tell me where to go." He turned his head slightly to look at her expression, to see if she was behaving or not. He could always tell right at the moment she would rebel...

But all she did was look ahead, "Her house is the only Park in this Town..." She remember that park, the park they always played at. So many memories. But only memories now. There was no going back to the happy past.

"Alright. Know if your lying to me, it won't be pretty."

She nodded halfishly and glowered.

He took the directions as she said them, she slowly began to memorize the directions all over again. Eon pulled by her friend Aeri's house. Saya had missed Aeri...She had no idea if she even would remember her... at all. Her features had changed so much.

Eon and the female waited for her in the car, the female observed her movement and then she knocked on the door faltering a bit, she as well as Eon knew she couldn't/wouldn't run away. So there was no point to watching her.

Aeri stood at the front door, staring at her friend up and then down; her eyes widened with an overwhelming and painful feeling that Saya felt as she saw her dear old friend.

She tried to speak, and her voice shattered already, "A-Aeri..." I wasn't supposed to... say anything but 'Good-bye!'

"I-IS THAT YOU SAYA!?" Her voice got to Saya, and she let two tears slide, "G-good-bye..." And she turned around, heading back to the car.

"WHAT!? WAIT! YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE NOW! Y-you were missing for YEARS-! Everyone was so worried! SAYAAA!" She cried mournfully.

The cold rush past threw her, Saya's back turned to her as she still continued to head for the car, speechless at her sorrow.

"I-Im sorry... AERI!!" She wailed high-pitched and prolonged, still not facing her, She wanted so bad to just run into her arms and cry, but she couldn't. The tears turned cold as ice as Eon got out of the car with a sigh, and pulled her back inside the car.

"Could of handled that better, Saya!" He slapped her hard across the face, and they disappeared back to the mansion. . .

- - -

::: Chapter 2 ~ Flight

Aeri was silent.

She'd seen her friend after so many long years... and now she was gone again. Gone like the wind. With a simple 'Good-bye'. If she would have seen the people inside the black tinted car, would she have done anything different? Calling the cops? Right. After years of searching, they've dismissed the case. And Aeri was only looking at her friend Saya, not the license plate of the car... and not that she could remember it anyway. The same painful feeling years ago came back to her. The day of reckoning.

The day after Tomorrow, was here. Saya was leaving. The Female told her they were all going to Phoenix. She didn't know why... she was strangely tolerant with the Female, she wasn't as mean as Eon was. If she were to show any disloyalty to Eon it would mean the end. How can she be loyal to someone who messed up her life so bad like this?

They waited hours sitting in the Airport for they're flight to depart. Saya thought of running, asking the Security Guards for help. Telling them what was happening to her! But the Female and Eon were with her each second. And if she had to use the bathroom the Female would follow her in and wait outside the stall. Yeah, that's reassuring.

But she would stay sane after all the torment. She didn't want to end up like those other teens who were kidnapped... She wanted to be strong...

"Why Phoenix?" Eon was over at the snack booth, and the Female looked at Saya, and then to Eon.

"Stop asking the same questions over and over again! If you think I'll go any easier on you because I'm a girl--" Saya cut her off, getting up from her seat.

She sighed and her words were gone, the silence was full of meaning. She was so silent because Eon was right behind her.

He was out of reach or restraint, even in the public he would not treat her fairly. "Dear. . . Try not to start a scene here. Of all places."
She groaned and sank back into her seat. And Eon had asked a random question that made her flinch, "Since when was the last time you smiled, dear?"

"Never." She said, almost robotically. Then she thought of something, clever. Or just plain stupid?

She tried the smile on for a fit, and she was sure it was painful to look at for anyone. Except her captors of course...
The female looked agitated, and her eyes lowered. Maybe she was too enraged to even speak? Eon smirked. "Try harder. And don't worry. Phoenix will be great for you. I'm sure in due time you'll smile and finally call us Parents."

That was never happening. "Never in Hell, never in my dreams, never now. You two mean nothing to me."

The Female flinched and looked... hurt.

Eon stroked her hair, it felt like he just wanted to yank it right off.

"You got guts, still. Let's see where that'll get you, Saya dear."

She was so vulnerable as a 7 year old girl, but these two have taught her to be tough! To not taking any crap from ANYONE! Can she, ever, call them "Parents?"

She turned to face, "Father."

And the truth struck all of a sudden. "I have family! I have a Father and Mother! And a brother as well!" Why did she feel so... strong? It should be the last thing she would be feeling right? Maybe It's this Airport. Being surrounded by people and instead of that damn Mansion...

The Female got up, "It's time. Were going."

They got on they're flight, and began the long departure to Phoenix.

A second ago Saya was just a helpless little girl, a kid who lived the same as she'd lived with her parents before she was kidnapped, making mistakes, learning from them. That was truly a life. She would have to live a lot more than life, she would suffer more and fully understand agony and hate. Hate for these two.

Her sad tortured-looking expression was no more. She was alone. And for too long she did nothing about it. If she were going to get her life back... It was time for change.

And that's just what she got. She could feel him speaking to her, her real Father.

"Saya. . . I want to help you." The voice sounded right in her ear.

Surely, she could not escape from them flying in the air like this, Eon was in the bathroom. And the Female was sitting right beside her, Saya was sitting next to the window, staring out into nothingness.

The Female said it!

- - -

::: Chapter 3 ~ Theory of a Thought

It was just after the plane landed and Saya arrived as some house near a Lake. She still didn't know why she was in Phoenix... But she didn't put much thought into the Female's words on the Plane. She was sure it was just a trick Eon was in on. To make her hope again. And just see that hope die before her very eyes.

Saya was pensively thinking of ways to escape. But she wasn't even close to her home anymore since coming to Phoenix. So running was out of question. Leaving the house was impossible without Eon or the Female with her each second. She would figure something out...soon.

"What do you want?" Saya was in her room in this new house she'll have to get used to, when the Female entered in, sitting on the edge of the bed with her. "Are you deaf?" She asked her, scooting farther away. Her new room was plain, the bed was different. She remember the bed she slept on when she was the mansion. She liked it better. It was more soft. And the walls in this one were white and boring to look at.

The female looked down, and up at Saya, who's face was looking away. "Did you give thought to what I told you on the Plane?" She whispered for a reason, so Eon couldn't hear if he were to be ease dropping...

"You disgust me!" And she shouted that, without care if Eon heard.

The Female didn't budge though. "... I was serious about what I said. I still am. Offers still open," She sounded honest.

Saya closed her eyes and just wished she would disappear. "I'll...I'll figure out my own way of escaping...I don't need your help! Why would you want to help me NOW? You kidnapped me too, you know!" This was true, but the Female seemed determined to get her to understand.

"When you were only 7, I thought it wouldn't matter because you didn't know what was going on...As you grew you were understanding your past life was taken away from you so unfairly-" She looked to the door cautiously, looking out for Eon.

"Saya, I'm-"

In a second the Female heard footsteps approaching for Saya's room. "Don't tell Eon...we'll continue this talk later. Please...think about it for a bit..." She got up, never taking her eyes off the door, turned around and walked out the door to only greet Eon at the door with a grim smile.

Eon would only think she was in there to scold Saya for something or another. Not to have a nice little chat about her escaping. Eon trusted the Female, and she used that to her advantage. Please Saya...think about it. I'm so sorry- She left her thought as she left the room.

Eon stood at her doorstep and smiled. "How was the plane ride? Tired?" He wasn't interested at all as long as she was behaving. And as long as she wasn't catching on...

"I hate you. You know that?" He probably did.

He only took a couple steps to seize her chin, and lift it up to meet his eyes. "Why?"

WHY!? Saya's whole body literally shook, that was about the stupidest question on the face of the earth... Why. She tried to look away from his gaze, and failed when he told her nobody was coming to find her. Not now. Not ever.

Who said I wanted to be found...? I'm gonna escape dumb ass! And who knows...maybe one day I'll write a book about all of this! "Saya. The Kidnapped Girl." That should become a best seller...

And then an extraordinary thought surfaced, and that theory of a thought made her heart hope again.

If the reason Eon wanted her to suddenly move to Phoenix... could that mean someone back home was close to finding her?

::: Chapter 4 ~ They're Master Plan

Saya had on an eternal glower when another year passed, one time during last year she tried escaping threw her window. And that didn’t work out so well. Turns out Eon and the Female –she thought- installed hidden camera’s in and out of the house.

There was only one choice left. After many failed attempts…

The Female.

Late one night, when Eon had been “out” and the Female was in charge, she walked to her room tensely, she half hoped her offer was still on the table. And if it wasn’t all hope was lost.

Saya’s eyes burned with fire, and she stepped into the Females room, and stilled. She was looking out of her window, hand to the window as if she didn’t want to be here as well.

“Female.” Saya walked closer to her with a scowl.

The Female without a name turned around and looked almost pleased. “You’ve finally decided I see?” She said, but it didn’t seem like a question.

Saya just nodded, her yellow eyes sad. “Saya, you could of not picked a better time while Eon’s gone. If you were stupid enough to leave while he was gone though, the camera’s know and he’ll be back before you knew it.”
Saya knew that wasn’t the point. That wasn’t why she was in the Females room at all. “So, I picked a perfect time huh?”

The Female nodded, staying in the same spot and looking out of the window again The sun shined in. “I have a plan… Eon trusts me to still keep you alive but still in this house. We’ll work that to our advantage.” She didn’t seem bothered by betraying Eon, maybe she wanted out too after all these years?

Saya knew better than to hope on her theories any longer.

The Female suddenly got up, walked to Saya and smiled for once. Saya just looked up at her and frowned. “What will you have me do?” She asked.

The Female told Saya her plan once Eon came back, and even her name.

The plan would be set in motion right when Eon walked threw the door.
Saya thought it was genius.

[ m o r e ~ s o o n ]

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Just got around to reading the rest D:
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Will she get saved from her horrible like like Mari was in my story? >w<
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lol Mari wasn't Kidnapped XDD
Her mom dropped her off on the guy
Poor Mari....
So much misfortune.
And now after finally finding some happiness.... she's dying.
So sad D:

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