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Shall i put my story (Rozen Founders) on Anime Alliance?
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Poll edited 10/4/09
Created by xShar1

Do you want a story i made on Anime Alliance so that you can read it there..?

What's it about?

It's about a girl; Nanami & her little sister, Miaka, who lived with their aunt.. but the girls left their aunt and moved to an acedemy; Rozen Acedemy. There's something about the school, that makes them want to stay there.. But now they are at Rozen Acedemy, weird stuff happens to them, first of all, a guy called her a Rozen. Second, when a guy, Nobuka, sings a song she knows the song but, it's a song from her past, and she don't even know the guy! Although, he looks familair.. But now the third; She is a Rozen! Wait a minute! What's a Rozen? Well, the school's called Rozen.. But she didn't know that she was a Rozen too.. And there are 5 more! And who's the girl in her.. Lucia.. Is she the Rozen, or is Nanami it..? A Rozen needs to find one or more Founders, someone who protects a Rozen, and then they need to find the other Rozen's with their Founders to.. Save the world from their Rival school, who uses the children and are 'hypnosing' them and the children don't even know it! What does being a Rozen have to do with her past.. Her Past that she doesn't remember.. or even has... Oh yeah.. The schools called; Hikaru Knight Acedemy. The name comes from.. Well, you'll know when you read the story!
The story has much Romance, Action & Comedy! i think.. if you're going to read it Enjoy!

current link;
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