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Posted 9/23/09 , edited 9/23/09
All you have to do here is give a reason why you kill the person above you. It can be totally random and make no sense, but have fun with it!

(i.e. I kill you because I'm Kira)

I can't kill anyone
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Posted 12/15/09 , edited 12/15/09
i kill you when i suddenly step on a soap on the floor and was holding an ichigo's sword....i slipped the sword and it fly straight to your heart~~~~~yay~~~~bull eyes~~~~~>.<...and then suddenly you turn into zombie and want to eat me....but you can't because you fall from the balcony because you can't a zombie right~~~~~^.^~~~~and another yay~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i'm save.....for now~~~~~

aek.....i have to give reason....not a story right...???....TT^TT.....silly me...ahhhh.....then the reason....BECAUSE I'M SILLY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~woooooooohhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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