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Posted 9/23/09 , edited 9/24/09
- hey pple just want to get to know ya! XD -

Name: Kia
Age: 15
b-day: 3-12-94 (by the time then i'll be 16 & so on & on)
sex: female
ethincity: asian (hmong american)
hobbies: drawing, reading manga, watching animes/asian dramas, sewing, cooking, cleaning XP, chores & ect...
family (in reality & plz be truthful on this & don't worry its just to get to know u & thats all ur info wont be leaked out):
5 children counting me, im oldest child, have a mother & father, have a grandmother, grandfather died before i was even born & ect...
like: s-e-c-r-e-t
dislikes: thats um also a secret so yea
anything else about u: im mysterious & idk even know how but i guess that happens when im usually quiet & hard to figure out, my friends say im friendly & kind but on the other hand, at home im lively so yesh, i have 2 diff. personality; one for school & one for home~im also kind of like yuko ichihara from the anime xxxholic XD i like that women
other: ~well all i can say is have fun & im the co-creator of this group so yesh~
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