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If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments please post them here! Everything will be responded and answered to!
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Having an award ceremony in the future like once every half a year or something xD Awards like...

Legend - Period of award??

[1] The most number of people who want to claim male/female/non-human character from anime/manga/game! (in other words, the most popular/wanted one xD for each section with slashes for example male character from anime, female character from game etc) Given Every half a year since it's a pain doing so much X_X

[2] The character you want to claim most in one anime(for example the theme for the month is KHR, and members can vote who they want to claim the most xD) Given every month or something

[3] The most kind character you want to claim etc etc xD Depends

Other awards I will think of them in the future xD
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Yinglang4eva wrote:

ummm ok its a little confusing but ill think about it *smiles* and thnx for giving us a suggestion *smiles*
Posted 12/5/09 , edited 12/5/09
My suggestion is that the members can pick more than 1 character....
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