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Posted 9/26/09 , edited 9/26/09
Q stand for Question
KB stands for Kim Bum
Credits from : guiwang4ever


Q : Idol this word stands what for you?
KB : Idols this word is like a sky that have many bright stars , everyone can see it , but I feel that this world still have many stars that is trying hard to brighten them up , and I want to be teh star taht trying Hard!!

Q : Every dramas character is having a big diffrent for you , how you can act it out good??
KB : My brain is not so good , and I'm also not talented in dramas , so what I can do is try hard!! Hehe~ En , but first , I think we should understand the character even his mind or attidude , also we should understand so when we're filming , we can act out the feelings!!

Q : Korean F4 ( Boys Over Flowers ) the So Yi Jung wil let many people know about you , Do you have any feelings over So Yi Jung??
KB : Very Thanks to everybody accept me because of So Yi Jung , actually everybody will love me is because the composer , the composer already have many fans , so everybody will know more about me lo!!~But I feel the composer is not too old , but I will grow and change , cannot stay in So Yi Jung this place for a long time , so I will try harder to let all of you know more about me !!

Q : Listen that Kim Bum want to become idol thinking is very special , can you share with us?
KB : Actually I don't love idols , last time only know how to learn , Haha!! I remember that when I secondary school finish , I went to a graduation ball , firstly I'm really hate it , but after I saw many preety and handosme idols there , I'm thinking : '' If I can be with them long time , I think it is totally good !! '' So I slowly move to this type of career.

Q : Now Kim Bum appear in the TV still feeling scared??
KB : En.....sometimes stand in front of the camera will scared , Hehe~ But I will be strong , if because I nervous and didn't bring out or perform what I have prepared , then really sorry to myself !! Sometimes I prepared at the backstage is using 120 marks of tyring hard , but maybe at the stage 'm not using 120 marks!!

Q : Kim Bum always will at the same time acting many diffrent characters , how you will act out ??
KB : I got try before in the same time acting 3 diffrent characters! Haha!! That time really very tired , but I learn many things!! So my acting technic always improve!!

Q : Feel that you are what kind of people :
KB : I feel that I'm a hate to lose people~ Haha!! From small till now I really hate to lose , So I always try my best to do everything.

Q : Do you have any plan for your future?
KB : I now just thinking about my dramas or movies , For let my acting technic improve , I will always watch those movies that I see before and also I like !!

Q : Kim Bum have intrest in acting , how about singing?
KB : Haha!! I always sleep in the car because of musics , so I'm always not sure what is the new song nowadays!! I didn't hate to sing , but I can't sing well.
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