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26 / M / The Sea of Black...
Posted 9/26/09 , edited 9/26/09
Here is the PVP zone where you can fight other ninja just for the sake of fighting.

Here are the rules:
- No killing
- No fighting Ninja 2 levels lower then you ( I.e Jonin => Genin)
- No Complaining if you lose
- No Loitering

Other then those rules you are allowed to fight whenever you want , just make sure you don't wreak the place

Corncerning Jutsus , you must have the correct rank to use certain jutsu:
Academy: E
Genin: D-C
Chunnin: C-B
Jonin: A
Kage: S

Here is a list of Jutsus so you can check what you can use as well as descriptions:

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