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Shugo Chara RPG
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Posted 9/26/09 , edited 9/26/09
I needed to make one of these, and thus i did!

So yea all you have to do is fill this form out and start RP!

Chara(s):(up to 3)
Chara Nari(s):

And thats all there is to it!

Name:Akina Asukai
D.O.B: October 27
Bio: When she was 3 she almost drowned in a pool and she has been scared of water ever since. When she got older she she wished to not be afraid of water now.
Chara(s):(up to 3) Tori
Chara Nari(s): Her Chara Nari is called "sea star"
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Posted 9/26/09 , edited 9/26/09
Name: Kuro Hoshina
Age: 12
D.O.B: October 13, 1997
Bio: He can figure out codes easily and wishes to be a Detective. He has an artistic side and spends most of his time playing video games.
Appearance: Brown hair and pitch black eyes..
Chara(s): Riku: A hedgehog like Guardian Chara that spends most of his time figuring out codes, eating, and annoying people.

Ryan: A guardian chara that wants to be an artist but spends most of his time trying to play video games.

Chara Nari(s): He doesnt have any yet.
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Posted 10/9/09 , edited 10/10/09
First Name:Koneko
Last Name:Yumi
D.O.B: January 25, 1995
Bio:She is kind and calm but wishes to be a little more energetic and wants to become a Athlete. She is great at math and cooking but needs more work on gym.
Appearance:long black hair with brown eyes
Chara(s): Kiru:A playful,hyper and a little annoying but can make friends easily
Jia:A athletic Chara, yet evil and short tempered
Chara Nari: Kiru and me: Shining Player
Jia and me: Shining Dancer
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24 / F / Fantasia (my world)
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/28/10

First name: Angel
Last Name: Senshi
D.O.B: January 18
Bio: She is strong and brave, but has a weak side. She is really kind, but at the same time, really lazy. She loves chocolate and is a major chocoholic. She also loves music and dreams of being a rockstar and making world peace. She also loves cats.
Appearance: Short black hair, violet eyes, and rock outfits. Has tannish skin.
Chara(s): Estrea: a cute, shy, and peaceful and truthful one who loves chocolate. She has short black hair, cat ears, a crown, tail,. cross necklace, and skull pin. She also has black wings and wings.
Charcter nari: Neko Rockstar

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21 / F / In your mind! I c...
Posted 3/29/10 , edited 7/11/10
Name: Kiira Ikeda

age: 16

gender: Female


Skills & talents: very talented in all the arts, but does poorly in school and at sports

backround: she lived in Japan until she was 7, she was a good friend of Ikuto and Utau before moving to America. At the age of 15 she made a hit single in America. On the way home from an apperance on a TV talkshow. She got in a serious car accident, and both her parents died. She moves back to Japan for a new life. One day she was singing and was spotted by an Easter talent scout. She now works alongside Utau and Ikuto.

Shugo Charas: Kaji (to be stronger)

Mizutamari (to be calmer)

Tochi (to be more popular and trusting)

Akurai (stays in egg mostly) to let her true self shine through

Chara naris:
Blaze Goddess (kaji) attacks: epic fire, blazing staff
Surf Goddess (Mizutamari) attacks: sacred surf, ocean staff
Earth goddess (tochi) attacks: spirit plant, earth staff
Shining Goddess(Akurai) attacks: blessed light, solar staff
4 way chara nari: Rainbow goddess attacks: true colours, rainbow staff

currently dating (if i can ): Ikuto
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19 / F / Somewhere else
Posted 3/29/10 , edited 3/30/10
Name: Yuki Tamago

Age: 15

DOB: September 26 1995

Bio: At age 4 Yuki was kidnapped by the Tamago company and was force to work and do their bidding. She does go to school and hang around for a while otherwise they put her in a room to make eggs to use against ppl. Yuki's charas were born from her dream to be free and to get away the sadness and pain. She never got to see her parents again.

Appearance: Has short blue hair, blue eyes, and usually wears her long blue dress with long sleeves.

Kitty - Same hair style and eye color as Yuki. Wears a blue t-shirt with a cat face on it and blue shorts. She is very active and shows Yuki's energygetic side. Kitty is a cat chara duh.

Melody - She has long wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Wears a colorful dress with music notes on it. She is very kind and shows Yuki"s soft side. Melody is a singer chara.

Hell - She had medium black hair in a pony tail and red eyes. Wear a short black dress. She is very harsh and shows Yuki's strong side. Hell is a dont-wanna-mess-with chara.

With Kitty - Blue Stray
With Melody - Singing Soul
With Hell - Life Killer

Coming Soon:
Golden Teardrop
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Posted 6/29/10 , edited 6/30/10
Name:Sakura Sprints

D.O.B: July 16, 1994


Bio:Her dad died in a car accident when Sakura was 3 and her charas were born. Then mother got married to a total jerk and made them his "slaves" and then one night got drunk, found a shotgun and shot her little sister, (who was 5 and 7 years yonger than Sakura!) mother, and big brother. (16) She servived and now has no home, money, nor family except her charas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apperance:Pitch black hair, Blue eyes, wears riped jeans, and Alice and Wonderland Shirt.

Personalty: shy, expresses herself, GREAT fighter/protecter, great planer,AWESOME singer


Sin~Doesn't really express her feelings, LONER, has Pitch black hair and beady red eyes, wears a black knee dress and has BLACK wings- Dark Angel Chara

Love~ Enemys with Sin is loving and caring! Wears and angel dress up to her SHIN! Blond with Blue eyes.FALLS FOR EVERY SINGLE GUY CHARA!

Misty~Total PRANKSTER! With elbow length blue hair and awesome blue cat ears and tail!


Sin- Dark Angel

Love-Bright Angel

Misty-Looping Cat
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22 / F / Wonderland.
Posted 6/30/10 , edited 7/1/10
Name: Alex
Age: 17
D.O.B: January 23

Appearance: Long Black Hair, Dark Green Eyes, Skinny, Pale White Skin, Tall
Chara(s):(up to 3) Lola
Chara Nari(s): Musical Desire
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Posted 6/30/10 , edited 7/1/10
Name: Emily
Age: 15
D.O.B: October 21
Bio: kidnapped in age 4 by a serial killer >:D found alive , but had to be hospitalized. Parents died , shot, and had to live with her uncles. She is still recovering of what happened 11 years ago.
Appearance: long black hair , big brown eyes , skinny , not that pale.
Chara(s):(up to 3) Musica
Chara Nari(s): Colorfull Music ( Its really not that colorfull)
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20 / Milkyway
Posted 7/1/10 , edited 7/1/10
Name:Bliss Heartnet

Age: 14

D.O.B: 3-30-1996

Bio: Was abandoned and lives off the food the generous offers.


Charas: Spirit~Pink! Frills! Girly!~She's Bliss' urge to be more like a girl.~Has black hair in a half up half down style. Wears a black long sleeve shirt blue caprees and pink shoes with a black star on them.

Zero~ Blue! Sports! Boy!~ He's Bliss' urge to fit in with the boys.~ Has blue hair (kind've like Zack and Cody's from the suite life on deck) Wear a white shirt with a green basket ball jersey with the number 9 on it in Blue. Wears black basket ball shorts. Wears white and black jordans.

Chara Nari(s): Spirit~ Ghostly Feminine~

Zero~ Sports Girl~

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21 / F / SHUGO CHARAS!!!!!...
Posted 7/3/10 , edited 7/4/10
Name:Chisuzu Kuro (Tsukiyomi)
Bio:was forced to work for Easter and had changed her last name to Kuro (black)to hide her identity from the guardians since she was spying on them because Kairi had failed
Appearance:blue eyes,shoulder length blonde hair,dark blue shirt with black bow in front (with strings),black shorts,dark blue shoes.
Charas:Shizuka-wears a blue dress with long sleeves,waistlength red hair,headband thing Dia has but only the main part is pink and it has strings,and purple eyes with blue very good at helping others and falls easily for tricks.
Chara Nari:Shining Belief
(Chara Change:Happy,Smile,Sunny
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F / Somewhere
Posted 7/6/10 , edited 7/11/10
Name: Himeka Tsukiyomi (lol I changed it XD)
Age: 13
D.O.B: februrary 14 1996
Bio: Parents died at age of 6 and was raised by her uncle, who happens to be Ikuto's real dad. But no one knows of course, she is also in high school. She is in the top of her class

Chara(s):(up to 3)
Tsubasako: Flys to anywhere
Kyou: to know everything about the present
Chara Nari(s):
Roaming Angel
Knowledge Pshyco
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21 / F / Look Behind You.
Posted 7/9/10 , edited 7/10/10

Name: Hana Kimura

Age: 16

D.O.B: June 17, 1994


I woke up one day when I was 7 with no memories at all. I was taken in by Easter, where there I quickly befriended Ikuto and Utau, and was forced to work for the company. I was taught how to be assertive, stubborn, and not take no for an answer. Ikuto and Utau taught me how to not let Easter see I had a weakness, for they'd certainly take advantage of that, and I had always carried an emotionless mask from there on out. I put that mask away when I was with Ikuto and Utau, and later on, the Guardians, whom I, like Ikuto and Utau, help whether or not they're the enemy. Later on, I started dating Ikuto. I hate when someone tries to help me, and I can be very rude, mean, and pushy. To this day, I don't remember anything about my family, and am trying my hardest to learn. Even though most of the time I can be mean, I can also be extremely bubbly and giggly and altogether a happy person. This is only when I’m with my friends. I have many different styles, ranging from punk to preppy, but, whatever I wear my attitude stays the same. I’m very talented. Can play multiple instruments, has a voice prettier than Utau's, and can speak fluent English, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish.


Pretend I didn't fix this on paint, and that the bangs are not like that, and instead cover my right eye, mmkay? Kay.

Chara(s):(up to 3)

Alekzandriana (Alex or Alekz) ~ A polite, well-mannered chara who was born from my desire to be more serious and determined, but still have a hint of the bubbly person I currently am. Long dark brown hair, flashing violet eyes with golden specks in them. She wears a long-sleeved yellow dress, with a cream corset. She has a red rose in her hair, and an orange choker with white lace. She wears flat, white boots.

Chi ~ Completely the opposite of Alex, wild and vicious, representing my desire to be able to fight back against Kazuomi. Black, shoulder length hair with crimson highlights, dangerous silver eyes with flecks of red, jagged ended, sleeveless black shirt with red outlining, silver pants with black outlining. Black choker with skull & crossbones pin, and a skull & crossbones clip in hair. She wears high-heeled black boots. Even though complete opposites, her and Alex get along fairly well.

Miyuki ~ Silent and calm, but very creative. She is an amazing artist, who represents my desire to be calmer and a better artist. Brown, mid-back length hair, with bangs that cover one eye, calm, turqouise eyes with green flecks. She always has a pencil tucked behind her ear. She's always carrying a sketchbook. She wears a 3-quarter sleeved flowy white dress, with a very intricate turquoise design. She has a pure white choker around her neck. She wears turquoise flats. She gets along fine with Alex and Chi, but rarely talks

Chara Nari(s):

Alekz: Fierce Sun: Attacks: Bright Light, Binding Rose

Chi: Deadly Moon: Attacks: Skulled Rope, Death Trident Midnight Shadow

Miyuki: Silent Artist: Attacks: Scultped Statue, Painted Sea
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Posted 7/10/10 , edited 7/12/10
Name: Amaya Fujii
Age: 15
D.O.B: December 25th 1994
Bio: A good painter/singer. Loves to design clothes and organize places. Used to work for Easter as their interior designer, but quit after a while. Adopted by the Fujii family, whose background is unknown.
Appearance: Light brown hair with blonde highlights and light purple eyes.
Resu > A good clothes designer. She can also sew and mend clothes. blonde hair and violet/magenta eyes.
Sasa > A quiet and shy chara. She can understand people's feelings and hear your heart's voice (kinda like Dia). Dark brown haired and pale yellow eyes.

Chara Nari(s):
Resu > Cute Design. Attacks: Clothes Chaos, Thread maze
Sasa > Ai no sasayaki (whispers of love). Attacks: Love Potion, Heart's Whispers
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23 / F
Posted 7/10/10 , edited 7/10/10
Name: Atsuko
Age: 14
D.O.B: october 21
Bio: loves to sing , loves lollipops , not so easy to fool and ish nice and smart.. had a fun life until she moved to Japan where she fell in love with Takuto. ><
Appearance: blonde long hair, blue-green eyes, normal height , cute
Chara(s):(up to 3)
Etsuko: lollipop singer. Shes always singing the same song over and over and its annoying but she helps others when in trouble. Shes also smart.
Chara Nari(s): lollipop beat. Attacks: Pop Crash. Flavor Rope.
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