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Shugo Chara RPG
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Posted 7/10/10 , edited 7/11/10
Age: Yuuri Kirinany

D.O.B: march 27 1998

Bio: Yuuri was always a sad girl inside. Her sister dissapeared one night and She always moved due to her parents owning a cafe'. She hid her sadness by looking like a happy girl outside. She is always quiet and a smart girl to everyone, but with her Friends, she's more fun loving.

Appearance: She has VERY long Black Hair with curls on the ends and has 2 yellow hair clips on her bangs. Also has purple eyes.

Chara(s):(up to 3)

Minamoto: Makes Yuuri More stronger and meaner. She wears a blue dress with long white sleeves and red boots. She also has 2 blue thunder bolt hair clips on both sides of her head and has long black hair.

Kiri: She comes from Yuuri's wish to be a singer and to make everyone around her happy. She wears a yellow dress with a big green bow in the middle. She has a headset and has long orange hair in pigtails tied on with two music notes

Nyra: Comes from Yuuri's wish to be more energetic and to be like everyone else ( because she wishes to live up to the people who were better than her in anything ). She has a black T-shirt and a black skirt. She has a cat ears and a tail with ribbons on both of them. Her hair is short and brown and wears it in pig tails

Chara Nari(s):

Transcendent Thunder: Moves: Lightning Cradle, Thunder Cage,

Kiri- Transcendent Idol: Moves: Live Start!

Nyra- Copy Kitty: * insert any ones move at all *

(yeah, i just copied and pasted from -aMuTo-'s anything roleplay )
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Posted 7/11/10 , edited 7/11/10
When do we start?!?!
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Posted 7/11/10 , edited 7/12/10
This was made about a year ago, so i doubt that it'll start. ]
Posted 4/28/11 , edited 4/29/11
Name:Saeko Kinishiharu
D.O.B:April 10


Shugo charas:

Chiu: Chiu is a very nice and kind chara.She was born from Saeko's dream for magic.Chiu wears her cute light blue hair in braids,one on each side,her little pink witch hat and her dress.Her ears make her look like an elf even though she's a witch.Hahaha. Her blue eyes are hard to not notice.

Shuichi:Shuichi is a very stubborn chara. She was born from Saeko's dream of fashion. Shuichi's skirt,leggings,tank top,and her arm sleeves were all hand made by herself.She's very talented.Her black hair covers some of her right eye.Her green eyes change based on her mood. If they are green she is happy,if brown she is angry,if blue she is tired.


Magic Witch(Saeko and Chiu):

Fashion Queen(Saeko and Shuichi):

Chara change:
With Chiu, Saeko can do magic tricks.Gets a witch hat earing.
With Shuichi,Saeko can make clothes and design them.Gets a dress earing

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