Han Fansubs Team: Positions Available
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Posted 12/30/07 , edited 12/30/07
We are a fansub group that is still in formation, and we're
recruiting willing and active members. No experience required. Interested? Contact suhyeon by PM and ask for more info!

Positions Available
Everything! We need Korean translators, timers, encoders, RAW providers, Quality Checkers, and team leaders! If you know someone who is interested, please refer them to us! Thanks!


At present the Han Fansub Team is recruiting, so it's not yet determined how many hours per project will each member expect to do nor how many projects the Team expects to take on.

At this stage the focus is on a round of tests for members to take, mostly to get used to the process of having a video to go from RAW to distribution as well as to understand each member's role with the team, and to determine whether they have the time and commitment to continue with their voluntary work for the Han Fansub Team.

Main Editors
A main editor is a person who makes a deadline timetable for each project, works with members of the team, resolves potential administrative problems, and answers questions about the Han Fansub team.

An editor is a person who edits the English transcription (after it's filtered by a grammar checker) to make sure that it's sound. Editors work closely with translators, grammar checkers, typesetters, Karaoke subtitlers, and timers.

RAW providers
A RAW provider is a person who provides original, non-subtitled videos.

A translator is a person who translates a language to an English transcription without losing the significance of cultural context in original dialogue, and ensures that names and place names are transcribed correctly.

A translator can either work alone or in a group of a certain language.

Usually a certain group of translators splits an episode into slots for themselves to work on, e.g. an one-hour episode is split into 20 minutes per translator. Members of a group will work closely together to ensure consistency, e.g. characters' names, vocal mannerisms, etc.

Karaoke subtitlers
A Karaoke subtitler is a person who creates text effects for theme and ending songs.

Grammar Checkers
A grammar checker is a person who checks raw transcriptions to ensure that the English translation is grammatically correct. A good grammar checker knows the difference between loose and lose, and it's and its. Grammar checkers work closely with translators, Karaoke subtitlers and editors.

A typesetter is a person who determines which font and style - and how it - should be used for a certain situation within a video (e.g. dialogue among various characters, written characters/script, and lyrics) while ensuring that subtitles are readable and easy to follow. It's probably one of most time-consuming positions within a sub team.

A timer is a person who syncs subtitles with audio, determining when subtitles should appear in video.

An encoder is a person who burns subtitles to video and determines the video quality.

Quality Checkers
A QC is a person who checks the overall quality of a video including subtitles, potential timing errors, typos, audio and video quality.

A distributor is a person who distributes videos at various places including seeding via Bittorrent or host direct downloads
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ok.. O.O
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Advertising? OK, if this gets locked I'll stop
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I really do think subs for Korean dramas need some help with the translating. I watch lots of Kdrama (I've just recently become a fan of them) and it's a bit frustrating to see not so good subs. I mean I understand the language gap and that some things get lost in translation and I know that people who translate these dramas have to work very hard, but there are times that the subs themselves make little sense while others some also have problems with timing and I recently watched a Kdrama with quite a few with grammar errors as well.

I know I'm not an expert and that I can't be demanding stuff like this from people, but lots of people DO watch these type of dramas but then again when quality of the subs is low then people could stop watching as well.

And hey, if I knew Korean I would definitely help. -_-
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