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Post Reply ~*~STEP 1~*~ Becoming A Warrior
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Username: Killinallo
Character Name: Insane
Gender: Male
Class: Demon
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: green
BackStory: he was born in the mists (hells boiler room) and turned into a war machine. he was exiled to the human world after killing hells army and the rest of the other war machines now he looks for his next kill and a door way back to hell
Physical Appearance:
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Thanks for joining,please be active
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Name: Sora
Age: 33
Sex: M
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Status: Kendo Teacher
Warrior Type: Samurai
Samurai Code or Ninja Art: Courage

Weapon Type:
Normal - Straight Katana with no hand guard
True Combat - Katana with hidden blade in the butt of the handle

Type of Fighter: Swordsman

Genesis - This ability allows Sora to copy any style or attack he sees by using chi. Limitations on this ability is reserved for birthright abilities. Secondary effect of this ability allows Sora to put devastating amounts of chi and energy anywhere in his body, such as his hands and feet.

Furiko Kataki (Revenge of the Pendulum) - This technique uses the opponents power and turns their technique against them by flipping the blade and attacking with the butt of the sword. The faster the attack the faster the counter.

Tenshu Oto - This technique allows Sora to manipulate the pitch of any sound wave and directly disrupt the opponents Hypothalamus with sound. This means that Sora can send his enemies off balance and distort their vision and other sensory organs to incapacitate them with a snap or a clap. This distortion of the nerves sends electrical signals through the pre-motor cortex, the basal ganglia or even the cerebellum causing pain blurred vision vometing, dizziness, or even death.

Taihou Kaihou (Cannon Release) - A quickdraw technique where he plants his back foot literally into the ground and twists his body like spring. When the opponent gets close enough he unwinds slashing from left to right with godly speed.

Kokunai Toukai (Internal Destruction) - Attacks with the flat of the blade and sends a shockwave throughout the opponents body stunning them for a few moments.

Ikazuchi Sochi (Thunder Step) - A technique where Sora stomps his foot on the ground, surging chi through whatever is touching the ground within a 10ft radius making it explode.

Sankaku Senkou (Triangle Flash) - This technique utalizes Shinsoku (god-speed) to attack the opponent from 3 different angles multiple times at once. Sora taught this move to Meyoke but she hasn't mastered the complete attack. He dashing past the opponent and the opponent is then hit multiple times. It can be avoided by jumping or rolling depending on Sora's tell.

Yuurei no Ken wa Ousama (Ghost of the Bladed King) - An attack which is so fast it creates an illusion of many slashes when in fact there is only one. A very tricky attack.

Tomonari Matsuro (Resonance of Fate) - This attack uses chi to distort sound and attack the insides of the target. When hit by the attack, the impact against your body is like a normal soundwave but your internal organs suffer a hit like that of a train smashing into you.

Personality: Calm and wise

History/Past: Fought along side Kenji Masamura

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Character Name:Ikari
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Class: Demon
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Light blue
BackStory: Ikari has always been a fan of exotic tastes. He's traveled the world for countless years eating just about everything from live octopus to AK-47's and even living humans. The only thing Ikari like more than eating is fighting which is why he has decided to join the battle grounds tournament.
Physical Appearance:

Character Name:Gehirn
Gender: Male (in appearance and disposition)
Race: Robot
Class: Sage
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
BackStory: Gehirn was created, programmed and sent back from the future by a revolutionary robotics corporation seeking the power that is gained by winning the Battle Grounds tournament. Gehirn was outfitted with their greatest technology and one major objective: To win the tournament at all costs.
Physical Appearance:
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Username: Kalin17
Character Name: Rikka
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Class: The Demon/Angel Class

Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Silver
BackStory: I'll get back to you on that.
Physical Appearance: No pic available. See description below.

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