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Posted 9/27/09 , edited 9/27/09
this is our first contest (ithink)


1. 1 avatar for person
2. It can be any style
3. needs your name
4. The avi will be the group's avi
5. The winner's will recieve the following

1st plce:
avvi, banner and icon

2nd plce:
banner and icon

3rd place:

Posted 10/1/09 , edited 10/1/09

here is my avi! Is it ok?

Posted 10/1/09 , edited 10/1/09

Mr_perfect_ wrote:

here is my avi! Is it ok?

yuuuuup thats fine :DDD its kawaai
Posted 10/11/09 , edited 10/11/09

Here's mine

Posted 10/14/09 , edited 10/14/09
here's mine not that good though
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