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27 / F / In my own little...
Posted 9/27/09 , edited 10/3/09
~ Story by Ember1116


This story has some mature content so children beware =w=

The sign on the door read,
"Welcome to Happy Side Home.
Here you will be pampered and get anything you desire!
With your Intended, you will have daily massages, enjoy five star meals, and get the best of treatment!
While you are here, your parents will be happy in the knowledge that you are in the best of care."

What It Would Say on the Back of the Book :/:
Arranged marriages were a thing of the past, right? Something only sons and daughters of rich families did, right? Wrong. Not only are they still happening, sons and daughters are getting arranged with complete strangers, all thanks to Happy Side Home. Four young men and women are in this situation, and it's up to them to decide how things will work out.

[[ whootage, phail picture =w= ]]

Characters :/:

Wife In Training :: Katharine "Kat" Marie O'Brien
Age :: 18
Appearance :: Has short red hair and green eyes; about 5'3"; somewhat tanned skin.

Husband In Training :: Alex Daniel Doland
Age :: 19
Appearance :: Has black hair and dark brown eyes; about 5'11"; somewhat pale skin.

Husband In Training :: Dillon Nathan Balder
Age :: 19
Appearance :: Has dark brown hair and blue eyes; about 5'9"; pale skin.

Wife In Training :: Maria Luise Stower
Age :: 19
Appearance :: Has long black hair and blue eyes; about 5'5"; pale skin.

Chapter One :/: Kat

Katharine placed her bag down on the front porch, and looked up.

It’s bigger than I thought it would be… She hefted a huge sigh, and wondered what to do to pass the time until the others got there or she was let in.

As Katharine pulled her iPod out of her pocket, she looked around the place. Green grass. Trimmed Hedges. Neat pathways through the carefully monitored garden…

She stuck the ear bud in her ear and sighed again, scrolling through the songs. She tried to decide what to pick, and eventually settled for “Shuffle.” A random song started playing.

Katharine walked, nearly dancing to the hard rock music, to a spot in the grass. The sun was shining, and she plopped down onto the grass. Closing her eyes and laying back, she relaxed. Who knows when I’m going to get to relax anytime soon…?

She had no idea how long she’d been laying like that, except that 10 songs had played through so far, when there was a shrill voice from the front steps of the mansion.

“Excuse me, madam.” It said, in the tone of voice someone of higher class might use when looking upon one of a… less fortunate place in the world.

“Yeah?” Katharine replied, in the tone of voice of someone who really didn’t care.

“Are these your things, madam?” The old lady standing by her bag pointed at it, rather indelicately.

“Yup.” Katharine paused the music. It was hard to read lips from this distance.

The woman paused for a moment, wondering why this girl hadn’t yet apologized and picked up her things. She’d never seen someone so… insolent…

“You wouldn’t mind taking them to your room, would you?” Said the old lady, as if speaking to a five year old who needed to learn a lesson about how to behave.

“Actually, I kinda do mind. Sorry.” Kat pressed the play button, and was once again immersed in the sounds of the music.

The old lady tried saying something else and, when Katharine ignore her, picked up her skirts and went back into the large building with the air of one who was fed up with something. Katharine grinned.

So this is what you wanted for me, Mom? Dad? She scowled and rolled onto her stomach on the grass. Thanks a lot, guys.

She remembered when life had been great; she’d been a kid, and her parents loved her, and everything was fine. And then she’d gotten to be a teenager, and Mom and Dad couldn’t stand her.

It was always, ‘Pick up --’ and, ‘Behave yourself, young lady!’

Finally, they’d given up trying to deal with her and married her off to some complete stranger. Well, not exactly. They paid for her to come to this place, where some complete stranger would have also been thrown out by his parents, and they were supposed to hit it off. Get married. Have lots of kids. The works.

She’d had a big fight with Mom and Dad, and they’d ended up getting online and finding out about this program.

Though Katharine couldn’t imagine what kind of whack-job had come up with it.

Basically, parents could call this place, and pay to have their son or daughter ‘enrolled’ at this place, where they would meet with another person, of the opposite sex, who would become their spouse. It was like blind dating, but knowing whomever they chose for you, you would have to marry. It was the worst form of torture for most of the actual participants, but the parents thought they were just setting up an arranged marriage for their kids. They had no idea the crime they were committing to their own children.

And So Katharine’s parents had found out about this place and thought, What a good idea, let’s send her away! She’ll be someone else’s problem!

And Katharine had yelled. She’d argued, and pointed out the blatantly idiotic ideals of the place and the fact that the guy they’d paired her with could be some psychopath that would murder her in her sleep.

And they hadn’t listened, of course.

And now she was stuck here.

But she didn’t care; nothing anyone here could do to her would make her crack. She rolled back onto her back and fell asleep in the sun.

Chapter Two :/: Alex

Alex got out of the car and looked around. The house was huge, and surrounded by such a lovely garden… He couldn’t help but admire the layout of the place.

But he was in a bad mood. His parents had kicked him out and expected him to be fine with it.

“I don’t even know what I did to make them think I needed to get married…” He mumbled to himself as he shouldered his bag.

I mean, girls are nice and all, got nothing against them, but why do I have to stick with one? I mean, honestly… Who even says the one they stick me with will be attractive? What if she’s ugly, what if she has a huge mole on her chin?! Not that looks are everything… what if she’s got a horrible personality?

He looked up at the sun, shading his eyes with his hand, and sighed. Whatever… if Mom and Dad want me to, I’ll do it…

And then he spotted someone asleep in the grass.

He set his bag on the front steps, next to what must have been the bag of whoever was asleep in the grass.

When he was close enough to see, he realized it was a girl. What if she’s the one I have to marry? His thoughts darkened slightly. As he inspected her, he realized she wasn’t ugly… she was actually kind of pretty. But Alex crossed his arms and frowned. But what if she’s not the one I have to marry? What if I start to like some other girl more than the girl I’ll marry?

He stopped this train of thought on the basis that the whole thing was insane in the first place. Bad relationships were what divorces were for.

He nudged the girl’s shoulder with his foot. He didn’t bother trying to say anything since he could hear the music blaring out of the ear buds stuck in her ears. It was the same kind of music he liked.

She opened her eyes suddenly and stared up at him, agitated.

But she seemed to realize he wasn’t who she thought it would be, and sat up, turning off her iPod.

“Who’re you?” She asked, glancing over at him.

“Alex Doland. And you are?”

“Kat.” Alex nodded slowly. No last name, eh?

Kat leaned back on her arms and grimaced. “So, you’re parents send you here too?”

Alex nodded. “Yup. They thought it would broaden my horizons.”

He heard a short snort from Kat, and looked down at her. “What?”

She shook her head. “They’ve got no idea what they’re doing to us. Pairing us with complete strangers and expecting everything to end happily ever after… it’s all so ridiculous. There’s no way it could work.”

Alex shrugged. “That’s what divorces are for I suppose.”

Kat nodded. “Don’t care who they pair me with, I’m not getting married until I want to.”

Alex glanced down at her, and couldn’t help feeling the same way. But his parents knew what was best for him, so he’d cooperate.

Chapter Three :/: Dillon

As Dillon stepped out of the limozine, the sound of voices reached his ears. He glanced over at the young man and young woman. Ah, it seems that couple is eager to get to know each other. He picked up his bags and walked right to the front steps, ignoring the people in the grass.

He frowned at the two bags right in the middle of the steps. “A little common courtesy would be nice…” He nudged them over with his foot and walked up to the door. He set his bags down; he had three of them. He rang the doorbell and stood with a pleasant smile as he waited for a maid to open the door.

The same old lady that had been abused by Katharine opened the door with a slight scowl, but when she saw it wasn’t the girl from before, she smiled politely. “Welcome sir. I presume you are Dillon Balder?”

Dillon smiled and nodded pleasantly. “You are correct, madam. Would you be so kind as to show me to my room?”

She nodded and smiled as well. These were the kind of manners she could appreciate.

As he was lead to his room, Dillon looked around the mansion. It was well decorated; he could tell these folks had good taste.

He was lead up a grand staircase, and down a few hallways until he reached a door labeled, ‘Mr. D. Balder’ and he smiled.

“Excuse me, ma’am, but may I ask who my partner is to be?”

The old woman smiled, but said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Dillon, but I don’t know what the pairings are yet. You’ll all find out tonight at dinner.”

Dillon frowned, a bit disappointed, but nodded. “I understand, thank you anyways.” He walked into his room and closed the door. The room was a little bland… but acceptable.

The bed was a queen, with rich, deep reds on the comforter and he could tell the material was not cheap. The four-poster bed had a silk canopy draped over it, and a bedside table with a phone and alarm clock on it.

Dillon brought his bags to the bed and set them down on top of it, noting with distaste the bounce in the bed. He didn’t like beds that bounced. He turned around and looked at the rest of the room. This portion of the room had gray carpeting but, past the nightstand, there was hardwood flooring all the way to the glass doors leading out to the balcony.

There was a sort of second room, where a leather couch and 50-inch plasma TV were located. That room was also carpeted.

The door near the back of the room lead to a full bathroom, with a massage-tub in one corner, a glass-encased shower in another, and a sink and toilet along one wall. The rest of the last wall -the one on the edge of the mansion- was made of milky glass cubes. Light could escape the room, but all anyone from the outside would see would be gray shadows. And during the daytime, the light from outside lit the room brilliantly.

Dillon walked back into the main room, and sighed. “It’s all so plain.” He complained, but he could live with it.

He walked out to the balcony, but was upset to find that it looked out over the front yard, where those two were still sitting. He sighed and leaned on the railing. “If mother and father hadn’t messed up, I would be the fiancée of the richest girl in the country!” He leaned his chin in his hand and closed his eyes.

Chapter Four :/: Maria

The door closed with a soft click, and the car drove off, leaving Maria alone in front of the house. There were two bags on the front steps already. I’m not the last one here, am I?

She walked to the steps and set her bag down, slightly red in the cheeks from carrying it so far.

She looked over the lawn when she heard voices, and stepped onto the grass, not sure whether she should approach them or not. She wanted to make friends while she was here; she didn’t want anyone to hate her…

She took the first few steps, and after many more, found herself close enough to them to call. “Er… Hello?”

The young man looked up and the young woman blinked. She’d already been looking at Maria before she spoke.

“Yo,” said the other girl and flicked her fingers in greeting.

“Hello, who might you be?” Said the boy with a kind smile.

“I-I’m Maria Stower…” She looked down; she was shy.

“I’m Kat,” said the girl with a grin. Maria smiled slightly.

“Alex Doland’s the name,” responded the boy, and Maria nodded and curtsied slightly in greeting.

“It’s nice to meet you two. May I sit with you?”

The two nodded and Kat shrugged. She had some ear buds in her ears, Maria noticed, and asked, “What are you listening to, Kat?”

She grinned and held up her iPod. “Given Up; Linkin Park.”

At Maria’s confused look, Kat’s jaw dropped. “Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Linkin Park?”

Maria nodded shyly. Her parents had kept her life sheltered and innocent.

Kat just shook her head sadly and proffered an ear bud, which Maria timidly took. She’d never used one, but she followed Kat’s example and stuck it in her ear. It felt weird.

And then music was blasting in her ear and she jumped, pulling it out hastily.

Kat blinked and frowned. “Oh, sorry! I keep the volume really high most of the time…“ She deftly moved her thumb over the smooth surface of the iPod to turn the volume down, and Maria put it back in her ear, a bit frightened by what she would hear.

She realized Alex was watching them with an almost laugh, and blushed.

And then the music started, and she was shocked by what she heard. The sound was so hard; she’d never known instruments could make such harsh sounds, and the voice was so rough! He was shouting for most of the song, and Maria blushed as she heard a word she knew of, but had never heard so many times in one minute. When the song had finished, Maria handed the ear bud back to Kat with a bashful smile.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t like it much…” She felt sure that Kat would dislike her now.

But to Maria’s surprise, Kat shrugged and said, “Why’re you saying sorry? A lotta people don’t like Linkin Park.” She laid back on the grass again, and closed her eyes with a slight frown.

And Maria knew Kat disliked her now. She was frowning even… But Kat opened her eyes and glanced at the house.

“There’s some guy watching us,” she said. “Wonder why.”

Maria and Alex both turned to look. “Don’t look, idiots!” Kat rolled her eyes and hit her forehead with her palm.

Maria blushed slightly; she’d never been called an idiot before… But she saw the young man watching them turn away hastily after being caught.

“I’m sorry…” Maria mumbled.

Kat smiled and patted her on the shoulder. “Nah, don’t worry ‘bout it. He’s been watching us for a few minutes now.”

Maria sat in silence as Alex and Kat chit chatted some more, and looked up when a bell near the door was rung.

“If you would all come inside and find your rooms, please come this way,” called a maid with a crystal clear voice.

Chapter Five :/: Let's See Our Rooms...

Dillon had already been down in the lobby when the maid had announced that dinner would start soon. He stood up from where he sat and dusted himself off, and watched as the three others walked into the mansion with their bags.

Kat was bouncing slightly to the beat of the music in her left ear, and had her bag draped over her shoulder. She hadn’t brought much to the place, on the basis that she would get herself kicked out within two days.

Maria was almost dragging her bag in. She was not used to physical exertion, and her cheeks were already getting pink again.

Alex noticed, and offered to carry her bag for her with a smile. “Do you want me to carry that for you?” He asked, holding out his hand.

“Oh… no, it’s alright… I’ve got it.” Maria knew it was a lie though, and she could tell Alex did too.

He took the handle of her bag anyways and lifted it up. She trailed behind him timidly.

And Dillon watched the two females. One of them would be his fiancée.

But they were soon up the stairs and off to their rooms, and Dillon shrugged.

A maid took Maria’s bag from Alex and lead Maria and Kat to their rooms, while another maid lead Alex down a different hall to his. It was next to Dillon’s, and identical. He looked around in amazement at the grandness of the room, and stared wide eyed at the TV. He stood in front of it for over five minutes, just staring and almost drooling.

When he was finally let go by the TV’s spell, he walked back out to the balcony, and wondered which of those two girls he was supposed to marry. They both seemed nice…

Kat followed a maid absentmindedly until she got to a room that had her name on the door. “Wow, spiffy.” She said and opened the door as Maria and the maid walked to the next door down the hall. The girls had rooms identical to the boys’ rooms. But instead of a TV and entertainment center, they had a relaxing fireplace.

She dropped her bag on the ground at the base of the bed and plopped down. She grinned. She liked bouncy beds. At least she would sleep well while she was here.

She walked across the room to the balcony and stuck her head outside. These balconies looked over the same lawn as the boys’ rooms, but much further down. She could see Maria’s balcony next to hers, and then past an expanse of nothingness, the boys’ balconies. She could see Alex leaning on his rail and stuck her pinkies in her mouth. A crisp whistle filled the air and Alex looked up. Kat waved and grinned when he waved back. She heard the door next to her click open, and Maria stepped out of her own room slowly.

“Yo. How do’you like these rooms?” Kat grinned and leaned on her rail.

“Oh, they’re lovely! The bed was so soft.”

Kat nodded slowly. ‘Lovely’ wasn’t normally a word in her vocabulary. But it worked.

“Well, let’s get down to dinner.” With any luck my manners will be so atrocious they’ll kick me out on the spot. She grinned as she headed back inside.

Chapter Six :/: The Pairings

And now all four of them sat at the table. Maids stood around them, holding trays of food.

And then an old woman walked into the room, and the maids bowed.

She sat down, and smiled at her young guests. “Welcome to Happy Side Home! I am Mrs. Smith.” She continued to smile. “Now, I know you must be eager to find out who your partners are,” she either ignored or didn’t hear Kat snort. “so I shall tell you now. If you would all please stand up…”

She motioned for them to stand up, and they did.

“Miss Katharine, you shall sit here, with Mr. Dillon,” Mrs. Smith gestured to the chairs in front of her, and then walked around the table as Dillon and Kat took their seats. “And Miss Maria will sit here, and Mr. Alex here.” Maria and Alex took their seats.

“These will be your seats for the rest of your stay here, and the person you sit next to is the one you shall marry by the end of your stay.”

Kat glanced over a Dillon with a slight frown. He was the one who’d been watching them all on the grass earlier.

Maria blushed and looked down at her lap, but Alex glanced over at her with a smile. He would have been fine with either of the girls.

All Dillon thought about was how uncivilized Kat had been behaving thus far. Not to mention how chummy she’d been with Alex earlier. If she was going to be his wife, she’d need to learn a few things about manners.

The dinner was silent for the most part. Kat either stared directly at her plate or looked across the table at Maria. Once Maria caught her glance, and gave a shy smile.

Alex seemed to be the most into it; he was trying to engage Maria in conversation. But she was so shy that it was mostly a monologue.

Dillon sat in silence and ate his food. He glanced at Alex, and decided he couldn’t let himself be out shown.

He glanced over at Kat with a smile. “So, Miss Katharine, how are you doing?”

Her spoon stopped in mid-trip to her mouth. “Not as well as I’d like to be. For one thing, I’m stuck here… And the soup tastes weird." She took the sip of soup and made a face, putting the spoon back down. The sip had been loud… “And don’t call me Katharine. Kat will do fine.”

Dillon frowned slightly, but said, “alright… Kat…” He’d never known anyone to have an actual nickname before. He’d known they existed, but he’d never seen a live one. “So what made your parents send you here, may I ask?”

Kat scowled. “Mom and Dad got sick of me being around. Plain and simple.” She glanced at Dillon. “What about you?”

Dillon’s face darkened slightly. “My mother and father messed up…” Was all he said.

Kat nodded. “Parents are good at doing that.”

As this went on, Maria had been watching them. She envied Kat… Kat was so outspoken. When she had something to say, she said it, and didn’t care what others thought. She wasn’t shy at all. She got on with everyone in some way, whether good or bad. And she didn’t care when she got on bad with people. She almost preferred that.

Maria sighed, wishing she could be stronger, like Kat.

Alex glanced at her and said, “Maria, are you alright?”

She started slightly and looked over at Alex. “Oh, yes. I’m fine…”

“You sure? You seemed upset for a moment there…”

Maria blushed at the attention, and shook her head. “N-no… I’m alright! I was jut thinking…”

Alex tilted his head. “What about, if you don’t mind me asking?” He was glad to finally be getting some words out of her.

“… A-about my family…” She lied. She hated lying but she didn’t want to reveal what she’d been thinking about…

“Oh… Do you miss them?”

Maria nodded and looked down again. She was silent for the rest of dinner.

And then dinner was over, and it was time to go back to their rooms.

“Remember, tomorrow at eight o’clock sharp is your first massage session. Come with your partner to the bath house out back at that time,” called Mrs. Smith as they all stood up. Kat waved her hand in dismissal.

Alex stood up, and offered his hand to Maria. “Would you let me walk you to your room, Maria?” She blushed and looked down, but nodded and gently took his arm.

Dillon again didn’t want to be outdone by Alex, and glanced at Kat with a smile. “Kat, can I walk you to your room?”

Kat raised her eyebrow. “You don’t just wanna do that because he did that do you?” She jerked her thumb toward the retreating Alex.

Dillon put on his most innocent smile. “Why, of course not!”

Kat rolled her eyes, and started walking. “Whatever. You can walk next to me.”

Ahead of them, Alex was walking Maria up the stairs. They were silent, but Maria was smiling faintly. It seemed like Alex really did care.

Dillon started off after Kat, and with a few quick steps was next to her. “Do you dislike me, Kat?” He asked, glancing over at her.

Kat shrugged. “I don’t dislike many people. I dislike their habits.”

He raised his eyebrows. “So you dislike my habits?”

Kat shrugged again. “And just so you know, I’m not marrying you.”

“Oh, really?” This surprised him a little.

She nodded. “Yep, I’m leaving this place in a few days. Either that or I’ll get myself kicked out. This place is idiotic; these people need mental attention. I’m not gonna get sucked into their trap.”

Dillon raised his eyebrows again. “Ahh, I see. Well, I do not doubt your resolution… but you will marry me.”

It was Kat’s turn to raise her eyebrows. “Oh, really? And why’s that?”

Dillon smiled. “I’ll make you fall in love with me, plain and simple.”

Kat snorted. “Good luck with that.”

At this point, Maria and Alex had reached her room, and said their goodbyes.

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Maria.”

She nodded. “Good night, Alex. Thank you… for walking me to my room…” She really hadn’t wanted to walk there alone; it was getting dark.

She retreated into her room, and Alex turned to go back to his own. He passed Kat and Dillon on the way. Kat was laughing at something, and Dillon was smiling. They must be hitting it off. He had to admit that made him think a little less of Kat. He wondered what happened to all her talk of ‘there’s no way it could work.’

He sighed, and walked past them.

Kat stopped at her door and didn’t even look back at Dillon before she opened the door and disappeared inside.

Dillon took off his mask, and frowned. Kat was pretty enough, but she lacked refinement. He had a lot of work to do.

Chapter Seven :/: Two Robes

It was the next morning, and Dillon stepped out of his room with a slight grunt. He hadn’t slept well on the bouncy bed.

He made his way down the hall and to the lobby, where Maria and Alex already sat. He frowned. They seemed to be the better match of the four.

He looked around. “Where is Kat?”

Maria looked down and mumbled, “I think… she was still asleep when I woke up.” Alex had to suppress a laugh. For some reason, he could totally see it.

Dillon frowned. He was just about to turn around and retrieve her, when Kat slid down the banister.

“Yahoo!” She grinned and landed at the bottom with her hands on her hips. “Wow, that was great!” She dusted down her jeans and stuck her hands in the pockets of her hoodie.

“Well, let’s go get pampered.” She said, and started out the door.

Dillon ran to catch up with her, while Maria and Alex stood up to follow.

Both pairs were silent. Alex had to admit that he wished Maria were a bit less soft-spoken. He wanted to talk to her, get to know her. But she was so shy!

As for Dillon and Kat… If Dillon did say anything, Kat ignored him and kept walking forward. But Dillon wouldn’t give up… he had a plan.

They soon arrived at the bathhouse, and two maids met them at the doors.

“Miss Katharine and Mr. Dillon, please come this way,” said one of them.

“And Miss Maria and Mr. Alex, this way please,” said the other.

The pairs followed their respective maids into waiting rooms. They were instructed to change into robes and leave all articles of clothing in this room.

Kat raised her hand. “What, like my underwear too?” The maid nodded. “Hell No.”

This startled the maid, who left the room hurriedly.

Dillon glanced at the two robes hanging on the wall and took one in his left hand to feel it. Silk.

He took off his shirt.

“What the hell are you doing?” Kat asked, glaring.

“What we were told to do.” He took the larger robe off the hook and slipped it on. “Now it’s your turn, Kat,” he said with a smile.

She repeated her previous answer. “Hell No.” She crossed her arms and continued to glare.

“I won’t peak, if that helps.”

“Nope, doesn’t.”

Dillon shrugged and turned around anyways, unbuckling his pants and sliding them off. Kat rolled her eyes when the boxers came off. The socks were last to come off, and he folded it all into a neat pile and placed it in a corner.

The maid opened the door after knocking twice, and said, “Mr. Dillon, please follow me to the room. Miss Katharine, in ten minutes, please go to room 104.”

Kat shrugged, and Dillon left the room.

Now that she was alone, she looked around suspiciously and changed into the robe. It wasn’t like she hadn’t gotten massages before… she liked them, even. She sighed and flipped open a sports magazine.

Down the hall a little ways, Maria and Alex had been shown to their room, and given the same instructions. They were smart enough to notice that there was a little room to the side to change in.

Alex let Maria go first. She had been shocked when they were left in the room with the robes, and told to undress. Surely they didn’t want them in the same room while they did that?

In ten minutes, they were both in robes and looking around awkwardly, waiting for the relaxing to begin.

Just as they had in Dillon and Kat’s room, the maid came back in, and instructed Alex to follow her to the massage room.

“In ten minutes, come to room 106, Miss Maria,” she said, before leaving.

Maria nodded and sat down to read a magazine that was on a table nearby while she waited.

Chapter Eight :/: A Dark Room

The guys mainly got a shoulder rub in the ten minutes that the girls had to wait.

And then the massagers bowed and left their rooms.

In his room, Dillon looked around. Kat would be there any minute now.

He silently flipped off the light switch, bathing the whole room in pitch darkness, and smiled peacefully as he waited.

Alex sat up on his bed and rubbed his arms. His shoulders felt amazing after that massage! He rolled his shoulders and laid back on the table, wondering when Maria would get there.

Maria, in her waiting room, glanced up at the clock above her. It had been ten minutes…

She stood up and opened the door slowly, making her way to room 106. She looked up at the sign above the room, and took a deep breath before putting her hand on the doorknob and turning the handle. She opened the door to pitch dark, and was suddenly pulled in.

Kat, to be spiteful, waited an extra five minutes before she went to room 104. She’d been wondering if she should just not go at all. But she wanted her massage.

She cracked her neck a bit and opened the door.


Alex sat up. “Oh, hi Kat. Where’s Maria?”

Kat shrugged. “I dunno. I was told to come to this room is all I know.” She shrugged and sat down in a chair, crossing her legs.

Alex looked puzzled for a moment, but he shrugged. Kat seemed like more fun to hang around with anyways… She talked.

“So, how’re things with Dillon?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “No more ‘It’ll never work,’ I’m guessing?”

Kat snorted in laughter. “Psh, really? I’m not marrying him, he’s a perv.”

Alex laughed. “Oh really? He didn’t seem like that kinda guy…”

Kat shrugged. “Can’t judge a book by its cover I guess.”

In the darkness, Maria was terrified. She couldn’t even scream for help!

“Shhhh,” said whoever was holding her so tightly. “Hold still…”

Dillon reached down and kissed Maria, a little too forcefully.

“W-what are you doing…?” Maria said after he let her go.

And Dillon froze. That wasn’t Kat’s voice.

He flipped on the light switch, and saw Maria, with her robe slightly ajar, nearly in tears. His eyes widened.

“Oh my… I’m terribly sorry!” He leaned down to help her up, but she backed away from him.

“Why… d-did you do t-that?” She asked, shakily pulling at the shoulder of her robe to realign it.

“I… I thought you were Kat. I’m so sorry!” His eyes did seem sincere.

Maria blushed even more than she’d ever blushed and looked around for something else to look at.

Dillon watched her though. He was sorry… but it hadn’t been all that unpleasant…

Maria backed up and got to the door. She laid her hand on it and was about to leave, when Dillon said, “Miss Maria… can we keep this our little secret?”

She nodded slightly and hastened out of the room.

Chapter Nine :/: Misunderstandings

Alex and Kat looked up as the massager came back into the room.

“Time to get pampered?” Kat asked with a hopeful grin, and the woman nodded with a bow.

Kat knew the drill, and laid down on the table on her tummy, as Alex was instructed to do the same on the other table, and they both got a relaxing massage.

And then, a little more than half an hour later, Mrs. Smith opened the door, looking quite upset.

“Excuse me, Tsuki,” she said to the massager, who was currently working out some kinks in Kat’s lower back. “Miss Katharine, Mr. Dillon, come with me. Now.” She sounded frazzled.

“Don’t wanna.” Kat mumbled from her table, and Alex chuckled until he saw the look on Mrs. Smith’s face. He swung his legs over the table and stood up slowly, swinging his shoulders.

“Come on, Kat… we should probably do what she says.”

“Still Dun wanna.” Kat mumbled, but sat up nevertheless.

When they got into the hallway, they found the two maids that had led them in, both looking extremely uncomfortable, and Dillon and Maria.

“There you are, Kat, darling.” Dillon said, taking a few steps to her and reaching out for her hand, which she pulled away.

“Darling?” She said, skeptically. “Since when did I say you could call me ‘Darling?’ ”

Dillon just smiled.

Mrs. Smith coughed, and all four youths looked over at her.

“We apologize for the miscommunication here. The maids told the girls to go to the wrong rooms, I’m afraid. And the massagers don’t know what the pairs are yet so they weren’t able to see the error.” Mrs. Smith bowed slightly in apology.

“Ew, so I was supposed to get a massage with him?” Kat asked, pointing at Dillon with distaste. She hadn’t read the brochure.

Mrs. Smith nodded with a smile. “It harbors bonding, and lets you connect on the deepest levels,” she explained dreamily.

“But he’s a perv!” Kat protested, still pointing at Dillon. He took her hand and pulled her closer to him with a smile. “See?!” She demanded.

“I’m only showing affection for my future wife, Kat.” He put his arm around her waist and she bristled.

Before Dillon knew it, he was on his back and staring up at Kat’s furious face. “Don’t. Touch. Me. Perv.”

Mrs. Smith was about ready to call in security to sedate Kat for the moment. But she stomped off on her own, grumbling about “pervs and idiots, all of them!“

There was a silence for some time, until Dillon stood back up.

Mrs. Smith said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Dillon. I’m sure she’s just getting cold feet.”

Dillon smiled pleasantly. “No, no, not at all. She has spirit is all, and that’s so rare in women these days.”

Mrs. Smith smiled peaches at Dillon. He was obviously a favorite.

She turned to the silent Maria and smiled pleasantly at her too. “And I’m sorry you got lost, Miss Maria. The maids should have given clearer instruction to the room.” Even though the room was right down the hall.

Maria blushed and looked down. “O-of course, Mrs. Smith. But I won’t let myself get lost again…” Alex glanced at her, worried.

“Are you alright, Maria? You look a little pale.” He was at her side in moments.

She nodded almost too fast, and said, “Yes, I’m fine… Just a little out of sorts after getting lost…”

Dillon nodded. “I guess the mistake would have not been found out if I hadn’t called the front desk and said Kat wasn’t there yet. Turns out she was with you, and Maria was wandering around lost.”

Alex frowned. “Maria, From now on I’ll keep close so you won’t have to worry about getting lost anymore.” He said with a smile.

Maria nodded slowly, but didn’t look up at him.

Chapter Ten :/: Foot War

It was dinner time, that same day.

Kat sat in front of her plate, glaring.

To an outsider, it might have looked like an intense game of footsies.

But it was quite literally a war on Kat’s side. She was trying to break Dillon’s toes.

Mrs. Smith was happily oblivious to this all as she ate her meal.

Alex frowned a little from across the table. Kat had said Dillon was a pervert… what had he done?

Luckily, Kat could deal with it. He wasn’t worried about her at all. She was strong. Maria on the other hand… if Kat’s and Maria’s places had been switched, Alex would have been quite worried about Maria. She wouldn’t stick up for herself in Kat’s position.

He glanced at Maria, and said, “Maria, are you sure you’re alright?” She was still a bit pale, and she hadn’t spoken much at all since the morning.

Maria nodded. “I’m fine… thank you for worrying about me though…” She did blush slightly here, restoring some color to her cheeks, and Alex smiled.

“Well, I’ll have to worry about you won’t I?”

A yelp from the other side of the table made them both look up, and between Kat’s triumphant grin and Dillon’s one of suppressed pain, Alex had to let out a chuckle.

Yeah, Kat’ll be alright.

Chapter Eleven :/: Exploring

“Please, Kat? Won’t you come out?” Maria stood at Kat’s door the next morning. They were late for their massages.

“Nope. Don’t want a massage with that perv.” Came her reply.

Maria blushed and looked down.

“Maria? Something wrong?” Alex was walking toward them. He’d gotten worried when the girls hadn’t shown up in the lobby this morning.

Maria glanced up at him, relieved. “Kat won’t come out because of Dillon…” She mumbled.

Alex tilted his head. “Told ya, I’m not getting a massage in the same room as that perv.” Kat opened the door slightly and frowned out at them.

“Dillon’s not coming today.” Alex explained. “He was complaining about his foot being swollen so he went back to his room for the day.”

Kat was silent for a few seconds, then let out a huge laugh. “Oh, then let the massages begin!” She opened the door fully and skipped out of the room, still in her pajamas.

Alex rolled his eyes with a chuckle, and glanced at Maria. She was looking a little uneasy. “Are you okay?” He asked, tilting his head slightly.

Maria frowned. “No… my stomach hurts… I think I’ll sit this one out too… you go ahead and get a massage…”

“Are you sure?”

Maria nodded. “Have fun, I’ll see you later…” She turned and went back to her room.

Alex paused for a bit, and then turned to follow down the hall. When he got to the Lobby and found Kat waiting, she looked confused and tilted her head. “Where’d Maria go?”

“She said she wasn’t feeling well… she’s staying in her room.”

Kat frowned a little. There didn’t seem to be much point in couple’s massages if both couples were missing a part. So why go?

“Hm. Let’s go explore those woods surrounding this place then!” They’d had to drive through them to get here. She secretly planned to escape while they explored.

Alex shrugged. “Sure, I guess.” He should take this opportunity to do the things he knew Maria wouldn’t have fun doing.

And so they walked through the doors and out into the woods, Kat rolling across the grass like a secret agent and Alex with his hands in his pockets. It was a beautiful day out today.

And two hours later, Kat sat in the topmost branches of a tree, pointing North. “I see the mansion!”

They’d gotten lost. She’d abandoned the idea of escaping after she realized just how far she would have to walk. At least, for now... she’d be sure to start again, with a bag full of provisions next time. And she’d put on some clothes.

Alex looked up the trunk to see which direction she was pointing in, and then looked that way. “Wasn’t that the direction we just tried?” He called up as she started climbing down.

“Maybe, but that’s where it is.” She jumped from the second branch up and landed with a slight thud on the ground, dusting off her pajama shorts.

“Well… let’s go then.” Alex started walking that way with a smile. He hadn’t had this much fun in ages.

As he walked through the brush, he thought about what he’d thought about on the first day, when he’d seen Kat in the grass… What would happen if he liked Kat more…? The more he thought about it, the more he was thinking Kat would have been better for him. She was easier to talk to, they had more in common… Whereas when he was with Maria it took all his willpower to keep a conversation going. She didn’t seem to want to connect…

“Somethin’ wrong?” Kat popped up beside him.

“N-nothing.” Alex kept walking and looked down, wondering what he was getting himself into with these thoughts.

Kat shrugged. “So, you like Maria a lot I take it,” she grinned and nudged his shoulder.

He took a few seconds before nodding slowly. “Yeah, I guess I do…”

“You guess?” She raised her eyebrows as if to say ‘Told you so. It can’t work.’

He frowned. “I don’t know… it just seems like she’s too fragile… She doesn’t talk much either. And she’s so shy…”

Kat nodded knowingly. “Yeah, kinda the exact opposite of you I guess. And you know what they say, ‘Opposites attract, but they never work out.’ ” She shrugged. “Told you this place was crazy.”

He nodded slowly. He would keep trying to like Maria though. He did like her, as a person… but he couldn’t really connect with her if she wouldn’t open u to him.

Alex and Kat were silent for a while and then out of nowhere, Kat said stubbornly, “Man! I needa get some pajamas with pockets! There’s nowhere to put my iPod in these! And now I don’t have my music.” She crossed her arms and Alex laughed.

Chapter Twelve :/: In His Room

In her room, Maria was furiously thinking. She was supposed to hate Dillon, right?

So why didn’t she?

She actually wanted to see him… And she couldn’t explain it!

Maybe deep down, her always-sheltered mind wanted to do something bad. She wanted a little danger.

She didn’t want to be pampered or gently handled, the way Alex treated her.

She walked out onto her balcony and sighed, leaning her arms on the rail and looking past Kat’s room to the boys’ rooms. Alex had said Dillon was staying in his room today…

Maria walked slowly back into her room, but didn’t realize Dillon had just stepped onto his balcony and glanced this way.

She sat down on her couch and closed her eyes to think, and then heard a knock at her door.

“Miss Maria? Is it alright if I come in?” It was Dillon.

Maria stood up hastily and made her way to the door.

“W-why? What do you want…?” She asked through the door. All of a sudden she wasn’t feeling so ‘bad’ any more.

There was silence and then, “What do you want?” She could almost see him grinning. “Do you want me to come into your bedroom? Or do you want me to leave? Perhaps you want to come into my room?”

Maria blushed. “L-leave please.” She mumbled.

She heard a disappointed sigh and he said, “Okay. See you around,” and she heard his footsteps down the hall and around the corners.

And she waited about ten minutes before she opened her door and tiptoed down the hallway. She managed to find her way to the door with Dillon’s name on it, and lifted her hand to knock.

The hand paused for a bit, and then knocked almost imperceptibly.

Dillon must have been expecting her to come, for her opened the door right away and gestured her in.

Maria took a few timid steps, and then Dillon pulled her further, closing the door behind her.

“So you did want to come into my room.” He had his arm around her waist. “Was it the bed? Do you want to see if it’s different from yours?” He started to lead her in that direction but at her frantic shaking of the head, he stopped and chuckled.

“I… don’t know why I came…” She mumbled, looking down but not struggling in Dillon’s embrace.

Dillon grinned. “It was because you wanted to be with me.” He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, and she felt the heat rush to the spot.

Then he kissed her on the neck, and she jumped a little. “N-not there…”

“Alright then.” He ran his left hand through her long straight hair, and smiled. “Are you sure about the bed?”

“Y-yes!” She backed away from him again, pulling her hair back to her side.

He took a few steps closer to her and put his hands on the wall on either side of her head. “If you fall in love with me, will you try the bed?” He asked, leaning closer. He’d decided that he should give up on his own partner, and go after the other instead. She seemed more his type, anyways. She wouldn’t say no for long.

“N-no! It’s not… proper.” But even as she said it she knew she couldn’t use that argument. What she’d done in coming here hadn’t been proper either.

Dillon chuckled. “Oh, isn’t it?” He kissed her on the lips, gently. He really had been sorry for kissing her so forcefully before. He’d assumed she was Kat, who was stronger.

He pulled back, but Maria followed a little.

“Oh? You want more?”

Maria blushed and turned away. She’d liked that kiss very much, to be completely honest. It wasn’t forceful like the other one had been. But this was bad! She was supposed to marry Alex… Dillon was supposed to marry Kat! This wasn’t right.

She backed up and help her hands out to keep him away. “Wait… Dillon, this… it isn’t right…”

Dillon kept on smiling. “Nobody else needs to know,” he whispered in her ear.

She still looked unsure.

“It’s not wrong if we don’t get caught.” He suggested, and took a lock of her hair in his hand again.

And then there was a knock at his door. Good thing he’d locked it…

“Hide in the bathroom,” he whispered in Maria’s ear. “One moment,” he called to the door.

Maria nodded and made her way to the bathroom, cheeks blazing. When she was safely in the other room, Dillon smoothed back his hair and opened the door.

“Why, hello, Mrs. Smith,” he said with a pleasant smile.

She had a worried frown on her face. “Mr. Dillon, why are you not at your massage session with Miss Katharine?” She asked.

Dillon lifted his foot up a bit and pointed at it. “My foot’s gotten swollen…” he explained that walking across the yard would not be good for it.

She nodded understandingly. “But that doesn’t explain why Miss Katharine isn’t there…”

Dillon’s eyebrows came up. “Kat hasn’t gotten there yet?”

Mrs. Smith shook her head. “Nor has Alex or Maria.”

He suppressed the grin that threatened, since he knew exactly where Maria was…

“If I see them, I’ll be sure to let you know, Mrs. Smith.” They’re probably just off goofing around somewhere.

Mrs. Smith smiled and left him alone again.

He grinned to himself and opened the door to the bathroom.

Chapter Thirteen :/: It's Cold

This time it was Alex’s turn to climb a tree and make sure they were heading the right direction.

Kat had the feeling they were going to get in trouble for this…

But that’s what her main goal here was. 1. Get in Trouble. 2. Get Kicked Out. 3. Join the Circus and Kiss My Troubles Goodbye.

“Hurry up!” She called, leaning on the bark of the tree Alex was climbing. “I’m getting cold down here!”

“Almost there…” He called back, and pulled his head up through the canopy. Fairly close to them now, he could see the top of the building, and grinned. They were heading a little too far west, but it was right there. “Found it!”

He got low enough to point out the direction to Kat, and she grinned and clapped as he continued to climb down.

“How far away was it?” She asked as they headed off again.

“Not too far. Maybe ten minutes walk, give or take a few depending on what kind of obstacles we face.” He shrugged.

Kat grinned and would have rolled up her sleeves if she had any. “Bring ‘em on.”

Alex laughed and jumped over a log.

After a few seconds of silence, he said, “So wait… you said Dillon was a perv… What did he do?” He didn’t know why he brought it up, really…

Kat rolled her eyes at the sky and shrugged. “Tried to get me to take my shirt off in front of him, did suggestive things in my presence. It’s probably a good thing I went to your room instead of his yesterday, who knows what he would have planned to do.” She shrugged again.

Alex frowned though. “And you’re alright with that?”

Kat frowned and shot Alex a glare. “I’m not alright with anything in this place. He’s lumped in with them.”

Alex nodded, reassured. “Wait, then what about me?” He asked, shocked.

Kat laughed and waved her hand in the air. “Psh, nah you’re not like them. Have no fear, when I blow this place up you’ll get out alive, and so will Maria.” She had an almost evil smile though. “But Dillon will burn.”

Alex was a teensy bit frightened. But he was happy in the knowledge that he was on her good side.

Kat had just jumped over a log, and was walking along it when she stopped and shivered suddenly. “Eck, it’s cold. What gives?” She rubbed her arms.

Alex frowned and shrugged off his jacket, handing it to her. She refused it.

“No, don’t want to owe anyone anything.” She said, and kept walking on.

He wouldn’t have it any other way though. “Don’t owe me anything, just take it.” He tossed it over her head, and she pulled it back from in front of her face and almost glared at Alex.

“Fine.” She slipped her arms through and zipped it up. It really was warm.

Chapter Fourteen :/: Not Afraid

Dillon left the bathroom door open, and sat on the edge of the bathtub, next to Maria.

“So, where were we?” He asked, scooting closer to her.

Maria looked away, and said, “I… I’ve decided I can’t do this…” She was frowning and rubbing her arms again. It was a little chilly in this room.

Dillon made a pouting face and pulled her chin back to face him. “What’s wrong with a kiss here and there?”

Maria blushed more, and tried to pull her chin away. But he was much stronger than her, and easily held her facing him.

“You’re afraid you’ll get dirty, right?” He asked, eying her through half-closed, sultry eyes.

She shook her head. “I’m not… a-afraid…” He kissed her, maybe to make her stop talking or maybe just for the sake of kissing her, maybe even to intimidate her. She frowned through it, but he didn’t try to pull away.

This made her hate herself. She didn’t want to be hated! If she didn’t let Dillon kiss her, he would hate her… but if she did kiss him and Alex found out, he would hate her…

But Alex was the one she was spending the rest of her life with. Shouldn’t what he thinks matter the most?

Dillon didn’t matter. But he did.

She was too confused even to think.

And then Dillon let her go with a sigh. He could tell she really was unhappy.

“Go on, then,” he said, and waved toward the door. She left and in seconds he was alone again. He smiled a little, remembering the look on Maria’s face when he had mentioned the bed…

He could tell she’d had to think about it before answering. But only for a fraction of a second had she been unsure. Not enough for herself to notice it possibly.

She said no now… but he would make her say yes soon enough.

And after that, it might hurt her but he would leave. It would strengthen her character. Do her good.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, sort of thing.

He grinned, and leaned back a bit and then stood up, making his way to the couch to watch the news.

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