Hina and Khira-chan's Tutorials ◕ ◡ ◕
Posted 9/28/09 , edited 10/9/09
1st Lesson(About RENDER)[by : moriegirly]

#1 Render

2nd Lesson(download brushes and fonts)[by : yua-chi]

1. Download a brush file, or a brush pack. If you download a .zip file, extract it until you see the file type shown below.

2. If you have Photoshop running, close it now. Copy the brush file to C:/Program Files/Adobe/Photoshop **/Presets/Brushes/Adobe Photoshop Only/. Replace ** with your Photoshop version.

3. Load up Photoshop, and click on your Brush Tool. Then change the brush to the one you downloaded by clicking the arrow at the top and selecting your brush. For the convenience of this tutorial, I named my brush pack to Brushes.

1. Download a font file. If it came as a .zip file, extract it until you see the file shown below. In some cases, your font type wont be 'true type' so it will have a different image.

Press CTRL+C to copy the font.

2. Go to the start bar, and click on the Control Panel.

3. Paste the font file in the Fonts folder shown below.
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