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FANFIC[MC]~~ Truth Behind Lies ~
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22 / F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 10/30/09 , edited 10/30/09
sorry for the late response....
uwa... you updated your fic!!... *jumps again and again*...
*gets back composure*... nice going....
im also happy that my first comment is in your fic....
please also continue your other fics...
im still left hanging in the cliff...
pls.pls. pls.
onegaishimasu *bows*
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23 / F / Northern Mariana...
Posted 10/30/09 , edited 10/30/09
hahahah !
so they know now !

more ! moreeeeeee !
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118 / F / :]
Posted 11/1/09 , edited 11/2/09
OMGosh!! I'm sorry for the late comment!!
though I've read this the day after you posted it ^^
anyway.. Jesse and Umi are really sisters ne??
both bootiful and.. weird?? xDD
I love it when they argue!!
and the boys oh my.. hahaha
more characters means more fun!!
keep it up deen-chan!!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 11/1/09 , edited 11/2/09

awww i swear i will do my best to write this continuously! ahaha
since promises are meant to be broken XD

yep they know~~~
XD haha ill do my best XD

hahahahah!!! anee-chan XD
yeah they're sisters both beautiful and weird~!
what's whith the boys?
xD more characters to come!!!
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118 / F / :]
Posted 11/1/09 , edited 11/2/09

deen22 wrote:

awww i swear i will do my best to write this continuously! ahaha
since promises are meant to be broken XD

yep they know~~~
XD haha ill do my best XD

hahahahah!!! anee-chan XD
yeah they're sisters both beautiful and weird~!
what's whith the boys?
xD more characters to come!!!

the boys!!
they're so obsessed with the two sisters!! xDD
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 11/1/09 , edited 11/2/09
do you guys want to know what Jesse looks like??

Make her hair a bit long
and errr.... Illumi xD
i dont want to post the pic of illumi..
but if you want i can.. or not.. whahaha!
with their [illumi & Jesse] mom

ahihihi XD
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 11/2/09 , edited 11/2/09
Chapter 8
The Game about Love

Ryosuke: *drools*
Yuto: R-ryosuke! Isn’t this your—
Ryosuke: My Favorite Strawberry Shop!!! *exclaims* b-but how did you-?
Zaira: well, I just figured it out because of your… *looks at Ryosuke’s bottom* err… >.>
Ryosuke: >.> y-yeaaahh…
Zaira: you bought that here, didn’t you?
Ryosuke: >.> yeah…
Zaira: so… do you want to go inside or not?
Ryosuke: but—
Daiki: oh come on! Don’t be stubborn!
Ryosuke: but… from a girl who I don’t know? Oh come on~ this can’t possibly be happening!

Zaira’s POV
*what the heck is he saying!? Is he saying that he doesn’t want to accept it just because I’m new to him? Oh come on! I’m the one who’s being kind here! He’s really stubborn!!! Urggg!!*

Yuto: don’t tell me you won’t accept her offer to you?
Ryosuke: but-!
Zaira: never mind! But if you change your mind, here… *gives a card to him* you can buy anything you want from there. Just show this card. I’ll be leaving Mr. Stubborn! *left*
Daiki & Yuto: *stares at Ryosuke* Ryo…
Ryosuke: I didn’t mean it!
Yuto: look what you did! I think she’s mad now.
Daiki: you better say sorry to her. *looks at Zaira who is not too far walking away from them*
Ryosuke: but-!
Yuto: just go! *pushes Ryosuke* we’ll be waiting for you in the usual place.
Ryosuke: okay fine! *ran towards Zaira* Michigo-san!
Zaira: *ignores Ryosuke* *keeps on walking*
Ryosuke: wait! *holds her hand* wait..,

Zaira’s POV
*w-wait a minute… did my heart… just skipped a beat? I feel nervous… I feel trembling down. I-I don’t get it.*

Zaira: w-w-what are you d-doing? *shaking*
Ryosuke: huh? Why’re you shaking?
Zaira: s-shaking!? Who? Me? N-nooo! Aha-ha! Of course not! Why would I?!
Ryosuke: weird. Anyway, sorry…
Zaira: f-for what?
Ryosuke: a while ago… *looks down*
[Author’s Note: imagine Ryosuke’s face is looking so sorry/sad and Zaira looks at his face glowing blur]
Zaira: *not paying attention to what Ryosuke is saying* uh… *stared at his face*

Zaira’s POV
*Oh my God… my sight! Why is it… ugh! Why do I see his face so… angelic..?*

Ryosuke: so sorry…
Zaira: …
Ryosuke: hey are you okay?
Zaira: yyy…. *snaps out* Oh! Ah ahaha! Yeah! I’m better than ever.
Ryosuke: so are you in?
Zaira: in? in for what?
Ryosuke: you’re not listening are you?
Zaira: o-of course I am!
Ryosuke: no you’re not! You’re just staring at my face!
Zaira: WHAT!? *getting mad* You—stubborn man!! Ugh!! *left running* GOOD BYE!
Ryosuke: *pokes his head* oh dear… -_-“

@Kawamura’s Sushi
[Author’s Note: fictional store. Got it from Prince of Tennis XD]

Daiki: ah! Ryo!
Yuto: so?
Ryosuke: *sighs deeply* it didn’t worked…


-Yuya, Inoo, Yabu, Hikaru, Yuuri and Keito-

Yabu: so, any plans?
Yuuri: *sighs* we have to do something about them…
Inoo: okay then, I have a plan.
Yuya: oooooh… Inoo has a plan. How unusual…
Inoo: *galres at Yuya*
Yuya: just kidding!
Keito: so what’s it Inoo?
Inoo: if one of them meets another girl, we just have to make a plan to make them super close right?
Hikaru: that was great!
Yabu: but how are we going to find a girl?
All: *sighs*


@Meiji University

Illumi: wow! Your school is big. I mean, Huge!
Jesse: yeah.
Illumi: oh yeah, did you enrolled me here too?
Jesse: crazy. This is for only colleges you know~
Illumi: ooohhh… so where did you enrolled me?
Jesse: uh… mm… I forgot.
Illumi: what!!? How would I get there! I don’t even know the name!-
Jesse: I know! It starts with the letter H!
Illumi: the first letter doesn’t helps!
Jesse: sorry sissy. Anyway, you’ll start next week Monday.
Illumi: I see… 4 days from now huh… oh yeah, do I have my uniform already?
Jesse: yeah, I think so. Just ask mom.
Illumi: okay. I wonder what kind of school that is.
Jesse: anyway, where did Michi went?
Illumi: home… Probably.
Jesse: ohh…


-Daiki, Yuto & Ryosuke-

Yuto: I wonder what Illumi is doing right now.
Daiki: >.< probably not thinking of you…
Yuto: what!??
Daiki: what? Are you deaf now?
Yuto: she wouldn’t even be thinking of you too anyway!
Daiki: at least I’m a bit greater than you!
Yuto: oh yeah!? You didn’t even admit before that you like her! Now you’re saying this things!?
Daiki: what!?
Ryosuke: hey, hey! Calm down okay?
Yuto & Daiki: *takes a deep breath* I’ll challenge you!
Ryosuke: o-oi! Stop it guys!
Daiki: then let’s make a challenge!
Yuto: ohh yeah? I bet you wouldn’t win!
Daiki: *anger brought him up* then let’s make a bet!
Yuto: oh yeah? Bet on what?
Ryosuke: oi guys! Stop it will yah?
Yuto & Daiki: no!
Yuto: what bet!?
Daiki: on who will win Illumi’s heart!
Ryosuke: Guys! Stop it!
Yuto: I’ll take you on!
Daiki: oh yeah? Good. Because I don’t want to lose to a guy like you!
Ryosuke: w-wait a minute you two!
Yuto: sorry Ryosuke, but I just can’t take this guy anymore further.
Daiki: FINE! *left the sushi house*
Ryosuke: oi Daiki-! Ugh! Oh come on! What in the world is happening between you two!?
Yuto: don’t interfere… this is a fight between love.
Ryosuke: did you just told me not to interfere? Huh?
Yuto: ….
Ryosuke: you guys are my friends! Do you think I like seeing you both fighting? Over a GIRL?
Yuto: she’s not just a girl! You’re just saying that because you haven’t met her! And you don’t even know her! You wouldn’t even know how we feel because you’re not in love!
Ryosuke: not in love?... *takes a breath out* I’m going. *grabs his jacket* do whatever you want from now. Don’t worry… I won’t interfere. *went out*
Yuto: aarrrgg! I can’t believe this is happening! *ruins his hair*

-Ryosuke’s Side-

Ryosuke: geez… mou! Why did it have to turn out like this? *sees the Strawberry Shop* *sighs* *took out the card Zaira gave him* *went inside the Shop*
Sales lady: Irrashamase.
Ryosuke: *bows* anou, *shows the sales lady the card* this,
Sales lady: oh! Is this from Yani-san?
Ryosuke: ah, no.
Sales lady: then is it Zaira-san?
Ryosuke: Zaira… ah yeah!
Sales lady: very well then, you can buy anything you want from here. Fresh picked Strawberries, Strawberry clothes, Strawberry slippers, and Strawberry bag. And oh, we have out new limited edition of Cherry items and Cherry itself!
Ryosuke: really?

Ryosuke’s POV
*speaking of Cherries… >.> Yuto… *sighs* he shouldn’t have said that… ah! 8thought of something* Cherries… Umi-chan! I’m sure she’ll like this!*

Ryosuke: I’ll take 2 packs of Cherry then, and… *see’s a hair Clip with Cherry designs* that clip!
Sales Lady: are you sure this is all? You can only use this card once.
Ryosuke: well… *looks around* hmm… *sees a boxer short for girls Cherry patterned* *face turns red* ah.. *clears his throat* erms… I’ll just take a pack of Strawberries.
Sales Lady: *packs the things* here Sir.
Ryosuke: thank you. *left*
Sales Lady: *bows*


-Yuya, Kei, Yabu, Hikaru, Yuuri & Keito-

Daiki: *went in and bangs the door to close* okaeri…
Yuuri: wh-what’s wrong Dai-chan? Where’s Yuto and Ryosuke?
Daiki: *can’t take it anymore* AAAAAAAAAARGGGGG!!!
Yuya, Kei, Yabu, Hikaru, Yuuri & Keito: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!
Yuya: Oi!!! Don’t scare us like that! What happened?
Yabu: Geez!
Daiki: that Yuto! *tells what happen*
Keito: you dealt with a Bet on her!?
Yuuri: that’s not nice Dai-chan…
Daiki: I wouldn’t have said that if it he hadn’t said those!
Kei: but Daiki, it still isn’t nice you know…
Daiki: I know! *sighs*
Yabu: calm down Daiki.
Daiki: but I’ve said it already. And he agreed with it. So there’s no turning back now.
Hikaru: *sighs* gosh…
Ryosuke: *went inside* I’m back!
Yuya: ah! Welcome back.
Daiki: so you really did go to the store huh? *raises eye brow*
Ryosuke: ahehehe!
Yabu: where’s Yuto?
Ryosuke *sits down* haiz *sighs* I can’t believe he told me that.
Daiki: told you what?
Ryosuke: *tells what happened*
Daiki: *sighs* great… I wonder what’s gotten into him.
Ryosuke: you should’ve stop before so it didn’t got worst~
Daiki: how can I stop after all the things he told me!
Ryosuke: well…
Keito: are those for Yuto? *points at the Cherries*
Ryosuke: well the other one.
Kei: and the other one is?
Ryosuke: oh, this? This is for Umi-chan.
Yuuri: *whispers to himself* here’s another trouble…
Yuya: oohh.. aha-ha-ha!
Ryosuke: eh?
Yuya: n-nothing~! *smiles*
Ryosuke: weird.
Hikaru: so what are we going to do now?

@ Yuto’s house

Yuto: *calls Illumi*
Illumi: *picks up* hello?
Yuto: Illumi! Are you free today?
Illumi: aww, sorry.
Yuto: oh… it’s okay. No need to be sorry.
Illumi: oh. Is there something wrong?
Yuto: oh, nothing at all. I just wanted to see you, that’s all.
Illumi: really? Too bad then.
Yuto: yeah.
Illumi: anyway, I’ve got to go. I don’t want my phone to be snatched again. *laughs*
Yuto: ohh. Okay! Take care! Bye.
Illumi: Bye! *hangs up*
Yuto: *sighs* I wonder what I will do now…

-Next day-

@Kawashima residence

*door bell rings*

Umika: I’ll get it! *opens the door*
???: I’m baaaack!!!
Umika: Okaaaeeriii!!!!!! *hugs the person at the door*

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27 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
Posted 11/2/09 , edited 11/2/09
waah just read the first part of it...
i really wanted to read more but waah! i fnally read a fanfiction again!
it's been a long tme i haven't read one but thanks to your ff! weeh!
i'll read the rest next time.yakusoku!
waah i wanna be a character here!
you sure know who i want to be paired with right?!
anyway, i miss you all btw!
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24 / F / Bigbang's and Suj...
Posted 11/2/09 , edited 11/2/09
Bitin -_-"~~~
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24 / F / over there. XD
Posted 11/2/09 , edited 11/2/09
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118 / F / :]
Posted 11/2/09 , edited 11/2/09
hey!! post up the next chappy soon!! haha
and.. my my.. Yuto and Daiki got their big butts in trouble!! hahaha
anyway more more!!
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23 / F / singapore
Posted 11/2/09 , edited 11/2/09
post up more ya!
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23 / F / =^.^=sora=^.^=
Posted 11/6/09 , edited 11/6/09
PPPPoooSSSttt ,morrree!~~~^^,
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23 / F / Northern Mariana...
Posted 11/22/09 , edited 11/23/09
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/8/09
Chapter 9

???: I’m baaaack!!!
Umika: Okaaaeeriii!!!!!! *hugs the person at the door*
Illumi: hmm? *looks at the door* eeeh!!! Kazumi-chan!
Kazumi: Illumi-chaaaaaan!! *hugs Illumi* I didn’t know you were already here!
Illumi: and I didn’t know that you already moved away!
Umika: how about talking inside?


Illumi: so why did you moved?
Kazumi: *sighs* I just wanted to try again that life that I left with my sister and parents.
Illumi: ohh, so you wanted to be part of the Michigo Family again?
Kazumi: yup!
Illumi: did Oba-san accepted you?
Kazumi: well, yeah. Thanks to Zaira-anee and Yani-chan, mom accepted me.
Illumi: how old are you Kazumi-chan?
Kazumi: 15.
Illumi: ohhh~
Jesse: *going down stairs* Illumi! Have you seen my--- *sees Kazumi* Kazumi-chan!!!
Kazumi: aaah!!!! IDOL!
Jesse: keh-! You’re still calling me that? You Singer!
Kazumi: Writer!
Jesse: Animator!
Kazumi: Strawberry eater!
Jesse: Hey!! You- Grapes eater!
All: *laughs* ahahahaha!
Umika: oh, I need to go now. You know, taping.
Illumi: ohh! Okay!
Umika: bye Kazumi-chan!
Kazumi: bye!
Jesse: say, do you want to go somewhere?
Kazumi: ok with me~
Illumi: of course!
Jesse: then let’s go?


Illumi: *sees a dress* wuaa! That looks cute!
Jesse: I think it will look good on you!
Illumi: *looks at Jesse and Kazumi starring at her* oh…no… not again?!!
Kazumi & Jesse: kishishi!! *grabs both of Illumi’s arms* try it on!
Illumi: waaaah!

-Food Court-

Kazumi: ah-! I have to go to the strawberry shop!
Jesse: ohh.. then let’s just meet at the Fruits Land?
Kazumi: ohh, okay then.
Illumi: bye~
Kazumi: bye! *left*

@ Strawberry shop

Kazumi: *bumps at someone who was also going to the shop* wha- *fell down* hey! Watch it!
Daiki: I’m so sorry! *offers Kazumi his hand*
Kazumi: >.< I don’t need your hand… *stood up* *fixes herself*

Kazumi's POV
*geez! what the heck's with this guy! is he blind!!!??*

Daiki: oh… I’m really sorry.

Daiki's POV
*cuuute! gosh i'm so sorry i bumped into her! She resembles someone i know...*

Daiki:Can I do anything for you to accept my sorry?
Kazumi: anything?
Daiki: w-well, yeah anything… I guess?
Kazumi: ice cream.
Daiki: ice cream?
Kazumi: yes. I want an Ice cream.
Daiki: I thought you would ask for more~
Kazumi: heey~! I’m not like those others girls who are so materialistic! I may even be richer than you!
Daiki: eh! Don’t you know me?
Kazumi: know you? Ohh, yeah I know you~
Daiki: see you kno-
Kazumi: you’re the guy who bumped at me!
Daiki: keh-! So how would you prove that you’re richer than me?
Kazumi: *smirks* follow me. *went inside the strawberry shop*
Daiki: h-hey wait-!
Sales Lady: Irrashaimase! Ah! Kazumi-sama!
Daiki: kazumi.. Sama!?
Kazumi: that’s right~ My dad is the Owner of this store, and so as the Sanrio corporation.
Daiki: eeehh?!
Kazumi: *smiles cutely* oh yeah, you’re also going here right?
Daiki: uh- yeah.
Kazumi: is there anything you’re going to buy?
Daiki: I’m just going to buy a pack of strawberry for my friend.
Kazumi: ohh... okay.
Daiki: *buys a pack of strawberry* thanks. So let’s go?
Kazumi: huh-?
Daiki: you want an ice cream right?
Kazumi: ohh…
Daiki: lets go~ *grabs her hand*
Kazumi: o-okay…


Daiki: here… *gives her a Grapes Flavored Ice cream*
Kazumi: *eyes shines big and bright* g-graaaapessss.!
Daiki: just us I thought.
Kazumi: eh?
Daiki: you like grapes? Don’t you?
Kazumi: yeah! But how did you-…
Daiki: on your bag~
[Author’s Note: her bag is color violet and there is a personal printed phrase “Kazumi loves grapes” pretty obvious huh?]
Kazumi: oh... ahehe!
Daiki: oh yeah, I forgot to ask your name. You are?
Kazumi: Michigo Kazumi. 15 years old. Loves to eat grapes.
Daiki: ja, Arioka Daiki, 18 years old. I’m a member of a J-Pop Entertainment named Johhny’s Entertainment and in a Group called Hey! Say! Jump.
Kazumi: heh~ you don’t look like an artist~
Daiki: >.<” eeh!

Daiki's POV
*i think i know who she resembles a lot... Illumi-chan.*

Kazumi: haha just kidding.
Daiki: do you have a cellphone?
Kazumi: yeah I do. *tells her number*
Daiki: thanks, and mine is *tells his number*
Kazumi: ^_^

-Illumi & Jesse’s Side-

@ Fuits Land

Illumi: Cherri!
Jesse: Strawberry!
Illumi: *buys a pack of Cherri*
Jesse: *buys a pack of Strawberry*
Illumi & Jesse: arigatou!
Kazumi: Jesse! Illumi!
Illumi & Jesse: Kazu/mi-chan!
Daiki: I-Illumi-chan!?

Daiki's POV
*gosh! now i know why they resemble a lot!*

Illumi: ah! Daiki! What are you doing here?
Kazumi: oh, you know each other?
Illumi: y-yeah. I didn’t know you know him?
Kazumi: oh, I just him a while ago.
Jesse: ohh really? Nice.
Daiki: *phone rings* oh, excuse me. *picks up his phone* [bla bla blah] ok bye. *goes to Kazumi, Illumi and Jesse* sorry guys, I’ve got to go now.
Illumi: ohh okay.
Kazumi: bye!
Daiki: bye.
Jesse: don’t you think we should go home now too?
Kazumi: oh, I’ve got to go back to our house too now.
Illumi: ohh, okay then! See you again Kazumi!
Kazumi: bye!

Next Day...

@Kawashima Residence

Illumi: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Kallen: im so sorry dear. But please?
Illumi: *sighs* I just went to the mall yesterday~ and it’s already 6:00pm!
Kallen: please? *puppy eyes*
Illumi: *deep sigh* okay, okay!
Kallen: here’s some extra money. So you could buy any clothes you want after buying my big sketch pad
Illumi: haii~~

-National Book store-

Illumi: *pays the counter* *sighs* such a big sketch pad…
Ryosuke: Umi-chan?
Illumi: *turns at her back* hmm? Ryo!
Ryosuke: ah! Umi-chan! Long time no see!
Illumi: yeah! How have you been?
Ryosuke: oh, I’m great! You?
Illumi: great too!
Ryosuke: want to hang out? I know a good place!
Illumi: oh really? Sure then!


Illumi: ah! This is the park where we first met right?
Ryosuke: yup!
Illumi: *sits a the see-saw* I like this place.
Ryosuke: me too. *phone rings* oh, excuse me.
Illumi: okay~
Ryosuke: moshi moshi? Yuuri? What’s up?
Yuuri: can you please go here now? Kei, Daiki and Yuto are waiting for you! So that you and Yuto will bond together again!
Ryosuke: okay, okay ill try! I’m with Umi-chan right now!
Yuuri: u-u-u-umi chan!?
Ryosuke: yeah! So bye! *hangs up the phone*
Illumi: s-say… who was that Yuuri?
Ryosuke: oh, Yuuri is my friend.
Illumi: Yuuri?.... Yuuri Who? What’s his surname?
Ryosuke: his surname is ----]


~i'm very sorry for the short chapter! kinda busy
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