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[Radow, your post was awesome!

Oh and let me apologize in advance, this is going to be a long post.

The planet Reisus was considered a paradise among mortal worlds. Caught between the glory of its supernal beauty and the advent of superior technology, Reisus was a desired vacation place for most worlds... or at least, it would have been if it wasn't for the strict divine laws preventing other worlds from visiting its virgin lands.

Strife scowled at the image of the planet in the mist before him. Lord Chaos had interesting taste if he wanted to make Reisus his next target before the rest of that planet's galaxy fell. The lush planet's solar system was situated almost near the galaxy's central star, Desteris.

That star was one of the brightest in the universe, and such brightness was torture to anything of darkness. Well, that and the universal laws bound wraiths from entering its domain.

Strife couldn't say that he didn't appreciate a challenge, but this strategy appeared foolish at best. Yet, Chaos was certain that openings would present themselves. He was certain that their powers could produce a tilt in Reisus's solar system, causing it to wobble out of correct alignment, allowing darkness to enter in.

The silver haired general knew that his master had a plan and this plan was one that Chaos would most likely implement himself.


The sounds of the battle echoed fiercely in Heaven's ears.

Luda threw Megerie down on her rear end with a ripping of fabric. He threw his cape over her. "How naive...! No! How stupid can you be, Megerie!?"

He drew his sword to engage Bane. "Never again! Will you touch her!" He started pounding the wraith into the ground.

Megerie sat there astonished. She looked down at her ripped dress, angry then realized who had ripped it. Her eyes filled with stars. "Isn't Prince Luda amazing?!" She gushed.

If anyone else had touched the new fabric, Megerie would have sought her revenge, but as all fan girls go, the fact that Luda-sama touched her dress at all was more than worth it.

Kah'el/Malice jumped back away from Don, breathing heavily. The wraith was stronger than he expected, and Kah'el's complete adaptation to Malice's body was far from complete.

That and the last thing he needed now was Princess Megerie to show up of all people.

"Oh no! " Megerie burst. "But Luda-sama's killing, Prince Kah'el!"

Kah'el started at the sound of his name, but then realized that Megerie was talking about Bane. He smirked. What an opportunity.

Don slashed at him, angrier. "What are you doing, Malice?! I'm your opponent!!"

Megerie went to intervene between Luda and Bane.

Heaven caught her. "I wouldn't-"

Megerie looked back at her and seeing whom it was, narrowed her eyes. "I knew it! You're the reason why he'd descend. It's all your fault!" She pulled her arm from Heaven's grip.

Heaven gasped. "What?"

"You can be a burden to him all you want, but I'm saving him..." Megerie lifted her chin.

"Bane?" Heaven was confused. "You're not meaning Bane, are you?"

"No I mean the ANGEL trapped in that wraith's body..." Megerie pointed to where Luda was smashing Bane's head into the ground. "Prince Kah'el's in there, all because of you! Because you weren't strong enough to finish your mission on your own! You're so selfish!"

Heaven didn't even know how to begin to respond to that one. Bane was Dr. Sage before he turned wraith and Dr. Sage was no angel.

Megerie made a face at her. "But I'm going to save him and Luda-sama! So stay away from the both of them because they're mine!"

She uncovered herself and went for the battling duo, but Heaven called out to her. "You probably shouldn't do it."

Megerie turned on her. "Why not?! Jealous that they'lll love me more than you?"

"Uh... well Because the tear is kind of showing... you know...kind of drafty." Heaven's face went red as she was trying to explain it.

Megerie looked down at herself and her face turned redder than Heaven's. She ran for Luda's cape and wrapped it around herself. She muttered under her breath. "All this is your fault, half-angel." She grabbed a thread and needle out of what appeared to be thin air and started sewing rapidly. "You'll pay for this."

Heaven moistened her lips, trying to figure out what cookoo's nest Megerie fell out of, but something stopped her. She suddenly felt as if she was being watched. It wasn't like how she always felt when they were at battle with the wraiths when she knew that the wraiths were watching... this was different, a sense of familiarity... like a warm creepiness... ...

Heaven hugged herself and dropped to her knees. Something was very wrong, and it wasn't just the battle with the wraiths before her. Something terrible was beginning to happen and there was nothing anyone could do about it.


"Ah! I'm missing the battle scene, I sent our little angel of justice into." Ileus smirked.

Yerial folded his hands under his long sleeves and frowned. He didn't like the sound of his superior's glee.

Ileus waved his hand across a jeweled mirror, the image appearing just in time to see Luda bashing Bane, while yelling, "Never again, will you touch her!"

Ileus scowled. "He's still protecting her."

Yerial sighed. "Sire, there are three girls present, including Princess Megerie... whom is well..." Yerial's face turned red at the sight of Megerie's ripped dress. " looking rather lovely like a delicate, porcelain.. exposed...Can I get a copy of this, your highness?"

Ileus shifted his eyes to him in a condemning stare. More than words, it brought with it a full judgment upon the advisor.

Yerial swiftly shook his head and cleared his throat, cheeks still red. He felt greatly repentant. "I mean... You can't be sure that he is speaking entirely about Princess Heaven."

Ileus waved him off. "Some things are obvious, Yerial. And what do you know about women?" His eyes returned to the scene before him. Malice and Luda were taking on Don. "Ah, now this is getting good. That wraith is one powerful foe."

Both Luda and Malice went down, and Don headed to destroy Heaven, Rin, and Megerie.

Yerial felt his worry rise. "Sire, this doesn't look good. We should do something."

"No, let us see their strength. Only the most powerful will survive." Ileus smirked. This would be a time for them all to prove themselves worthy.

Yerial's eyes widened. "But you sent Princess Megerie there, by law, you have bound yourself to her fate and the fate of those she comes in contact with. Two heavenly princesses are now in danger, which the law states you must-"

Ileus held up a hand to silence him, not even bothering to remove his eyes from the scene before him. "I will intervene if necessary... "


Heaven felt her heart pound. Don's words about her being the cause of Radow becoming a target... and Radow suffering struck her like lashes. Tears trickled down her cheeks. Her mind went numb. She was responsible for all of this?!

Luda and Malice were being crushed by Don while all she could do was sit there. She couldn't even heal Radow: Her powers were harming him.

Everything was crumbling around her. Radow was beginning to be swallowed up in the darkness. Images flashed through her mind of a dark and treacherous future.

Don turned to the girls with a death's head smile. "I think I'll break you while I wait for this thing to wake up." He stalked towards them, dragging the tip of his blade along the metal floor. "Now why don't you scream for me..."

Completely absorbed, Megerie was still busy trying to rapidly sew up her dress. She totally ignored him.

Yet, Don's words snapped Heaven out of her trance. Her eyes narrowed. He hurt her friends. He now was going to hurt Rin too. So angel light hurt wraiths, huh?

He wouldn't hurt them, if she hurt him first. Heaven's hands started glowing.

Rin put her hand on Heaven's. "Don't. You'll give him more power."

Don laughed. "Yes, try to fight me. Please."

Megerie finally realized what was happening... well, actually, she knew all along. She just wasn't going to fight with the exposed nature she was in. "That's quite enough, if you want to fight so bad, then I'll be your opponent." A sword appeared out of the air in her hand. "Thank goodness for fast sewing techniques. There's no more tears in my dress keeping me from beating you into oblivion."

Don smirked, relishing this change. "And what exactly do you think you're doing. I'm nothing like that weak wraith bane."

Megerie rolled her eyes. "Oh come on, a wraith is a wraith. You're all the same."

She launched an attack at him. He parried it with a one-handed grip on his sword, and sent a blast into into her midsection throwing her back, but before she could land, he appeared behind her to kick her out of the air and into the only remaining metal way left standing.

He stalked over to her where she struggled to get up against the pain searing through her. "Master never said anything about you." He squatted in front of her to grab her throat so that she looked at him while he choked her with one hand. He raised his black glowing fist as she gasped for breath, ready to kill her with one strike. "So I guess, I'll destroy you."


Ileus lifted his hand, power glowing off of it, ready to intervene. He sighed. "What a waste."

But before he could send a blast of power through the image at Don, Radow kicked both Malice and Luda in the faces. "Shut the h*ll up, you're screaming in my d*mn ears you bunch of retards!" He got up to face Don. "That's why I hate being around everyone."

Ileus lowered his hand, with a smirk. "If he wasn't a filthy demon, I actually would like that guy. I could see why the Lord of darkness would want to possess him like a pet. Can you just see the power potential in possessing a slave with such powers."

Yerial frowned. "Master, really. That's a horrible thing to say."

Don dropped Megerie with a grin. "Ohhh.... you've finally waken up. It took you a while and it looks like my master didn't take over you yet, but there's still some darkness in your eyes I see and-"

Radow sent a rock the size of Gilbralter at Don's head, knocking him backwards. "Shut the h*ll up! You talk too much!"

Kahe'l and Luda got up as well, ready to kick some wraith butt.

Kah'el sneered with contempt. "I'll have to thank you for now demon... Looks like I'm forced to fight side by side with you for a while."

Yerial winced at the expletives coming out of the demon's and Luda's mouths as they fought with Don. "Sire, do you mind if we mute the volume." His angelic ears were not used to language like that. (I just had to put that in for fun.)

Ileus ignored him. "Interesting."


[I'll have to continue this later.
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The battle between Don, Radow and Luda filled the air with flames and power.

Holding his host body's midsection, Kah'el placed himself protectively in front of Heaven, but wobbily dropped to one knee. In the current stage that he was in, Malice's was way too weak to be effective in battle. Kah'el cursed under his breath. He came there to protect Heaven and all he could do is watch. He cursed himself and he cursed the wraith's body he had to borrow.

Heaven went to his side, hands glowing ready to heal him. But she gingerly pulled back her hands, trembling. Tears flowed down her cheeks. She went to wipe them, but he caught her hand.

Being this close to Heaven, normally would have caused him to blubber and fall back into the depths of Malice's mind, allowing Malice to surface, but Malice was deeply unconscious from losing his wraith powers, and the severe sting of the body's injuries kept Kah'el alert.

"I am not a demon." Kah'el wiped Heaven's tears with the backs of his fingers, leaving a trail of blood on her face. "I will not be harmed by your power."

He pulled her into his chest.

Radow and Luda's blasts struck against Don's energy shield to bounce off and strike the last of the ceiling above Heaven's head. Kah'el dove, pulling heaven out of the way with him.

He glared at the other two, and yelled. "Hey, you stupid igmotard spawn of idiots! Can you be just a little more reckless! You almost killed the princess!"

Luda parried a couple of Don's fast blows, before Radow jumped in. "Eat me, you hermtard! Why don't you cash in your panties-"

Don brought his blade down upon Luda's with a shreieking of metal. Radow added to the insult, while he slashed at Don "...And buy yourself a pair of pebbles...!"

Luda thrust Don back, and finished yelling back at Kah'el. "...Because we're doing all the work here while you sit there and whine, Malissa!"

Kah'el muttered under his breath. "I hate those guys."

They smashed Don into the ground.
Both Radow and Luda got ready to deliver the finishing blow, but before their fist reached Don, he let out a huge wave of energy blasting Luda and Radow back into the air.

Kah'el covered Heaven with his body to shield her from the shock effect the blast created.

Don got up and brushed himself off, shifting his head to the side with a cracking noise as he popped his neck back into place. "Is that all you could do?" He looked angry. "I'm ashamed to know I was given birth from both your powers..."

Kah'el frowned. "Well, at least we now know why that demon and Luda should never reproduce."

" Let me show you how it is done." Don looked down at then condescendingly as if he was talking to step-children.

"That's enough Don." A dark voice chilled the air.

Heaven felt herself freeze. She knew that voice all too well. A voice that haunted her nightmares. She trembled in Kah'el's arms. He looked down at her, and frowned.

Don stopped mid-punch and jumped clear back away from Radow and Luda to kneel on one knee the opposite side of a massive vortex ripping through space and time that began forming in the air. He bowed his head to it.

A dark figure appeared within it, his long black hair whipping behind him with his dark power.

The dark figure ordered, "Get Bane and come back at once."

Don grabbed Bane and walked out a dark hole without a word.

A violent wind whipped through the area with the power of a tornado. Kah'el held onto Heaven against the icy wind that threatened to blow her from his grasp.

Chaos slowly descended before them. The dark power that surrounded crushed down on their souls with the cold weight of the abyss.

As if their lungs were frozen in an ice so eerily cold that it would freeze liquid nitrogen, everyone felt their breath caught in their chests, except for Kah'el... That was one good thing about being trapped in Malice's body, the wraith's physiology had long since adapted to the unnatural darkness of the Wraith Lord. Heaven gasped for air in his arms. He held her closer to him, hoping that any essence of his angelic spirit would warm hers enough to release her if but a moment from the frozen grip of darkness that surrounded them.

Everything became silent as if sound itself was being sucked out of the air.

Chaos took a step onto the floor, blackened the already charred metal where his feet touched. He stalked towards them slowly as if he had all the time in the universe. The silence around him was deafening, causing his steps to echo.

He paused surveying them. They struggled to even breathe, why should he bother to hurry when he had them at his mercy.

He stared down at Radow, not even worried that the demon strained to grab angrily towards his feet. Even under the weight of Chaos's power reigning down on him, Radow still had enough strength to try to attack him.

Radow's claws scraped at the ground only an inch of his black boots, while his eyes glared at him with a fury great enough to penetrate the crushing pain Chaos's presence inflicted upon him.

Chaos smiled a heartless smile. "Such a shame... I couldn't have you for myself, my little demon... but I can wait..." His power settled around him, leaving frost on all metallic surfaces. "... sooner or later, you will come to me...Your fate is with me."

He shifted his eyes to Luda. "The great prince of heaven's empire reduced to a worm groveling at me feet." He smirked with a wildness that seemed strange on such a normally emotionless face. "How does it feel to be crushed beneath a superior's power?"

Luda's hand gripped his sword. He strained to lift the blade; it trembled against the ground, tip lifting but Chaos stepped on his hand crushing it. CHaos's touch with even his booted foot sent black lightening erupting throughout the fallen angel's body.

"Don't offend me with your insignificant attempts at heroism." His red eyes flashed with dark fire. "You are nothing before me now." He stepped down harder, intensifying the lightening and inflicting more pain.

"Stop!" Heaven managed. It was meant to be a shout, but instead came out as a weak whisper.

Chaos turned to her surprised. "You have the power to still speak." He stopped stepping on Luda's hand, attention completely on Heaven.

Kah'el didn't bother hiding his smile. A small amount of light energy glowed between them. The closeness of his spirit to hers resonated a tiny amount of angelic energy between them, reviving Heaven even if it was slightly. They shared more power together than they ever would have alone.

Chaos lifted his hand palm up and telekinetically snatched Heaven from Kah'el's arms, severing the energy bond that they had between them.

Heaven gasped at the pain from the breaking of the bond as she slowly floated in the air towards Chaos.

Kah'el reached out for her. "Hime-sama!"

An expression of fierce hatred flashed across Chaos's face. He lifted his other hand and sent a blast of black lightening out at Kah'el/Malice, throwing him back several feet. "You!"

Chaos grabbed the air with that hand into a white knuckled fist, and the black lightening clenched in around Kah'el/Malice in a vice grip. "Normally, I destroy traitors." He squeezed harder, causing Kah'el/Malice to cry out louder in pain. "But I'm not interested in disintegrating you in your present situation. Instead, I will make you suffer"

Heaven tried to cry out, 'no', but without the connection between her and Kah'el/Malice, she couldn't even breathe again, much less speak.

Yerial's nerves had been stretched to their limit. "Lord Illeus, we can't let this go on any longer. You have to do something!"

Illeus turned on him sharply. "I have to do nothing. Give me a directive again, and it will be your last." The fierce line on his mouth slackened. "We will wait a little longer. We will see how things turn out. If Kah'el survives this, he is worthy to still be called my brother." His eyes narrowed, eyebrows creasing in an expression to dark for most angels to bear. "If he dies, so be it. I don't need a weak brother."

Yerial gulped, then fiddled with his spectacles. He ventured to try another tactic. "But what about Princess Heaven... if the Lord of Wraiths touches her skin with his hands...?" Both knew that in Ileus's mind that one finger of Chaos's on Heaven's hair would render the princess unclean.

Ileus's expression reflected disgust, but smoothly turned into a droll look of matter-of-fact staleness. "Then she will be of no worth to me."

Yerial's palms sweated, which in of itself was unheard of in angels. "But you can prevent it."

"No." Ileus turned back to the image before them. "If she has the power, than let her do it. And if that power courses through her wings, she will be worthy to be my wife. If not... I have no use of weaklings."


Chaos released him, throwing him into a wall just on the other side of Luda. Kah'el/Malice slammed against it with a bone cracking thud.

Finally, the Lord of darkness turned his attention on Heaven, expressing softening... as if a creature of darkness could ever have a soft expresssion.

Heaven tried to pull away from his invisble grip, but it was like trying to keep dry in the ocean.

"Its useless to resist." Chaos's power brought her before him in the air. "You were meant to be at my side." He reached out to touch her face.

But before he could touch her skin, a white light barrier scorched his fingers with white flames that threatened to engulf him. He howled at the pain, mental powers dropping Heaven.

Luda strained to pushed his foot against the wall, launching himself to slide across the floor, managing to reach out his arms and catch Heaven before she hit the ground.

The angel energy that had bonded Kah'el and Heaven together, transferred to Luda, forming a bond with him. When there is darkness, light gathers its strength resonating between angel forces. So as it had between Kah'el and Heaven, it was beginning to build between Luda and Heaven as he held her.

Luda shifted his eyes down to the tiny golden light between them which was hidden from Chao's eyes. The corners of his mouth turned up; ah, Luda remembered this angelic trick.

Chaos clutched his hand, smoke smoldered off of it, his fingers in flames. "After all these millenia, I still can't touch her!" He hissed. Wild eyed, he stared at his hand as if no one else was in the room to see this momentary lack of sanity. "After all she's seen, she's still pure. She should be in despair."

Anger filled him. The white flames disintegrated on his hand to be covered in black darkness which disappeared to leave his hand unscathed. He regarded the group with sharp fierceness.

"You will all submit to darkness. Your hearts will turn to the coal blackness of death." His eyes flashed red. "You will come to follow me!"

Luda recharged from the connection with Heaven, held onte her waist with one hand to maintain the angel energy bond and swung his glowing sword down at Chaos with the other. "Like h*ll, we will!"

The Wraith Lord jumped back into the air out of the way of the strike with a pleased grin. "Now that's my angel of darkness." A line of power scorched the ground where he had been.

Luda glared at him, breathing heavily. It took the majority of his strength that he had gained from the energy exchange to make that strike. "Die."

Heaven clung to Luda, but kept her eyes on Chaos defiant.

Chaos scowled then smiled a pensive smile down at them, levitating in the air, the black vortex reappearing behind him. "Enjoy your limited time together, but in the meanwhile, here is a small gift for making it this far in my little game..."

He lifted up his hand and a huge orb of darkness formed swirling in his palm with oozing grayish black mist. "I'll show you the death of every living creature on this planet...It is of no use to me; my Sekari have already killed the inhabitants on this..." He chuckled a heartless sound. "Poor excuse for a mudball... Next time don't disappoint me: Be sure to get stronger before we play again." Chaos sent the orb crashing into the planet's surface to tear a whole towards its core.

Chaos face became violent. "Feel the destruction and despair!" The vortex enveloped him and he disappeared.

Heaven screamed as the planet crumbled into nothing beneath them. Grasping onto Luda, she threw her light shield up around everyone, but when it headed for Radow, she held back, her heart crushing inside her. Don's words came back to her. She was the cause of his pain. Her sheild hesitated and was unable to gather him into the group in time before he fell into the darkness.

"Radow!" She cried. "I'm sorry Radow!"

Suddenly there was a flash of blueish light enveloping her sheild bubble and whisking it away to disappear.

The group reappeared in the air of another planet, green and perfect, with rolling hills and waterfalls and flowers stretching for miles. The group only had a moment to glance at the new place before the shield bubble burst and sent them falling to the ground.

They landed with an aching thud on the lush grass.


Yerial turned astonished to Ileus. "You did that, didn't you sire?"

Illeus waved him off. "Reisus is lovely this time of year."

Yerial blinked at him, still confused. "But I thought you said-"

Ileus smiled, bouncing a power orb of blue light in his hand. "I said that I desired to see their strength... "

Yerial smoothed out the front of his court robes. "Ah. And they proved themselves, so you saved them."

"I just enacted the terms of my contract." Illeus smiled. "Reisus is my planet. They are now in my domain."

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Heaven screamed as she held onto him as they both watched the planet die before their eyes. Luda fell on one knee as the exhaustion finally began to take its toll on him. His eyes become milky white as he crashed on the ground bringing Heaven with him. Last the thing he heard was Radow’s name before the darkness took hold of them.

For what seemed like years Luda was sleep, the image of the past events replayed over and over again. The faces of his new friends burned into his mind, he yet again failed to protect his comrades. He always failed at that he should be used to by now but yet every time the pain worsen and worsen. He needed power he wanted power, if he had that he would be able to protect everyone.

While swamped in his thoughts Luda finally opened his eyes there was nothing but darkness. “Crap the darkness never feels good,” sigh Luda. “I completely void of all my senses, I’m completely vulnerable to any attack but I wouldn’t even know I’m dying,” he frowned. “Then again I should call it home; it’s the only place I can truly rest in.” Luda remained motionless as the dark void around he guessed was moving him into another planet. He knew he would never die; the darkness would only snatch him away to heal him and cast him away like a rag doll. It annoyed him but he was grateful for it, it gave him armor new clothes and money for the new planet, but it never changed his sword. It even taught him spells weak enough for him use without completely destroying his body. Then it completely erases the thoughts of regret so he could fulfill his mission.

Luda started to drift back to sleep until he started hearing several females screams. His flared opened and glanced around to see a KO’d Malice, a screaming Heaven,Megerie, and Rin but no Radow. Luda looked around to see himself falling face forward towards the ground. “So that’s why they’re screaming,” smiled Luda.

“Okay!!! Girls no more screaming, everything is ok,” grinned Luda. He quickly grabbed all of them pulling them closer to him.

As soon as they got hold of them Megerie grabbed hold of his neck started to strangle him in fear of the fall. “Megerie…. Cant… breathe,” gasped Luda. But she couldn’t hear him over her screams. “megerie…loosen…up…. We’re gonna fall,” yelled Luda trying to get her attention. “CCCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!” yelled Luda. Luda looked down the ground was too close for him to make a spell so he force the girls on top of him as they landed absorbing most of the impact. Pain racked his body as they landed on the grassy plain, “that’s hurts,” grimaced Luda. He looked up to see Malice still falling, sighing he though he didn’t want to he had to save the wraith from the fall. “Float!!!” he yelled raising his hand in Malice’s direction.

Just before Malice hit the ground he gentle began to hover over the ground and then landed on the ground with a soft thud. Frowning
Luda looked down on his chest to see Megerie KO’d and Heaven he couldn’t tell she was ok but he knew she she was breathing as for Rin she was already up and about checkin their surrondings. Murmuring a quick healing spell Luda slid from under the girls and stood up. He looked around to grasp his surroundings; a smile curled his lips, as he remembered the planet that he constantly came to when he was winged. Luda looked back at the three that lay before him. Luda grinned and hoisted a bound Malice over his shoulder and then picked up the sleeping girls. “This ought to be fun,” smiled Luda; “for them anyway,” he said looking at the girls.
"come on young one," He said motioning to Rin. She slowly stepped forward, as Luda watched her closely. "No worries young one, i wont hurt you," smiled Luda. With that he turned away an started down the path, knowing she was following him.

Continuing down the path Luda eagerness dimmed, “I wonder if they will remember me.” He couldnt help but think things were going to be different, he even felt different.

Mean while

Damn it," cursed Deception as she warped into her dark room. Dark blood covered her face and drenched her clothes, as she sunk against her wall. Ripping the sleeves of her shirt to shreds she dressed her slowly healing wounds. She held her head in defeat seeing that she failed her master for the first time in all her time being a wraith. Not only was that she beaten by some guy and his girl friend. “Well at least he is dead, that I’m sure of,” She sighed.

She sat there for hours slowly letting her powers recharged from her last battle. Once she regained more than half her power, she changed her form the bloody mess she was into her sexy original form. The black dress hugged her lovely curves; her bloody wounds were now simply scratches on her body. “I must see my master for my punishment,” she murmured. She shudders at the thought and whisked into his quarters. She dropped to her knees as she kneeled before him.

“I have failed you my lord, please punish me as you see fit,” she said in humble tone. Her body trembles with fear and then with excitement she never felt this before, and she liked it. she wondered how it would feel to be punish by her lord.
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LOL... I went to post and you beat me to it. So I quickly redid this. Tomorrow, I have a really early day, so I won't be able to write what I need to to respond to your post. You should probabaly play Chaos as you see fit on this one.

(Oh and I can't remember: Is Rin with the group or with Radow?)

So here we have it, a small, rag-tag group of offworlders taking a field trip on Reisus's fertile fields... or rather, in the backyard of the Laurinian King's palace. But how would they know that they were in King Cidis's three thousand acre backyard and that there was a law against off worlders landing on Reisus soil.

It had been centuries ago that Luda lost his wings and even though Megerie was a justice angel and should by job know every planetary law, she hated homework: if one ever saw her studying, they were actually seeing her read an angelic romance comic hidden inside her textbook.

Heaven didn't have any memory of her days in the heavenly empire and Kah'el was completely and absolutely unconscious inside Malice, having spent all his energy in the fight with the wraiths. Not one of the best combination of knowledge for current universal laws. Well, that and the only one of them currently awake was Luda, so the could hardly debate about the friendliness of the inhabitants.

Little did they know that such a peaceful looking planet had much unrest hidden beneath the surface... or at least, it will have unrest now that the group had "invaded" taboo territory unknowingly. And as all statutes go, "ignorance of the laws is not an excuse."

King Cidis kneeled before the holy shrine. It was a tradition that only the King and the High priests could enter the temple of the Sky. And it was a tradition that the king should bow before the rising of the sun to gain knowledge from the great Sky King.

But it wasn't tradition that the Great Sky King would appear there and this was the first time that anything miraculous had happened there.

Smoke and light filled the area and King Cidis nerly crapped his pants. For an air elf which were known for their steady character, he sure was shaken when the barito flower altar spoke to him.

"Cidis, my son of the sky. I, the Great Sky King, have come to give you counsel..." A man's voice echoed around him.

Cidis looked for the source, thinking to himself... alright this better bloody well not be some practical joke.

"Offworlders have landed on your lands." The voice of the Sky King said.

"Offworlders?" Cidis's mind was spinning. "How?That's impossible. The laws."

"The laws have been broken." The voice said.

"What is it that you desire to be done with these offworlders, my liege." Cidis readied himself to do whatever was asked.

The voice offered great instructions on how to bring about justice and prevent great calamity. Cidis bowed his head and agreed. When it seemed like the voice had given him leave, Cidis went to rise.

"And one more thing...." The voice returned a little different from the first time .

"Anything, my your great augustness." Cidis quickly dropped back down to his knee and bowed his head.

"i want a hamburger."

The angel Rubis tried to keep from laughing, where he had swiped the god speaker and started to sing about hamburgers into it.

Illeus snatched the god speaker back from Rubis, angrily smacking him in the back of his head.

Illeus then spoke into it, clearing his throat "Ahem... I meant bring the offworlders to justice and find the-"

Rubis disappeared to reappear next to Illeus and quickly spoke into god speaker, "-fairest in the land and have lots of babies..."

In front of them, the image of a bewildered Cidis reflected on the clouds. "I already have a wife, but if that is thy wish, great Sky King...."

Illeus smacked his half-brother in the back of the head. He hissed at him under his breath "Idiot." He then spoke into the speaker. "Of course, I the great Sky King desire your happiness. Yet, I desire that the laws of the land are kept. There must needs be a sacrifice to prevent a great cursing upon the land. And a priestess of pure virtue and beauty must perform the rite. Follow my instructions and bring me justice."

Cidis bowed his head in the image. "Yes, my great King."

The image disappeared.

Rubis burst out laughing when Illeu shut off the god speaker, his wings flapping. "That was awesome! I so love using that thing!"

Illeus scowled. "You are a disgrace to communication angels everywhere. If I didn't need you to reach Reisus, I would have you stripped of title for the blasphemy you just perpetuated."

Rubis just laughed even harder. "And if father ever finds out that you used his speaker to communicate with the planet, you are so going to be peeling potatoes for all etermity." He turned serious. "You got to talk with Cidis and I got to have some fun. Let's call it even."

Illeus scowled even further then stalked out of their, leaving his younger brother rolling on the floor laughing.


Corruption punted the pikichu clear to the opposite side of the field. The little critter screamed the entire way like a yodler with a hiatal hernia, but that screaming wasn't half as loud or desperate as when Barry caught it, shoving it under his armpit to run towards the goal line.

But truth be told the little furry creature couldn't even shock its way to safety. "Pika-chu! Pika-chu! Pika-peewe!" The critter passed out from the pit toxins emanating from Barry's pit.

The undead vampiric audience was shouting cheers. "Kill! Kill! Kill 'em now! Crush 'em, smash 'em, Break 'em like a cow. Make 'em pay and win it all! Wooohooo! Go Team!"

Barry rushed through the ranks of the opposing team, slicing the head off an opponent with a laugh.

Corruption's team launched explosions at him. Barry laughed as one of his teammates went up in smoke.

The crowd was in an excited frenzy. Suddenly someone hit the PA system. "The General's coming!"

Wham! In a flash the crowd scattered, leaving only cans of fermented blood and half-eaten blood sausage buns. The team players started disappearing, one's body feeling around frantically for his head while the head was trying to hop off on its own spouting an obscene version of "Heck with my body, I'm outta here!"

Corruption ran for it. Sports were forbidden in outer darkness.

Strife appeared behind him, snagging the back of his jersey in a strong fist. "Not so fast."

"It wasn't me! Barry wanted to stab up the teams! I just went along with-" Corruption spouted off a string of excuses, still trying to run.

Strife rolled his eyes. "Shut up! I don't care about your death games."

The rest of the team players and cheerleaders that were running, stopped midstep.

"You don't? You're not here to punish?" Corruption stopped running a hole into the ground. He exhaled. "Phew. What a relief."

"I have an assignment for you." Strife said in a cold voice.

"Oh, that's all?" Corruption was more than relieved; he was excited.

"Chaos wants you to corrupt Reisus." Strife explained... and there was a reason why he hadn't let go of Corruption's jersey.

Corruption's excitement split like a bannana. He tried to run, more afraid than before. "Just kill me! Just kill me! Anything but Reisus!"

Strife sent a blast of black lightning through his fist. "Shut up! Just get to work."

"But it will take a millenium." Corruption whined.

Strife released him in a thrusting motion, pushing him to the ground. "Than you better get started." He disappeared.

Corruption got up and brushed himself off, his outfit changing to his black uniform. He turned on the others, angry. "And none of you better hit on my girlfriend when I'm gone!"

Discord threw down her black pom poms and stomped over to him. "For the last time, I'm not your girlfriend!"


It was a rare moment when Chaos spared an underling a well-deserved punishment, and doing so would have been seen as weakness. Yet, the Lord of Darkness wasn't interested in punishing Deception. She'd done exactly as he had wanted her to.

Chaos gave her his back. It was a cold enough signal of displeasure... he wouldn't feed her need for darkness this time. "On the contrary, you have performed to expectation."

He could sense the mixture of disappointment and surprise. "Did you honestly think that you were sent to destroy him?" He turned to face her eyes glowing red. "No. I want him to slowly turn to darkness, to slowly go insane with the agony of knowing that he will destroy everything that he holds dear!"

He grabbed her throat, pulling her to her feet. "The seed you planted still lingers in his soul." He whispered close to her mouth, squeezing his thumb against her jaw so that it made her mouth pucker like a fish. "That seed will spread until it corrupts the very essence of him, forcing him to kill and destroy..."

Chaos brushed her dark hair back with his fingers. "...until his very core has blackened in misery." He gripped a fistful of Deception's hair. "And she will hate him. Hate him and fall into despair!"

His grip on her softened as he eyed her lips. "You will fulfill my plans."

Chaos closed his eyes and leaned closer to kiss her, subconsciouly whispering, "Heaven.". But before their lips met, his expression changed, suddenly fierce and he threw Deception back with a blast of black lightning.

With a frustrated howl, he spun away from her and drove his fist into the dark wall shattering it and the several walls behind it. The walls crumbled down under Chaos's power...

...when the dust settling to expose a hairy and bewildered Barry sporting a showercap and a bunch of bubbles. Barry screamed like a little girl and ducked down under his filthy bathwater.

Chaos composed himself and stalked down the stairs of his throne. "Confusion."

A young blonde haired boy that looked like he should have been in a toystore buying a teddy bear, appeared before Chaos on bended knee. "Yes, my master."

Chaos walked past him. "It's your turn."

The boy looked up, his eyes glowed red. A wicked grin darkened his otherwise innocent looking face. "My pleasure."

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(Today I am home sick, so I might as well make the most of it. Forget about studying. :))

Cidis allowed his servants to suit him up in his most royal armor. Normally, he would have allowed his soldiers to scour the land looking for the would-be trespassers but the Great Sky King gave the order and by duty as a descendent of the divine heavens and King over the elven land, it was his duty... no his honor to go himself.

He eyed himself in the mirror. As King on an errand for the Great Sky God, he had to shine like the Sun.

His wife cried beside him.

"Honey, it was the wishes of the Great Sky King. I'm sorry, but you're just not the fairest in the land." Cidis tried to soothe her. "Even if we managed to wax your mustache, you still are quite... not pretty. But I love you just the same. We can still be friends. Come here, give me some love."

The queen started howling in a combination of running makeup, tears, and snot that Barry would have thought was impressive.

Her Ladies-in-waiting helped escort her off.

Cidis watched her go and shrugged. Eh, all good things must come to an end. Too bad, Cidis was so black and white when it came to decision-making, otherwise he would have noticed that the Great Sky King had merely meant for him to keep the laws concerning off worlders not the hamburgers and the wife things.

But as it were, there was the largest stack of hamburgers that side of Reisus covering the golden shrine and the Queen was being married off to a cousin in New Burnswirk. The cousin was happy.

And there was already a tiny, pure priestess chosen to make a sacrifice... the Priests of the Sky King were still trying to interpret whether or not the Great Sky king meant for the pure priestess to sacrifice an animal, one of the offworlders, or a hamburger upon the altar to prevent the great devastation.

Yet, they did make the hamburger song that the Great Sky King sang to be a sacred hymn of praise.

King Cidis would not be seen as impious. He would not dishonor the commands of the Great Sky King. Even though he was wondering what symbolic interpretation the hamburger song was given to mean.

The Minister of the Interior approached King Cidis with a click of his heels and a swish of his court robes. "The edict has been sent out that all fair maidens are to be collected. Did the Great Sky King say if the "fairest" was singular or plural?"

Cidis stopped, suddenly worried. "I don't know. His great Augustness just said, "fairest"." He rubbed his chin. "Then again are we even sure that "fairest" means 'beautiful'? It could mean 'pale skinned' or 'golden'..."

"Golden skinned or golden haired?"

Cidis was getting even more confused. "I don't know. Fairest could even mean the most equal minded."

The Minister of the Interior sighed deeply. "I'll go consult the priests again."

Cidis waved his hand at him as if waving at a smell. "Why don't we err on the safe side. Just collect all the prettiest, pale skinned or golden skinned, fair minded women in the land and I'll marry them all."

The Minister frowned deeper. "But sire that could be hundreds of women."

Cidis laughed. "Then it looks like you'll be busy." He quickly stopped laughing. "Question: do we even know what the Sky God's view of beauty really is?"

The Minister rubbed his temples, feeling a headache coming on. "I'll go consult the priests."

King Cidis went out onto the balcony of his palace. His great army spanned before him, banners waving. He called out to them. "Today, in the glorious name of the Great Sky King, we shall bring about justice!"

The army raised their arms and roared with shouts of agreement.

Too bad when the Minister consulted the priests, they had no idea what the Sky God considered as beautiful either. There started the month long fast as lots of incense burning.

Rubis yawned as the god speaker from Reisus started screeching during the middle of his sleep cycle... then spoke into the god speaker. "What is it?"

The image showed a busload of priests suddenly freeze in the midst of a ritual dance. "It's the great Sky King."

Half awake, Rubis scratched his belly and belched a loud earth shaking bohemoth.

The priests drop to their knees, bowing their heads to the floor. "Oh great Sky King, we desire to know what we are to do, concerning your edicts."

Rubis covered the god speaker with his hand and yelled over his shoulder, "Ileus, you freakin loser! It's for you!"

He turned to leave, grumbling about being woke up by Ileus's planet, then noticed the hamburgers strewn all over the altar. He got stars in his eyes.

"On second thought." He grabbed the godspeaker with a grin. "I'll be right down."

The priests looked at each other in a panic. The great Sky King was going to visit them.


The smell of flowers wafted on the tiny air currents.

Heaven stirred awake.

A pair of eyes were staring at her. She screamed and jumped back to see that it was just Rin.

She tried to catch her breath. "Rin you scared me."

Rin sat back on her bum, curling her knees up to her chest. "Uncle Luda and Megerie are hunting for pastels."

Heaven raised her eyebrows."Pastels?" Then she realized. "Oh, you mean parcels... clothing."

Rin looked irritated. "That's what I said, pastels."

Heaven tilted her head to the side very surprised. "Wait a minute. Luda went shopping? For clothes?"

"Megerie got him to go."

......What really happened.....

"I want to go shopping! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go!"

Then it was...

Then it was, when Luda relented...

"You have money don't you?" Megerie asked hugging him with kisses. Not one inch of his face wasn't covered with kisses.


"Oh." Heaven felt a little left out that she was not asked to go along.

Heaven looked around for Radow, then remembered sadly that it was all her fault that he was gone. Tears threatened her eyes. She looked away from Rin, feeling even more responsible when she looked at her.

Malice woke next to her. "Heaven?"

Heaven quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and put on a smile. She couldn't let anyone see her tears.

"Malice. I'm here." She moved so that he could see her without him having to move his head. He still looked like a train wreck.

One of his eyes was a normal human color, while the other one still glowed from his days as a wraith. "What happened? The last thing I can remember is fighting Bane."

Heaven frowned. He was fighting Bane early on in the battle. He must have hit his head harder than she thought. His voice and mannerisms seemed back to normal though.

Malice attempted to sit up, but his fractured ribs prevented him. He hissed in pain, but didn't complain. He blinked his eyes and the glowing left.

"We're on Reisus." She said as if that answered everything.

Malice looked at her shocked then looked away. It did answer everything. At that moment, he knew that he was no longer a wraith.

She reached over and healed him easily. The lack of the wraith darkness in him, made him much easier to heal.

He sat up next to her, silent then said after a while. "Where are my glasses?"

Heaven looked at him and started laughing despite herself. It wasn't the happy laugh of someone with no cares in the world, but something about Malice asking for his glasses after all that they had been through suddenly struck her as funny... in a pained way.

Malice looked up. He heard someone coming. Instinctively, he grabbed Heaven's wrist and through Rin over his shoulder then ran for the bushes, jumping into them.

"Get down." He covered Heaven with his body.

A herd of horseman rushed past.

Malice watched them ride by from between the leaves until they past. He refused to move.


"Quiet." He hissed, eyes on the road.

"Malice." Heaven whispered. "Are they gone?"

He looked down at her. She looked beautiful staring up at him. "Yes." He replied.

"Then get off!" She complained irritated.

She smacked him hard and Rin laughed.

Malice rubbed his cheek confused at the entire situation. There was little his long existence that confused him and Heaven was part of that little confusing aspect of the universe.

Heaven went to leave the bushes, after Rin whom was still laughing. Someone else was coming.

Malice grabbed the back of Heaven's skirt pulling her back into hiding. Instead they both tripped, causing her to land on him. They both looked up to see Luda and Megerie.

Luda stared down at them while holding a busload of packages.

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Corruption sat cross-legged, deep in meditation, his dark power erupting over him. He furrowed his brow starting to sweat black mist.

It was one thing to corrupt a corruptible planet, but attempting to break down Reisus's spiritual defenses was a massive undertaking.

His mind searched the entire planet for some dark heart that he could manipulate, but the planet was filled with naive, good-natured millions and sorting through them one by one was tedious at best.

About to give up he sensed a heart with a tiny amount of darkness in it. His eyes opened. Woohoo! No more sorting through busloads of goodness: he was starting to get nauseated by all the sugary sweetness of that planet.

Corruption sensed a presence. He shifted his eyes to the side. Confusion stood at his door, holding a torn and bloodied bunny doll by its ears letting it drag along the floor.

Corruption rolled his eyes. "What do you want, you little brat?"

Confusion stepped aside to allow Deception to step into sight. Corruption nearly choked on his own astonishment. There stood Maria, or rather the true Deception.

Confusion tilted his head to the side with a pensively dark smile. "We've come to play too."

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Many miles away from Luda, Heaven, Rin, and the rest of the group a vortex ripped open a black whole in the sky dropping Radows unconscious body down to the planet Reisus .

While falling to the ground radows body crashed through tree branches making him gain a little of his consciousness back. Radows eyes slowly opened as he fell um…. Where am I. radows body hit the ground hard making him cough up a little blood. Radow laid motionless on the grassy surface of the ground like a dead body trying to recall what had happen while barely holding on to his consciousness.

Images of the last battle flashed through his mind, his body remembered the terrifying power of chaos’s presence. Radow laughed silently to himself damn I’m so weak still shaking…. his consciousness slowly started to drift away again damn gotta get up radow tried to move his body but the continuations of battle after battle with the (wraths) and (sekaris) finally started to take its effect on his body. A voice lingered in the back of his mind like I thought the voice said coldly your not fit to be called my son. I cant believe I the strongest among us helped give birth to this thing. Get out of my sight you disgrace of a demon. radow just continue laying motionless looking at the sky as it started to rain while his consciousness continued slipping away even faster. He gave off a small sarcastic chuckle while trying to rise his hand to the sky pathetic even gods are laughing at me. Enough to make them cry…. I hate this… I’ll destroy every..

the rain covered the tears that ran down his face as the blurry images of his mother flash before his mind mother… why did you have to be so different from us. he thought to himself as his last bit of concusses faded away.

before he completely passed out he faintly heard what sounded like two people approach him who’s that…. two voices that seemed to be famine started to speak ahh!! What do we have here hehe. Should I poke it with a stick no I don’t think that’s a good idea whatever it is it looks pretty beat up radow felt something poke his cheek aww but its so squishy haha. even so you shouldn’t touch things if you don’t know where they have been hum ok . If you say so. So what should we do maybe take it to the elder he might know what this thing is.

ah great now I’m being takin somewhere against my will again an what makes it worse im being treated as some damn thing. Damn it. It looks like this Is my limit Radows vision went blank again.


Meanwhile rin laughed a little at what heaven’s and malice’s reaction as they seen It was just luda and Megerie. She looked over to give off a small smile towards radow
but her expression was cut short when she remembered he wasn’t there. She slowly bagged up into a tree holding her knees to her chest like a lost child in the dark. She remembered the fight with don and felt useless in a sense. Not being able to do anything but watch even though she was suppose to be there to fight by his side. That was my purpose right? she softly said to herself as she as she clutched her knees tighter to her chest while tears ran down her face.

Suddenly a shocking sensation went through her entire body. In that moment she felt radow’s presence as he appeared on the planet. She looked at heaven with a puppy dog face hoping that she felt his sensation too. She quickly jumped oh her feet to go search for him but before she passed luda flashes of their fight with don went through her mind again. She stopped in her tracks and started to think of how useless she was too him. She turned to luda with her head held down and lightly tugged on his shirt mister do you think you can teach me how to fight please. Be.. because as I am right now I’m no use to him in anyway so please she begged luda looking up at him with puppy dog eyes.


Radow heard voices gathered around him did you change his bandages yes I did for the hundredth time so stop asking already. huh bandages what are they talking about? radow asked himself as he slowly opened his eyes. As he opened his eyes a blurry figure appeared in front of him oh your awake now I see the figure slowly started to clear up. Radow’s eyes opened wide because for a moment it looked like the person in front of him was his mother

it cant be her I’m just seeing things.. Right? he thought to himself you know it was a pain takin care of your busted ass. you better be lucky you had Lux here who wanted to treat you show your gratitude towards her radow looked at the girl with a blank looking expression on his face like yeah right like hell I’m going to do that

while thinking to him self yeah there’s no way in hell that would be her. Plus I was there when she…. he quickly noticed the other girl behind her staring at him smiling at him. she had silver hair, Bright green eyes
yep yep better thank me if I didn’t want to poke you more we might have left you out there she said with a grin on her face as she looked at radow.

Radow sighed and said in a monotone voice whatever wasn’t like I asked you to help me. he looked over at the two of them with a smart ass look and said with a cocky attitude in real terms you kidnapped me. So you should be lucky and thanking me that im not gonna kick your asses.

the girl who slightly resembled his mom balled her fist tightly and said what did you say you unthankful maggot. radows eye twitched you heard me granny

he closed his eyes and tried to get up but as he started to get up the girls foot went flying into his face making him lay back down. don’t move you I just changed your damn bandages and I don’t feel like changing them again. You damn ungrateful ugh.. she walked out the room slamming the door behind her.

Lux laughed a little at radow I think you should stay still or your wounds might reopen. you were pretty beat up we found you she started to walk towards the door oh and before I forget that girl that walked out her name is angel and she has a short temper so watch what you say to her. she closed the door slowly looking at radow also if you move I promise I’LL HURT YOU WORSE THEN YOU ALREAD ARE. she said as she shut the door smiling at radow with a sinister look as she closed the door.

Radow sighed as he raised his hand in front of his face. He looked at his bandaged hand humm. after a few minutes the door opened up. Radow didn’t bother to look and see who it was but her heard a cane and a few foot steps approach him oh ho I see your finally woke.

radow looked over to see a short old man with dog or wolf ears with a long white beard its been close to a week since angel and lux brought you back to our little village. radow glared down at him so what are you gonna do with me huh?? the old man laughed a little while rubbing his beard nothing at all. Just relax and wait till your wounds heal up and enjoy our village. The village of Nishimura

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Took awhile

For miles Luda carried the young ladies in his arms and the loser of a wraith, Malice on his back. Luda looked back to make sure the youngest of the women was keeping up. The look on her face was troubled but he couldn’t stop to ask her, of even ask her; because Megerie had a really tight grip on his neck.

His eyes narrowed at the sleeping Megerie “why’d you come down here,” Luda mumbled. “You’re going make this a whole lot harder,” he frowned. He sighed and returned his gaze in front of him. Although he didn’t mind having his could be future wife or Heaven with him, it was just this guy on his backing throwing everything off. “Crap, this would be a nice thing if only,” he mumbled. “If this bastard wasn’t on my back!” he yelled. Luda stopped his shouts to the world when he notices the city of Tatsuya also known as the “City of the Sky Dragon” in the distance. “Sweet I’m almost there.”

“Really? Where are we going?”

Luda looked down to see Megerie beaming up him. The image of her kissing Bane rushed through into his mind, Luda faced turned red, and anger quickly boiled his fallen blood.

Instead of punishing her like he should by law, he just dropped on her bottom. Luda looked down at her; he could see the tears swelling up in her eyes. Luda signed as he laid Heaven and Malice on the side road behind a few bushes. Luda turned his attention to the now sniffling Megerie; sighing Luda walked over to her. “Crap,” he frowned; he couldn’t find the words the words he wanted to say to her. “Forget it; I’m getting you guys some clothes stay here out of site until I get back.” He looked away and then remembered the fact of shopping and shopping with override any emotion she had except the pure of going and spending money and being with him. Luda looked at her to see standing up taking a deep breath in.

"I want to go shopping! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go!"

Luda frowned “nope, I’m taking you.” He turned towards Rin “keep an eye on them; don’t let them leave this spot, okay.”Luda turned back to Megerie who was still yelling and screaming.

"I want to go shopping! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go!"

“No, you’ll only be distraction” Luda said calmly. With that he started on his way. But he could still her yell and that was painful enough. They would get caught if he left her with them. “Come on Megerie,” he sighed. “I just now I’m going to regret this”, he said as the young princess caught up with him.

"You have money don't you?" Megerie asked hugging him with kisses. Luda sighed as his face was covered with kisses.

Were just getting what we need, Megerie.” smiled Luda.

2 Hours later

Luda returned a warrior and a pack mule. He didnt mind it as long as it kept Megerie from throwing a tantrum he was perfectly fine. He smiled when he saw Rins head slighty behind the bushes."i guess everything went oka..."

Luda looked behind the bushes he had left Heaven, Malice and Rin, to find Heavens dress soiledand Malice on top of her. Her face went red as well as Malice's. Luda sighed before he kicked Malice hard in his side, sending him to the ground besides her clutching his side. "Get off her," he said scowling. He set the packages down and looked at the completly silent Rin, who was staring off into space. "Okay, there is festival going on for the entire week next week, and everyone is wearing masks and royal like clothes," smiled Luda as he seaches through the packages. He looked up and handed Heaven a package "so for we're just gonna blend in with the crowd and not draw too much attention to ourselves." He reach for another one and tossed at Malice. Once he gave everyone their clothes Luda stood up and looked towards the city of Tatsuya, "we'll head out tomorrow its late, so lets camp, I'll keep watch."

Just as he turned to gather wood when Rin lightly tugged on his shirt" mister do you think you can teach me how to fight please. Be.. because as I am right now I’m no use to him in anyway so please "she begged luda looking up at him with puppy dog eyes.

With those kind of eyes couldn't say no. "Fine, but first know I wont go easy on cause you're a girl and second I need to know my student's name if im going to teach her how to fight," Smiled Luda. "And if Megerie and Heaven want to learn as well they can join us as well." Luda grinned and place a hand on Rin's shoulder "shall we get started"
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It wasn't often that you would see a random guy fall from the sky which fascinated Lux more than it should have, even when she was told to forget what she saw...she couldn't. She wanted to pester him so much, just so she could know who, what, were and how he fell from the sky. pinning her hair out of her eyes she gathered together a meal for there special visitor. Angel had asked her to feed the cocky brute, so she agreed with little choice after all she poked him. Tray in hands she walked to the guys room, curiosity killed the cat She whined. Kicking open the door she presented the meal to the mummy. Good MORNING~!! This is your friendly, cute, might i add personal waitress delivering you a home cooked meal. She made a grand entrance. She sat down at the end of the bed. Do you want me to feed you? Ahhh! She put some food on a spoon and smiled at him evilly. Ok, ok i'm joking... but i could...
Looks like your bandages need changing again.
She wanted to ask the questions that flooded her mind but she kept her mouth shut. It wasn't proper to get messed up in someone else's business it only led to disaster is what she was told. It was bad enough and outsider was in there town, but looking in his eyes she hoped that maybe her questions would reach him.
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radow looked as the old man walked out the door laughing to himself while rubbing his beard. radow glared as the door shut freak

radow stared at the ceiling thinking to himself for awhile. thinking whether or not to leave. he closed his eyes and took a deep breath

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