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Myobokuzan is the Toad Kingdom where the toads live and train. It is hidden in a secret place, unknown to all called the Mountain of Wandering. Only those who have contracted the Toads may enter, but only when summoned by a toad within the kingdom. A toad inside the kingdom can also choose to summon someone else if they deem fit
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*The the great frogs awaken as the sun begins to rise* I feel our disciple is getting dissilussioned *speaks the great elder to the 3 great toads*
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*Rinji sits down on a mountain in Myobokuzan* Kuchiose No jutsu! *he summons Thousands of small black boxes to him* Ok....lets see now... *Rinji reads some of the scrolls....a little frog marches up to him* So Boss how goes it?

It's good, this is a lot of info you guys have managed to gather....

You bet boss!

My sentry also confirms this....I don't understand what the Society is trying to gain by using the hard way but whatever.....this looks like it might turn interesting so I'll keep all of this to myself..... *he hides the boxes once more *
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