Well, At Least It’s Not Another Girl Group
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ZOMG BOYS. FINALLY. From Star Empire Entertainment, the folks who brought you VOS and Jewelry, we present…Child of Empire!
Yep, you counted right. There’s nine of them. Great. Just when I was getting the hang of telling apart the SNSD and Super Junior members…
Child of Empire is a result of last spring’s MNet reality show, ‘Empire’s Children,’ which detailed the formation of the group. The group includes representative members Moon Joon-yeong and Park Hyung-suk, as well as seven other members whose identities have not yet been revealed.
Although the group’s official debut is this November, it is holding a ‘guerilla style’ tour beginning the 28th—‘guerilla style’ meaning ‘riding around in a truck to various locales in order to gain experience and public recognition.’ Sounds low-tech at most, but this is how their sunbaes VOS and Park Jung-ah made their rise to…uh, fame. Which totally explains why, five years after debut, VOS still remains under the ‘pretty talented but hopelessly unknown and underrated’ category. Shame, really.
Not much info about this group has been disclosed yet, but Child of Empire already has fangirls spazzing. Might have something to do with Moon Joon-yung’s ulzzang status. Might also have something to do with the possibilities of Child of Empire-SNSD shippings. Or it might just be that the whole “I have a lesbo-crush on Amber” thing was just so last week.
Point is, regardless of how under-the-radar they’re going to be, regardless of their ridiculous amount of members, regardless of how stupid their name is—face it; us fangirls out there have been waiting for some new eye candy ever since we decided that Ga-in’s floor humping and Hyuna’s ‘safety pants’ were not exactly the fanservice we were looking for.
Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be seeing too much of Child of Empire before their November debut, but until then, let’s celebrate the fact that we’re finally seeing few Y-chromosomes popping up around here, what with fellow anticipated boy groups B2ST, MBLAQ, SHU-I, and JQT. (Ugh, I suppose I should give Child of Empire a bit of a break for not having a nonsensical acronym for a name.) Seeing as none of these groups are products of YG, SM, or JYP, it’ll be interesting to see how they hold out. But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see…

ehehe I cant wait :3 , the guy in the glasses <33333

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well...let's see
they're quite interesting...
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Wonder if they are any good. Reminds me a tad of Super Junior. ^^

Btw - Duplicate

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^If it's a duplicate than it should be locked.
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