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Posted 10/1/09 , edited 10/1/09

ELF Philippines Helping Hands is an administrator-directed program for providing community service and disaster relief to those in need. This program which is operating right now for the tropical storm "Ondoy" victims in the Philippines, can also assist government leaders in establishing relationships with key opinion leaders.

With the broad range of needs and services in today's complex society, ELF Philippines could become involved in a wide variety of community activities. When the administrators and public affairs council consider which public affairs activities are most productive and beneficial to both the organization and the community, the following guidelines will prove helpful:

1. Every public affairs activity should be consistent with the Public Affairs Core Purpose to build relationships that are strategic.

2. Each activity should support an objective defined by the adviser and the council.

The following activities below have proven to be helpful to DPAs around the world.


Experience has shown that genuine local relationships can be built with a concept called "Dinners for Ten". Just as it sounds, invite about ten strategically picked guests for dinner. Generally held in a home, these dinners provide an excellent forum to not only get to know one another, but enable directors of public affairs to meet with like-minded community residents about a subject of mutual interest or concern.

The dinners should include about five ELF Philippines representatives (public affairs council members and administrators) and about five community leaders so that ongoing relationships can be established that are mutually beneficial.

Once the dinners are held, continue to foster the relationships.


Some public affairs councils around the world have enjoyed success by sponsoring local "Family Values Awards". These awards represent an excellent opportunity for us to honor those who have defended or strengthened the family in their area. Microsoft Power Point presentations on the family have often been used in conjunction with the awards presentation.

When properly planned and executed, the "Family Values Award" activity allows the organization to reach out to VIPs in the community, draw attention from the media, and ultimately convey to the world the God’s message that the family is the eternal component in His plan for our salvation.


ELF Philippines benefits from well-planned visits with local community leaders. The visits should be relevant and appropriate so that ongoing relationships can be established that are mutually beneficial.

For example, if you are trying to build acquaintances with local city leaders, you might want to meet with the mayor, city council members, commissioners, chief of staff, and other officials.

Relationships need to be maintained and nurtured.

Join us upon lending a helping hand.

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Posted 10/1/09 , edited 10/1/09
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