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Posted 10/1/09 , edited 10/1/09
Hi. I am looking for some new anime to watch. Hence I come to this forum to humbly seek the knowledgeable advice of any generous patrons willing to give me some recommendations.

I have a problem lately as I have been trying lots of anime and most of which I have been watching I just can't 'get into' and just lack the motivation to continue watching if I haven't really been intrigued past 5 episodes. I mean many of these are very entertaining and with subject matter of interest to me and all, but I don't know if it's the story or if I am not connecting with the characters or if it's the flow of continuity or what...

Of the anime I watched, here's a list of those which I have really gotten into and what I like about them:
Samurai Champloo - Loved the action, the story, and the setting. The action was refreshing because [Mugen aside] it had realism to it instead of the mindless thwacking and clashing you see in a lot of the more shounen-minded action anime. Being a longtime martial artist, I delight when I see realistic combat based on actual martial arts. I also got to really like the characters and how Jin and Mugen really warmed up to adorable little Fuu and eventually became quite protective of her.
XXXHolic - I am loving the characters alot, really attaching to them. It's funny, suspenseful, and intellectual all at once. It makes you think at times. It also shows a lot of delicious food being cooked and explains what it is! I dig the mythology too. I find Yuuko incredibly intriguing.
Seirei no Moribito - Again I really connected with the characters and found myself really enthralled with the development. I liked the action despite there not being much of it. I loved the interpersonal relationships between the characters and how they developed.
Cowboy Bebop - The stories were very versatile and entertaining. It had a great blend of comedy, tragedy, suspense, and action. The action was realistic and Spike's fighting was based on Jeet Kune Do [and for an anime very well done too!] but there wasn't much character development or development of interpersonal relationships that I wished there was more of.
Nana - I love the flow of the story and being an oldschool punk myself delighted in the Sex Pistols references and the overall 'feel' of the anime.
Shura no Toki - The action is very much fantasy, but they still tried to keep realism in it. I noticed many techniques based off of kenpo, te, and jujutsu which really caught me. It's a historical fiction, which I really dig, and it was a jidaigeki to boot with many historic samurai being portrayed!
Le Chevalier D'Eon - I wasn't so excited about the supernatural aspects, but I warmed up to them. I liked the story alot because I am kind of a history buff. I liked that they tried making the action and combat somewhat rooted in classical fencing. Being a martial artist; realism really appeals to me in action and really captures me.

Some runners up I enjoyed but didn't REALLY get into as much as the above listed are: Peacemaker Kurogane, Trigun, Kazemakaze Tsukikage Ran, Elfen Lied, and Tenchi Muyo.

I don't really nail myself down to any one genre as you can see. I am open to many things.
The only real thing that the anime listed above share in common [aside being well written] is that they all hold a certain quality of realism in them. For me, this has always really captured me. When fantasy gets too far-fetched, it just doesn't pull me in. I relate to realism and practicality. But I don't reject fantasy either; 5 out of 7 of my anime listed above being primarily fantasy. Also it's worth mentioning that in action anime, if the action is silly and impractical [Bleach, DBZ, Naruto, etc] then I just lose interest real quick.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!
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Posted 10/1/09 , edited 10/1/09
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