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Posted 10/1/09 , edited 10/2/09
Hey guys it me with a brand new topic! Now this topic is for all those people who are very anxiuos to buy Smackdown vs Raw 2010 . Now if you've seen the whole roster of the game you might be planning to go to roster editor and editing the Champions well that's what I did in '09 and I wanna see who are your starter champions for 2010 here are my set of Champions:

WWE Champion: Randy Orton

Reason: Simply put if you look at the Raw roster now Cena and Orton are like the only ones eligible to become WWE Champion. I chose Orton cuz first I don't want Cena to be Champion and Orton is simply the most dominant Superstar in WWE today so I pick Randy.

World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

Reason: Just because he's gone doesn't mean you have to neglect him. When I started '09 I made Jeff as the starter WWE Champ now I'm making him as the starter World Champion. I mean you have to face the fact that Jeff's World title reigns doesn't last the long so in remembering the Charismatic Enigma and to make a cool story in Story designer I'll make Jeff Hardy into my World Champion before I re-brand him to a WWE Legend.

ECW Champion: William Regal

Reason: Who did you expect Christian or Tommy Dreamer? In 2010 I'm trying something new like in my previous games. If you would look at Regal right now if he wasn't suspended in 2008 (kayfabe fired by Mr. Kennedy) he should still be on Raw competing for the WWE title and heck he can be WWE Champion right now IMO. At least his current feud over the ECW title will surely get him back on track and with Kozlov and Jackson (I'm not making them Starter Unified Tag Champs) William Regal WILL become ECW Champion in real life.

WCW Champion: Mr. Kennedy

Reason: KENNNNEDDDDYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! ok reason why I'm making Kennedy WCW Champ cuz well he looks like a Champion and he deserves to be World Champ again IMO. Also I'm giving credit for Kennedy and the other Alumni for still being in the game and I wanna make Kennedy with the WCW title work in the game w/ feuds like Umaga and The Brian Kendrick in it as well.

Intercontinental Champion: John Morrison

Reason: Why Morrison you ask? Don't ask he deserves to be Champion plus 2010 is the first game John is not the default Champion (2007: He was WWE Tag & I.C Champ, 2008: ECW Champ, 2009: WWE Tag Team w/ Miz). Also Morrison looks cool in the game with the Jacket and the glasses and all of dat why not make him a Champion.

United States Champion: The Miz

Reason: Two Words: HE'S AWESOME!!!!! plus give credit for Miz in the game THQ gave him a 78 overall. I mean 78 REALLY!? its just not right y'know and he deserves the title more than Swagger or Kofi (even though Kofi is doing a great job as U.S. Champion).

Hardcore Champion: Shelton Benjamin

Reason: C'mon he's on d ECW brand and he's not competing for d ECW title....wassupwiddat!? Shelton like his nickname says DESERVES GOLD around his waist and honestly WWE Creative Team should put him in a ECW title feud w/ Christian and Regal.

Women's Champion: Melina

Reason: Just like my reason in the WWE title picture in the Women's title I think McCool and Melina are just going to trade the Women's title back and forth for the rest of the year. I chose Melina because for one her splits would look good with the gold on her waist and I already made JoMo I.C. Champ (I'm planning to make Melina and Morrison a Team).

Divas Champion: Maryse

Reason: Giving Maryse the benefit of the doubt here cuz its her SvR debut as well as the Divas Championship and she looks better with the title than Mickie once again IMO. Also I want to give Maryse and the Divas title some credibility in the game and maybe put Beth Phoenix in the Divas title mix but hey that's just me

Cruserweight Champion: Carlito

Reason: What it can happen if you could see Carlito's moves on the ring he looks like a Cruiserweight plus I've been planning this for a while to use the Cruiserweight title to really establish the feud between him and Primo (The feud really didn't click on Television). And when its all said and done Carlito would go down as the COOLEST Cruiserweight Champion of all time.....the drop the title to Primo.

Unified WWE Tag Team Champions: D-Generation X

Reason: Not Cryme Tyme, not Legacy, not the Hart Dynasty (though they're not included in the game) but the tandem of the Game and the Heartbreak Kid known as D-Generation X. Why DX you ask well Hunter and Shawn have been Tag Team Champions before but not as DX. Also I've already plan a story for DX and how are they going to choose their next Challengers and unlike the Unified Tag Champs on WWE TV, D-Generation X will be making an appearance on ECW and if your not down with dat I got TWO WORDS FOR YA!!!!

So these are my batch of Champions who are your batch of Champions????
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