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29 / F / Canada
Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/11/08
I grew up in a Christian family so I can't really remember a time of my life without God in it in some way or another. I believe the first time I truly accepted him as my saviour was when I was around three or four during an evening church meeting while I was sitting with my mother. Even though I had been to church before I was always taught with the group of younger kids, learning simple things that were easy to remember for children my age. But this time I was listening to the same types of lessons that the adults would hear every week and I guess that it had a large effect on me, everything sounded so fantastic and wonderful that at the end when everyone bowed their heads to pray before being dimissed I asked the Lord to come into my heart. He's been there for me ever since.
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30 / F / Wandering...
Posted 1/12/08 , edited 1/12/08
I accepted Christ about.... 6 years ago? My sister really brought me to Christ. My family are all Buddhists, and the guy who rents my house whose my mom's friend always speaks against God. It's horrible, he still lives here and I've learned to survive. About 3 years later from that I stopped going to church, cause at first I was just going because my friend was going, and things got bad with her, but I kept reading the bible. A year after that I went to a new church and that's where I am now. I've become a devoted member of the worship team. And I hope to get baptized soon.
Posted 1/13/08 , edited 1/14/08
my whole family was brought to Jesus by someone (im not sure who) and ive been to church since.
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28 / F / In a Quasar...O.o
Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08
Well honestly I have always been raised Christian...although over the years the denominations have changed the ideals and idea of Christ has not. As I mentioned before my father was saved by a liver transplant. I think that is when I realized that he can do miraculous things. Also, there was a point in my life where I would have anxiety attacks....overwhelming fear that makes you breath harder and your heart pound. In those hard times I prayed and God would come to my aid. That is what cemented my beliefs and gave me hope for the future. Dont get me wrong, I always believed God was real and that he did this stuff.....but I never experienced it personally and until I did I would never get I guess thats my story....(I'm not too good with words so this doesnt accurately describe how I feel...but its close enough)
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26 / F / Puerto Rico (an i...
Posted 1/21/08 , edited 1/22/08
Me and my twin sister, Sarah. Were born on the mission field, Costa Rica.
(I'm the littlest of four sisters since I was born 15 minutes or so after my twin.)

My parents were both drawn towards the mission field and had come to the country to learn Spanish at a language school there. I have no memories of the place, for when they had finished their studies we all moved to Puerto Rico which happened when I was still a baby.

I grew up surrounded by God,
I was taught Christian morals and my big sisters were very good influences on me.
My Dad was able to start a small church, he pastors. That has grown to about 40 people.
I've gone to church every Sunday that I can remember.

For awhile I believed I was saved just cuz I was in a Christian family
I grew up very happily, spending most of my days playing with my twin sisters and following her around every where like the little shadow I was.

Later we moved and my Mom worked in a Christian school that we all went to.
Around 1st or 2nd grade I was sitting in the drive way when two neighbor girls came by with a cup full of seeds. I don't remember it well but I remember thinking it was candy and I didn't believe it was bird seed like they told me it was. I took some, ran into the house, to my room and swallowed it. Soon I relieved it wasn't what I thought it was. I felt horrible for making such a fool out of myself, for not believing them, for taking what wasn't mine that I began to cry. I wanted forgiveness so badly. My mother came into comfort me and I asked her to tell my how to let Jesus into my heart. She prayed with me and I that's when it happened!

My twin sister asked Christ into her life soon after that. About two or so years later
we lived in the states for a year for furlow (that when missionaries vist churches and ask for support).

I was baptized when I was ten and I've been living for him ever since.
It hasn't all ways been easy and at time things were down right hard but God has all ways, ALL WAYS been there for me. I want to be better Christian, I'm growing but sometimes I stumble (I'm sorry to say -_-) and they're still some habits I want to brake.
I've never know life with out him and I thank him for it, I have such a good life. He has blessed me so much! Sometimes I wonder why, why me? Why am I so blessed? and then I think of people who don't know him, who have it so much harder then me. I want to get the word out to them and I'm looking forward to finding his will in my life.

Praise his wonderful name, AMEN!
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F / The road less tra...
Posted 1/22/08 , edited 1/22/08
i was about ten or eleven when i got saved. my old Pastor was moving away and it was his last time Baptising at our church. i had been attending this church for a year or so and i just really felt that this was right. ever since then i've been living for Him. my friends noticed it. i'm not really sure wheter to consider my family a Christian family or not, though. i mean, i've always gone to chuch and all, but the rest of my family just isn't into it as much. anyways, i'm so happy i was Baptized and accepted God into my life. it really changed me. i know God's with me because He's always sent help for my family when we really need it. i love the Lord and always will. nothing can change that.
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29 / M / Columbia, Maryland
Posted 2/7/08 , edited 2/8/08
Well, let's see, as a kid, I was raised in a gospel-oriented, 99.99999999% black, Church of God church as a kid. My parents were more Christian than I could have ever hoped to have been and had a really annoying habit of basically spamming the thoughts "Get saved" and "Get baptized." into my head, and after hearing it for so long, I just decided to shut them and God out as much as I could until I reached my little comfort zone. When I was young, I just thought of Christianity as some kind of game or phase in my life, so when I hit my teens, I kinda just grew out of it. Because of my quiet nature and lack of talent for sports, I never fit in at my grade school until the 8th grade, where I learned what it really meant to be a popular kid.

Rewind a few years back to 5th grade. One day I was looking up jokes online and I decided it would be funny to type what I thought would be a fake website to see the whole "this site does not exist" screen, but I ended up on a porn website. After looking for 30 seconds without realizing what I was seeing, I was hooked and nothing, not being caught by my parents or my brothers, having to use my older brother's computer, being forced to look at my mom's medical books, or the basement flooding would stop me. My addiction went on and on for several years and it only got worse.

Between 6th and 7th grade, I went to a summer camp at my church and I hated it. All of a sudden, the counselor asks everyone if they're saved, and well, I wasn't, so we walked outside the room and I echoed him in the "come into my heart, Jesus" prayer. as I later realized, I was just echoing him and nothing in my heart had changed at all.

As the years passed, I began to drift further and further away from my gospel-based, hip-hop loving friends. One day I found myself at a week long retreat for youth, which I didn't take much interest in, until I witnessed a baptism. Seeing those kids from the other church at the camp getting baptized made me consider where I was really going to end up if I continued to live my lifestyle. However, it wasn't much more than just a momentary thought for me and as I returned home and returned to the computer, it became clear to me and everyone else that I hadn't changed much, if at all.

When I had entered high school, I finally made friends that I could belong with and relate to, in every way except Christianity, which was exactly how I wanted it. However, in 11th grade, my friend Matt invited me to his youth group. Unlike mine, it was different. The people there were a lot nicer, happier, and, well, holier. I was in a difficult state of mind. I knew that God had made a difference in their lives and I wanted that, but I was too afraid and too stuck up to accept him for myself.

One day, in March, though, we went to a youth convention. All of a sudden, I found myself at the front of the arena, on my knees. I had had enough of my empty, lustfull lifestyle. So, in front of that stage, with Jeff Deyo playing and everyone else around me, I gave my life to Jesus for real and I could immediately feel the difference. It didn't matter to me who was watching or what was going on. I was there, in the presence of God, worshipping Him for who he was and for saving me from an eternal death.

As soon as I left, though, I found myself a bit hesitant, and God had to teach me how to worship boldly and selflessly, a slow and painful lesson. Once again, when I got home, I jumped on the computer and fell back again into the same sin. Again. However, after a lot of prayer and a brutal lesson learned, I began to realize the error of my ways and began to seek better things to do instead of porn.

One day, I got a letter in the mail from Liberty University, which was formed by Dr. Jerry Falwell. I visited them once and I knew that's where I was supposed to go.

Long story short, I applied to Liberty University majoring in Worship Leading, I'm closer to Jesus than ever before, I'm a bold and fearless worshipper of God, I'm getting baptized next week, I haven't looked at pornography for at least 5 months, and I'm even starting to consider helping my brothers to see the Lord in the same way I do.

Romans 5:8 - But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Let all that is within us praise His holy name!
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66 / M / FL. But, I (May...
Posted 2/13/08 , edited 2/13/08
How can sci-fi loving, Star Trekker, Dr. Who fan and Management Server Op analyst Level II; with a back ground in Geology and an AS in DP person. Doing believing in a non logical person as GOD? And beyond that in a virgin birth and totally sinless person Named Jesus. Also why the Christen God?

Well to do that I have to give you some of my life story. I grew up as very amphoral young man that others though was fun to get upset (so much so that I had to see kid syk and he put me on what we now know as speed). I found that was what I was taking in my 2nd year of high school (stopped taking it). So by the time I entered that Navy I was a skinny hyper emhonal kid. I thought well here they will act like adults. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I was a board a DDG (TIN CAN WITH TWO BIG GUNS, One MISSAL Launcher and 2 NUKS – TEN Meg ton each -- YES I had access to the NUKS!). With a bunch of 15 year olds. There were only two that did not act like kids (the XO and Capton). Worse het I was Boiler Tec. Which means I was in the hottest part of the ship and the lest liky to get out alive, if the ship went down. On top of that we went to Viet Nam. People were shooting at me/us (ones they hit us on the bow and made a 5 foot hole – above the water line – thank you Lord – in a storage area). Had ship mates killed when our forward gun blew up. Taking 2 persons with it (one was blow in to pieces and they were still digging parts of him out of it 2 days later. One was blown over board and was dead by the time they got to him). One more died 2 weeks later of his injuries and final one died 6 months later (his dieing hurts me the most as his eyes looked like they melted I was told) from the lack of will to live. When we were not getting shot at (yes we did a lot of shooting too) we were in the Phipp. At Subic Bay Navel Base and out side of the Base was about every sin that man could think of, was being offered. I would like to tell you I did not take or do any of it but, that would be lying.

I came back to the US that wanted to forget about the war and to forget about me. So I was total mess and angry (very angry). I had started my un-chrishan life as a episical church member. Which did not help me at all before, during or after war (not emohonaly or for my soul). I had been exposed to Born Again Chrishan's while in the Navy but, at that time it did not take root. It was not till after I was at college (studying to be a Geologies) that I came to meet Jesus as my savor.

Now how can a student of geology ignore on that phycal data on the earth and say that it was made in 6 days. Ok that is hard one but, if God is all power full and all knowing why NOT. One of men that landed on the moon said after looking at the earth. That the likely hood of the all of this being chance, was about same as pieces of a watch being formed in the vast reaches of space some how falling to the moon and together and start working. I once saw a video done by non-chrishan's on one type of a one cell form of life on earth that moves around by use of a tail. One checking the found that it had at base of the tail what one would was a electric motor. The motor had basic parts that formed motor the magnets around a router and tail attracted to the router. Now science says if life form has part that has no use that life form will not last long. Science also said that life form evolve changes gradually and not all once. But, for this life form it needed all 3 parts at once to be useful to it. With out the tail the motor was useless, with out the motor the tail was useless (and a drag on any ability to move other whys). With out the router the tail and motor were useless. By rules of science this life form should not have lived long enoft to evolve the complete package. But, Science says that this one cell life form has been around for millions of years. Hun!!!.

Now why only the Christen God. Well for the ones that use Idols the stories that support them break down at one point or another where science, reason and or loge can not reasonability support them (I mean some of them read better than some Sci-fi have seen). The Bible on other hand can be hard to read, boring to read and you need to read the whole thing many times before it makes any senses. People like to say that the Bible is inaccurate. Not so for every historical fact put fort in the Bible that science said no cant fine that place or event. It has had eat its words later when new research proves the Bible was right. Did Jesus exits’? Yes they found Roman writings talking about this Jesus and I believe also of his execution. That he was dead when they took him down from the cross. One things Romans were really good at was executing. When they killed some one they made sure he was DEAD before turning over the body to 3rd party. That he was alive after three days. Well let’s see 11 of his closes friends were hiding from the Jews because they knew if they showed their faces that they would also suffer similar fate. I mean these guys were scared. But, one week later were in the temple area telling every one about a risen Jesus.

I would also like to note, that when I look back on my life, I see that hand of God not chance. Guiding, protecting and yes taking me out wood shed for discipline.
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F / somewhere in the...
Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/21/08
i was born in a christian family and went to a christian school all my life. i never actually accepted Christ until i was in 8th grade. in bible class it finally hit me that i was a sinner. after that i've been getting to know what i was getting into and i fell in love w/ Jesus.
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26 / F / Not telling!
Posted 2/22/08 , edited 2/22/08
My name is Hannah Wood. I became a Christian when I was 4. Now, a lot of people say that people can't become Christians at like, 4 or 5, but I would disagree. It's true that I only became a Christian because I saw my brother becomming one. He actually led me to Christ on the way to a friend's house. That's when it all started.
When I was little, people would tell me the totally typical "John 3:16 speech" that said, "God loved the world, Hannah, so much...." I knew that, but it just didn't really click. Like, ok, this is how wierd I was as a little kid. I was like, "why did Jesus die?" People would answer, "Because he loves you!" And I would say, "that's not good enough! He must have gotten something out of it!!" I was a very strange little kid... so that was my veiw of love. It wasn't strong, it was just there. It wouldn't make anything happen excpt like, keep a family together or something. I just didn't think it did much.
Well, as prayerfully you all know, I was totally wrong! When I was 7, I did something... actually, it was at a conference to get my family ready to be missionaries... that I hate. I just, I dont know why I did it. I can't really describe what I did, but let's just say, I could not... it haunted me until last year... I'm 16. It haunted me for almost 7 years... no, more than. Well, I thought we would get away with it and no one would know, but the boy squealed and told his parents who told my mom. Hehe, that was not good.... not good.... She came to me at my gparent's house and like, yelled at me (she doesn't remember this) and I just sat there in the living room, crying. I had nothing else to do, so I cried out to God. I thought that no one would forgive me. It was too bad to be forgiven. But God told me that day, "I forgive you." I knew that even thought my parents might never forgive me, heavenly daddy, Abba, would. I knew true love at that moment. I finally knew why Jesus died for me... because love is such a strong and powerful thing that nothing, NOTHING in this world could ever break a bond of love... the bond I have with God and all the people in this world.
After that, we moved to Russia and lived there for 5 years. I went to school normally, a Christian one, but still... it wasn't.... I didn't really feel I had any obligations to God. I just lived for him and told people about him. I didn't really think about it having any like, affect on me. I never read the Bible and I just went to church for the heck of it. And cuz my parents made me go... so yea!
But then, after 5 years in Russia, we moved to Prague. Now, to fully understand this move, you have to know how much I love Russia. God has given me and I still have it, such a heart for Russia and the Russian people. I knew the language pretty well and I just never htought about leaving. I just, I loved it. Sometimes more than my family. So, when this move happened, I hated it. I hated the Russian government, but every time my bro would speak against Russia, I always got really ticked and said just shut up. I couldn't stand hearing anything against Russia, I just spoke against the Czech Republic. I hated God for making me leave and I hated... not my life, but how my life was changing. I stayed bitter and angry about the move until about two years ago. I hated Prauge for more than a year. I couldn't stand living here. Finally I had friends, but still, it wasn't good enough. I couldn't stand living here.
I went to this conference for MKs that's for our mission and one of the leaders, who's like, a second mom to me, told me that she was praying for me and praying that I would love Prague. Finally, God softened my heart. Just knowing that someone was praying encouraged me to stand up to that. And now I thank God that I live here! I love it!! I still love Russia more, but I'm content living here.
About two years ago, I was depressed. Now, the word depressed is soo overused. When I say depressed, I mean wanting to die and not just die, to not exist at all. Heaven sounded horrid because I would have to live forever! I didn't want that.... so when I was on this retreat, I broke. It was raining and cold and I had not jacket. I like the cold a lot, but that day, it wasn't just cold, it was empty. I described it to my friend as being like, a starless space. Space without anything, no planets, no people, no stars, no God. Nothing. That's what it felt like. I criend and I couldn't stop. I hoped that the cold would catch on and kill me right there. I felt so alone. Comepletely and utterly alone.... but now that I look back, I wasn't. Not just because God was really there, but I knew down deep inside I was not alone. The whole time, probably like, 2 hrs or so, I prayed. I don't remember about what, but I prayed. I didn't stop. I cried out to God, asking him to save me. Even in that emptyness, he was there. And I knew it. Ever since, I've never forgotten that he was there. Yes, I've doubted, but like, a second afterwards, I pray and think and ever time I do, I see and hear God. There is no doubt in my mind that God is real! God hears me! He knows, KNOWS! The Almighty God that created this world KNOWS me. Personally. That is a miracle. What's more, he wants to know me more! So much more and fully. COmpletely. He wants me to open up myself to be able to have an amazing life full of love, goodness, and joy! Nothing will ever keep me from the love of God!
I'm praying for you guys. In Christ...
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31 / F
Posted 2/22/08 , edited 2/23/08
^that's a great testimonial! Jesus will never leave anyone behind. He'll stop, even for the worst of beings. I just watched a video about a converted atheist. That guy is so incredibly smart, and in his pride, he still managed to find God. Praise the Lord!

I've read all your testimonials people! They're really wonderful and encouraging! It's really hard to tell people how your life has changed, because God works so naturally, it's easy to forget about him. What we can do however, is to thank him for everything good that happened, and everything bad that he would take you through. He is a patient Father, His love is larger than all. Times when you feel alone, Jesus must have felt it more at the cross. Jesus might be fully God fully man, but even as a man he needed the comfort of God! Take what Jesus has sacrificed and be grateful for it!

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28 / F / Yupper, Michigan
Posted 3/3/08 , edited 3/3/08
I have always been with God but there were times that I have strayed from the path. I was raised right into it and even when I was little I always looked to God for help when I needed it or when I just needed to talk to someone. My parents first brought me to him because they were sunday school teachers but they stopped attending church when I was still younger than ten. So my grandmother took me to her church every sunday. When I turned 15, 16 (so not that long ago) I found life catching up to me and I was endlessly busy, I found that I did not share with God and Jesus as much and I even quit attending church.
But, my dad remarried and so I found the Lord again because that was and still is a difficult issue for me. Now I am closer to God more so than how close I am to my friends. I read and pray everyday and oftentimes during class I will have personal chats with him in my brain. I attend two churches because I can't give up either one and attend student journey (youth group) every sunday. It takes up a total of six hours of my day but I have never been happier in my life.
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/6/08
Growing up I went to church a lot every saturday and sunday..but then after i turned 12
i missionary told me it was the demon stopping me from going... i ignored him
it wasnt until i was 15 wen i revisted church....going for that first time
made me realize how horrible i was for not going for 3 years..i cried so much
asking God for missionary then told me God led me back into church again
Now i go to church 4X a week...and going to church makes me feel so much better inside and to do good.
I learned from this that God should always be in your life...he is my holy father that i will always cherish =)
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29 / F / floating....away....
Posted 3/6/08 , edited 3/7/08
i was doubting myself.... just now, i went to get the bible to read it... i hurried to the shelf... and before i opened it.... i said, Lord i need you now. i need your word.. and this is where my eyes laid first on Romans 9:12-21.....

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31 / F / earth... o.0
Posted 3/10/08 , edited 3/11/08
well i am raised in a Christian family.. (everyone in the family is a Christian except my dad.. but he will be a Christian! in the grace of God someday he will be!)we go to church every sunday, i even go to sunday school but i never really know what Christianity is.. the first time I truly accepted Jesus as my lord and Saviour was when my mom send me to a 3 day children's summer camp, i was 11 or 12 then.. during worship time when the pastor began telling us about how much God loves us.. i just started crying!i dont really know what happened .. i dont even know why i cried.. until i realized it was His presence that overwhelmed me . until now i can't explain the power that i felt during that moment.. i was really blessed to know him XD
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