Upload Ur Uhjiang Luver?

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Posted 10/2/09 , edited 10/2/09
Hey Guys & Gals,
I've been tryen 2 make some forums 4 this special group & i hope all of the members will contribute 2 it. Or at least check 4 updates.

To start wit the topic. I actually don't have a quote on quote luver.
For some of u who r like me aka single.

Here r some recommended rules 4 Single ppl:
1. Please upload ur uhljiang pic. It can b wit ur friends, dog, brother, parents, a toy watever comes in mind will do.
2. Once u've upload the pics, Please do put ur CR name & who/wat is in the pic wit u.
3. Wen u look @ ur own pic, wat does it remind u off?

These r recommended rules 4 couple/luvers:
1. No kissing on the lips if possible.
2. Hugging will b fine.
Anythen will b ok as long as its not rated r like. But keep it a romantic pic.

If u have problems wit this, please do pm me. I will reply back ASAP.
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