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Dramatis Personae (subject to change)

-Sirberius Reono: Kim-un-Kur
-Magnus Nightstriker: Headmaster of Chronos Academy, Youichi's father
-Aeris "Youichi" Nightstriker: Deputy Headmaster of Chronos Academy, Magnus' daughter
-Calintz Stir Ferena: teacher from Chronos Academy
-Jūbei Hyachi: Vahari, Tenkai's brother
-Fortuna d'Vine: leader of the Order of Ocularis Infernum
-A'Ciel: consecrated angel, god, Atlantis' ambassador
-Fluegel: head of security for Messenger
-Zevon Lamia: Lamia Faction's representative
-Riruko "Risa" Kagehiko: leader of the Night Society*
-Rubi Delacoure: leader of the Mystic Knights
-V. N. Vinealent: Nirvanism Maester
-Wyatt Drauest: Lemures' crowned prince, brother of Kairi Drauest Reono
-Dmitri Valenti: The Order's Coordinator
-Jicobo Rumelian Stark: Stark Faction family head
-Akorun: "messiah" of the Akorun Cult
-Tiolee Cross: Shinigami King
-Noe Cross: Tiolee's "son", Nobody
-Desacritis Wolfe: Wolfe Faction's representative
-WiZe (Zwei): representative of [Organization V]
-Shein Lamia/Sakai: Fallen Order representative
-Drakov: leader of the Remnants of the Black Circle
-King Diosma: Bloodspire Warden
-L'rac "Larac" Aledan**: Bloodspire prisoner, Diosma's brother
-Fleur Winterfreeze: Andrea Corporation president, Andrea Winterfreeze's granddaughter
-Akirael: Valentine Organization's*** representative
-Mewt Magashio Morakami: A'Ciel's escourt
-Dapunzuel: captain of Messenger****
-Vode con Len: director of St. Sutherland's Peak
-Zoron Zøløft: security guard, Zefon Nemesea's half-brother
-Trommel: angelic security guard
-Vaivén: Alquimista
-Vástago: Alquimista
-Voz: Alquimista
-Azuno Ellis: hired mercenary
-Veldos Blackburn: hired mercenary
-Trentres Bozen-Balzano: hired mercenary
-Zayne Uquiador: Chevalier
-Raoul Uquiador: Ocheren
-Adélaïde Uquiador: Zayne and Raoul's sister
-Sfruz Smarano Coredo-Vervò: hired mercenary, friend of Trentres
-Telvi Evereve: saboteur
-Naomi Xion: saboteur
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Carpe Mundal Chapter I*: Winter Vor der Morgendämmerung**

It was nighttime when the small town Glycosa started to hear a rumbling noise. The ground was shaking. The villagers rose from their town and followed the noise to its source. They soon stumbled upon a large black hole in the ground that held what looked like a black and red vortex. They get closer to it so they may investigate it. A couple of the villager changed into their mystical form so that they my fly over it to see what could be inside.
Then the vortex started issuing out a large gust of wind. The people in the air got blown back. They landed on the ground with the help of the other villagers and moved closer the vortex. Suddenly a large dark and demonic aura started to pour out of the vortex. Now all of the people changed into their mystical forms and prepared for a fight. Next, a giant demon hand slowly raised from the portal.
“Ok everyone, prepare to strike on my command,” cried out the city's mayor, Bia de Pri.
Bia de Pri was a human. After the end of The Great God War by the signing of the Treaty of Dry Man, Bia joined Rubi Delacoure's Mystic Knights. A year ago, Bia and fellow Mystic Knight Zayru were sent on a mission to rescue Shinigami King Tiolee Cross' son, Noe Cross, from a rogue member of the Order of the Ocularis Infernum named Ackrr. While Ackrr managed to escape, Noe was rescued. As a gift of appreciation, the Order of the Ocularis Infernum leader Fortuna d'Vine gave the Mystic Knights Ackrr's Glycosa fortress, which became the Hall of Mystics. Bia would eventually be elected as Glycosa's mayor.
The giant demon hand slowly raised out of the vortex more and more. Then it stopped. The fingers were curled up into a fist, but they soon started to move one by one. A couple of the villagers decided to fly up high enough to see what was inside of it. They saw a black ball in the demon’s hand. But it looked like two pairs of wings wrapped around something. They moved in closer but jumped back once the wings started to move.
The black wings recoiled and disappeared and a figure stood up straight. It was a boy. He had black semi-spiky hair with red streaks, light brown skin, a black sleeveless shirt with red vampiric writing, long black pants with a red cape like thing draped down the back his lower waist, black boots, and black fingerless gloves. On his back was a large bastard sword that was obviously Demonic, two demonic looking dual swords on his lower legs, and two black and red demonic looking pistols on his hips.
He then suddenly stretch out his arms and yawned a bit. The villagers mistook this and was about to start attacking when he opened his eyes. They were a luminous wine red and looked almost dragonic.
“It is so good to be back out onto the Plane of the Living,” he said smiling. Then he looked down at all of the citizens that were looking at him. He took a bow, "Hey there. Name's Sirberius, what's up?"
Zayru Licayan and his troops finally arrived at the scene. Having seen the nightmares of both The Great God War and the Fallen Order, Zayru automatically guessed that Sirberius was an enemy.
"Kill the demon!" ordered Zayru Licayan.
Four of Zayru's soldiers charged at Sirberius. Sirberius, startled, takes out a scythe called Shadowy Death.
"Reaper's Vengeance!" shouts Sirberius.
With a swing of his scythe, a wave of energy erects out of Shadowy Death and hits the soldiers. They got tossed aside.
"Wait, I-" Sirberius tried to say.
"Valadend, Orgel, Trommel, immobilize him!" barked Bia, realizing that Zayru's men might not be strong enough.
Mystic Knight Salem Valadend and two angels from Atlantis Res Divina -Orgel and Trommel- obeyed. Valadend uses magic to turn the ground below Sirberius to turn into quicksand. Orgel and Trommel both loaded their bows and fired an arrow each, aiming to pin down Sirberius' wailing arms. Sirberius, stuck in the quicksand, saw the two angels.
"Reaper's Edge," chanted Sirberius.
Sirberius flicks his scythe. A ring of energy flies out and strikes both Orgel and Trommel; they fall to the ground below. Sirberius twisted his torso to aim at Valadend.
"Reaper's Wrath!" shouted Sirberius.
Valadend, in the middle of performing another spell, tripped in startlement. Bia raced over to Valadend and knocked him out of harms way. Sirberius' attack barely touched Bia's leg but it still did enough damage to prevent her from getting up.
"Lady Pri?" asked Valadend curiously, confirming Bia's survival.
"Can we stop with this?" asked Sirberius. "I only-"
"How day you hurt Bia de Pri!" yelled Zayru. "You'll pay with you life."
Zayru charged at Sirberius, a spear in hand. Without thinking, Sirberius used the first spell that came to mind.
"Hellfire Quake!" chanted Sirberius.
The ground cracked open under Zayru's feet, exposing the molten lava below the ground's crust. Valadend tried to reach out for Zayru but Zayru fell down the pit. The ground then returned to normal.
"Zay... ru..." muttered Valadend.
Valadend's quicksand spell wore off and Sirberius was freed. Sirberius took a couple steps towards Bia when Valadend quickly got up and placed himself in front of her.
"You'll not harm the mayor," declared Valadend.
"I don't want to," said Sirberius.
"You don't?" asked Bia, surprised yet also a bit suspicious.
"That's what I've been trying to tell you."
"But that portal you came out of was to the Death Dimension, I could tell. Why would you be coming out of it?"
"I was once enslaved to Draethius. I've finally been freed."
"Freed?" Bia raised an eyebrow.
"Okay, not really freed... more like escaped but who cares about the details," Sirberius says as he jokingly shrugs.
"Regardless, you killed a member of the Order of the Mystic Knights. A crime punishable by death," said Valadend.
"Calm down, Salem," Bia said to Valadend. "In actual fact, it was us who attacked first. Zayru's death was caused by his eagerness for battle. Count our blessings that he was the only casualty."
Bia was right. Zayru's soldiers had only been knocked out from the blast. Trommel and Orgel had only obtained a couple broken bones from their fall, not from Sirberius' attack, which he had weakened.
"So who are the Mystic Knights?" asked Sirberius.
"The Order of the Mystic Knights is an organization bent on restoring peace," explained Bia. "Though I have to admit that we haven't been very successful.Still, Rubi Delacoure, our leader, continues to fight for justice."
"Rubi Delacoure?!" Sirberius recognized that name. Rubi had been at Zelkova with him before Va'ashear had attacked.
"You know her?" asked Valadend.
"We both lived in Zelkova for about six months. Where is she now?"
"In our headquarters." Bia pointed at the tall circular building with two towers erecting out of the hemisphere on the top. "That's our headquarters, the Hall of Mystics. In fact, I was going to have you come there anyways so that we can get your testimony for what happened here."
"Salem, can you give me a hand?" asked Bia.
Valadend helped Bia walk. Sirberius followed them to the Hall of Mystics.

*The beginning half is based on Sirb's post in the closed story "The Dawn of a New Age"
**Winter Vor der Morgendämmerung is German for "Winter before the Dawn"
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Carpe Mundal Chapter II: Behauptung der Vereinigung*

In Dreaming Flower's Hall, a large chamber in the Hall of Mystics used for banquets, Rubi Delacoure was having lunch with Noe Cross and Wyatt Drauest, Lemures' Crowned Prince.
"I've very sorry to hear about Mare Mara's death," said Wyatt.
"Thank you," said Rubi. "We managed a large victory over the Fallen Order's influence in the Desert of Kaidva but Cheruna and The Demon Lord's Hand managed to get away."
"You should send Zayru. He might be able to help."
As Bia, Valadend, and Sirberius got closer, Valadend said "Zayru Licayan is dead."
"What?!" Noe looked like he could have gotten a heart attack. "What happened?!"
"Zayru stupidly attacked someone without consideration of whether they were enemy or not. This hybrid here only fougth in self-defense."
"Is this true?" asked Rubi.
"Yes, it is, Rubi," said Sirberius.
Rubi recognized that voice. "Sirberius? Sirberius Reono?"
"The one and only." He showed Rubi the Ruby Lodis pendant.
Tears rolled down Rubi's cheeks. "It really is you." She wiped away her tears. "Could I ask for everyone to leave so that I may be alone with Sirberius Reono?"
"You can't be serious!" protested Wyatt. "This hybrid just killed one your your people. Do you know what you're asking?"
"I do. Now, please leave or you'll be escourted out."
"Hmph. I can tell when I'm not wanted." Wyatt got up and walked towards the exit. As he approached the door, he said "Be on your guard, Lady Delacoure. I don't think this hyrbid should be trusted." And with that, Wyatt was gone.
Noe, was less resiliant. Shocked by the news of Zayru's death, Noe departed from Dreaming Flower's Hall, his eyes glaring at Sirberius the entire way. Valadend and Bia excused themselves and also left.
"So what's been happening since I've been gone?" asked Sirberius. "How are Saria Sarou and Ruuso?"
Rubi tilted her head away from Sirberius. "There was an accident, Sirberius. Saria and Ruuso joined me when I founded the Mystic Council. A week ago, we fought an army from the Fallen Order..."
The Fallen Order?! While serving as one of Fallen Order's -a cult based around Demon Lord Draethius- Fatal Five, Sirberius had done many tasks for Draethius. However, he had been deaf to the activities going on in the outside and what other parts of the Fallen Order was doing. He had no idea that the Fallen Order had fought in a battle last week.
"... In the battle, one of my companions, Mare Mara, lost her life. Ruuso was nearly killed also by Cheruna and some guy called The Demon Lord's Hand**. He's being treated by medics in Atlantis. They say that there was some dark magic involved so they can't use normal methods." Another tear rolled down her cheek. "They don't know if he'll make it. Most of the medics in Atlantis left when Archangel Gabriel Fell."
"And Saria?"
"Only a little shaken, just like the rest of us. She's quit the order. She told me she plans to move to Kaidva Town; she has some cousin, Yato and Hasha, who lives nearby."
Sirberius pondered on this news.
"Hasn't anything improved since the end of the war?" asked Sirberius.
"No. Factions keep fighting for power. The only progress we've managed is drawing boarders for territories. Each faction has its own High Lord."
"High Lord?"
"What most people have dubbed the most influential people in Hi-Ave***."
Sirberius was silent for a couple minutes. He then suddenly stood up.
"I know what I must do," declared Sirberius.
"And what's that?" asked Rubi, confused.
"I'm going to unite the factions of Hi-Ave. A council of leaders. A Mystic Council

*Behauptung der Vereinigung is German for "Declaration of Unification"
**The Demon Lord's Hand is later revealed as Carlisle Dezmonariero
***A continent
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Carpe Mundal Chapter III: Das Benennen vom Wind*

Magnus Nightstriker was the High Lord of the Chronos Ascendancy. When factions began fighting for land, Magnus established a hold on the Northeast tip of Hi-Ave, which was later dubbed the Chronos Ascendancy, to protect his Chronos Academy and its neighboring cities.
In the Chronos Academy's cafeteria, Headmaster Magnus Nightstriker was eating lunch with two fellow teachers: Calintz Stir Ferena and Aeris "Youichi" Nightstriker, whom was also the Deputy Headmaster. A student named Saiq Espion walked in with a purple letter.
"Professor Nightstriker, it's from Del Viento," informed Espion.
The news of a letter from Del Viento** shocked Magnus. Del Viento was a mailing system created by the Valentine Organization for High Lords and by High Lords only. Rarely did a Del Viento come. Intrigued, he asked Espion to hand him the Del Viento. Espion forfeited the letter and left. Magnus then read the letter.
"What does it say?" Youichi asked her father.
"It's a requesting a meeting," informed Magnus.
'Will you go?" asked Youichi.
"Yes. Actually, since it's Winter Break and most of the students have left, I think both of you should join me."
"What about the students?" asked Calintz.
"Only Saiq and four others are still here. I think the rest of our staff can handle them."
Calintz chuckled. "I guess you're right."
"Now, I think we should start packing."

Jūbei Hyachi was the High Lord of Vahari. He was the son of Ryu Hyachi and brother of Tenkai Hyachi. As the Vahashi, or Elemental Lord, he controlled the elementalist community.
Jūbei Hyachi was listening to Blaze Abonos' report about a rogue elementalist named Shino Natsume. Jūbei's mother, Ellen, walked in.
"Hello, Lady Hyachi," greeted Blaze.
Ellen ignored Blaze. She walked over to Jūbei and handed her son a Del Viento.
"It's a request for a meeting of the High Lords," said Ellen.
Jūbei wasn't pleased that his mother had read the letter but let it go.
"Then I will go," said Jūbei, agreeing to the letter's calling.

Fortuna d'Vine was the High Lord of the Order of Ocularis Infernum, a religion that had worshipped Elder God Rikia, whom had been slain by Fallen Archangel Azriel. Still, they continued their work of divinations and worship.
Fortuna d'Vine was meditating in her private sanctum when the Del Viento. She stood up and walked to the door, ignoring the letter all together.
"Aren't you going to read that?" asked a maid.
"I already know what it says," said Fortuna. "Now, inform the others: I am going to a meeting."

Zevon Lamia was the acting High Lord of Lamia after the Lamia family head passed away due to natural causes. Inexperienced, he was startled by the arrival of the Del Viento. He stopped in mid-tracks in the middle of one of Chiropterra's streets.
"A meeting?" muttered Zevon, reading the letter. Could this be a trap?

Riruko "Risa" Kagehiko was the High Lord of the Night Society. After the Rocain Faction and Lamia Faction had rebelled against her, Risa had organized the Night Society. However, day by day her territory rotted away, as was her people's faith in her leadership.
Risa was slouching in one of Necropolis' bars when the Del Viento had arrived. She read it and tossed it on the ground.
"Another shot," Risa asked the bartender.

The religion Nirvanism was under the leadership of nine Maesters. While each had equal status, they had chosen V. N. Vinealent to represent their religion as the High Lord of the Southerlands, the territory claimed by Nirvanism.
Nirvanism had great relations with The Order, whose High Lord was their Coordinator***, Dmitri Valenti. After the death of Coordinator Sebastin Darling, Dmitri Valenti and his aide, Matthau Ashford, built The Order as it was.
In the Southernlands, West of Mt. Theo, was an Order base called St. Sutherland's Peak, constructed during Coordinator Lucas Darling's reign. There, Dmitri Valenti was in a meeting with V. N. Vinealent and Karl Bates when a Del Viento arrived for both Dmitri and Vinealent.
"Rubi Delacoure has called for a meeting?" said Dmitri, surprised.
"I wonder what that's about," said Vinealent.
"I think I'll go. How about you?"
"I don't know."

Jicobo Rumelian Stark was High Lord of Stark. Ever since childhood, Jicobo had fought for what was his. After killing his siblings and becoming the Stark family head, Jicobo created his empire.
Jicobo was getting a message from his daughter-in-law, Fallan Stark, when one of Jicobo's bloodline children, Sal Stark, came in.
"Father, a letter from Del Viento," said Sal, offering Jicobo the letter.
Jicobo swiped Fallan away. In tears, Fallan crept away. Jicobo read the letter.
"That hybrid wants a meeting?" said Jicobo. "Hmph."

Akorun was the High Lord of the Akorun Cult. During the Great God War, he had been a soldier from the Wolfe Faction. He went rogue and pretended to be a god, gaining followers; he called his sect the Akorun Cult.
In Akorun's temple, the Del Viento came.
"A meeting?" read Akorun.

Tiolee Cross was the High Lord of Isla Noche, an island inhabited by shinigami. As the Shinigami King, Tiolee established the Ciudad de Isla Noche and aided Darmadia in the eradication of hybrids. He was very disappointed when the Treaty of Dry Man had been signed.
Tiolee Cross was at Castle Cross with Noe Cross and Zwei. Unbeknownst to most, including Noe himself, Noe was, in fact, a Nobody of Elder God Eon, whom had been slain by Draethius during the Battle of Swawns.
Tiolee read the Del Viento.
"A meeting, how interesting," said Tiolee. "Still, I will not be summoned by a filthy hybrid like this. Noe, I wish for you to take my place in the meeting."
"Understood," agreed Noe and he walked out of the room.
"This could be beneficial," snickered Tiolee, otherwise known as Organization V's Heavenly Ruler Phaethon.
"I agree," said Zwei.

The Fallen Order's High Lord was Draethius but was usually represented by one of the Visorese. At Schloss Fünf, Ovan Fünf's castle, Visorese Shein "Sakai" Lamia and Shino Natsume were getting ready to report ot The Demon Lord's Hand. A lieutenant named O'Dranoel came in with a Del Viento.
"I'll get it," said Shein.

Drakov was the High Lord of the Remnants of the Black Circle. He and his servant, Manuel, were at Mikael's castle, Castillo Apocalipsis**** when the Del Viento arrived.
"A meeting?" said Drakov, "hopefully it's good news. All we've been getting is bad news ever since the main branch was slaughtered in Atlantis."

Sirberius Reono and Rubi Delacoure were talking in Frozen Dancer's Hall when Wyatt Drauest, High Lord of Lemures Colony "Draco", barged in.
"What is the meaning of this?!" demanded Wyatt, waving the Del Viento.
"I've requested a meeting of the High Lords," informed Rubi.
"I know that! I'm asking why."
"I plan to unite Hi-Ave under one rule. My rule. I think I can accomplish it."
"This is an outrage! The Elder Gods will never approve of this!"
"They already have," said a female voice at the door.
Leaning on the door was a female angel named A'Ciel. She was with her escourt, Mewt Morakami.
"The Elder Gods approved the proposition," continued A'Ciel. "All that's left is for the High Lords to agree."

*Das Benennen vom Wind is German for "Calling from the Wind"
**Del Viento is Spanish for "of the wind"
***Coordinator is the rank of leader for The Order
****Castillo Apocalipsis is Spanish for "apocalypse castle"
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