What do you do when someone you know and like hurts someone you love??
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Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/3/09
Today I found out that my sister's girlfriend has been cheating on her and broke up with her in a letter.
I know and like her girlfriend, and find it hard to hate her, but I totally hate what she's done.

So what would you do if something like this happened to you??

What would your reaction be??

Delete this if it's a duplicate, and also, sorry if it is.

Or if it's inappropriate or something.

I just want to see opinions.
Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/3/09
The General forums are for having General Discussion, not for personal problems. If you would like some personal advice for your situation, please go here:


Sorry if I seem uncaring, I hope everything goes well for you.
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