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Post Reply this is really important...
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 3/9/08 , edited 3/10/08
How dare they ruin the banner!!!!grrrr
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Posted 3/11/08 , edited 3/11/08
how dare they insult them and kame and jin, i wanna burn them all, its fine 2 have opinion but there has 2 b a reason
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25 / F / anywhere..hehe!
Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/21/08
if they don't like HSJ..'
they should just leave them alone!!..'
HSJ didnt do anything to them..'
so they just have to leave them..'
they dont have the right to ruin the banner..'
they dont own it!..'
it pisses me off..'
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34 / F / SuMWheRe oN EaRtH!!
Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/25/08
i've read what the haters are saying....
well, for me, if they really don't like sumtink, they shouldn't did what they did rite...
i mean the banner and the topic......that's childish....
they say that we, the fans of JDrama and Japanese Artist, have to get a life,
but i think they are the one that must get a life....
we have our own life...what's wrong if we really like the JDrama or HSJ or any other japanese artist?
that's what we interest in...that's our life.....
we opened to listen and watch or comment something that positive...
compare to them, who's life full in, who should get a life here?
our comment mix in with few Japanese word, so what's wrong?
they also hates people who's doing that.....

well, if there are the fans, there also be the haters......
this exist everywhere.....
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F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/25/08
I wish I can hack into the system to get rid of the pic of Hey! Say! 7 They didn't have to go that far....
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F / philippines
Posted 6/6/08 , edited 6/6/08
ignorance..they're so mean...
but hey..
hey say jump is still kawaii...hehe
minus the bad things..

anime_luver_64321 wrote:

the haters r just jealous of the JE guys or they just have a life!!look wat they did to the Hey Say JUMP banner:

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Posted 6/30/08 , edited 7/1/08
This is NOT an OPINION... its totally childish. Yeah If you dont like Hey! Say! Jump then thats fine but hating He! Say! Jump is different. Its not like they have met them in person so how can they hate them so much? Even drawing on their face... I think these girls or boys are just jealous because they are prettier than them. what a low class people.
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24 / F / in suju's hearts (:
Posted 6/30/08 , edited 7/1/08
well right now their not doing anything to harm yama~chan or the rest of the hsj members
so i guess we'll just keep it like this for now
but its their opinion.. and there are MUCH MORE fans of hsj then there is for hatred of hsj
their just jealous that they got so popular so fast when their still young..~
but i think its special~!!!^^
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/6/08
hey guys. i had my friend look into this hate fest thing and found out that the person that mad it is actually a fan of some of the je groups. but he/she is mad becasue one of their group couldnt beat hey say jump. also i bet that all this got started because a stupid mother fu**ing jackass got bored and got nothing to do with their damn retarded life. one more thing, if that happens again, just tell me. i'll ask my friend to hack into their account and deleat everything. like everyone says, dont mess with the fans.
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/6/08
also this is the person that started everything.
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22 / F / UAE
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/6/08
iam really gonna kill him!!!!!!!
it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mean
they r not gay!!!!
ingore him they r soooo kawai^^
but we can't do anything
it's freedom speech
Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/10/08
those people are sooo bad...mean...grr....y do dey need 2 make a HATEFEST like that if dey don't like the HSJ(la nman cla mapapala sa pinaggagawa nila eh)...dey don't need to make something like that...i am going to kill them..grr...
send them 2 HELL ~jigoku
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28 / F / Hong Kong
Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/17/08
"I hate how being in JE fandom has made me hate each and every person from Singapore -- even before I've met them -- simply on the basis that they are from Singapore and therefore, clearly, destined to be retarded."

Have any of you guys laughed 'cus you were so disgusted? I totally did after reading the LJ. I mean, read the quote, why would someone hate Singaporeans if they're in JE? JE has got nothing to do with Singapore. As you can see, the flamers don't even know WHERE JE is from... that's just so unbelievably ridiculous.

It's a shame that people waste their time and english ability writing such insulting comments. I don't see anything wrong with disliking a group or hating somebody, but I think that cursing them to death and swearing shamelessly is way too much.

It's a pity I don't have an LJ account, or else I would have definitely sent something back to the person who made the LJ... it's despicable how they don't show any respect for people who have tried their best in their jobs.

I'm sorry minna-san, for bursting out here! I don't mean so sound conceited, but I'm glad we're all above their level! ^^
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23 / F / singapore
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08
why not we do some thing really bad for to day only???
go and find out who they like and start to spam them???

~~~ this is what i mad of....
(something i saw...)


well knowing the level of underaged porn and sex there is in Japan... pfft

JE must be out of ideas big time to be using little boys.

Well ~! they so clever they from a band la see who more fan !~
like they can make a band !~ sucker let me see until them i let them see what hell look like!
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