What do you think of Shugo Chara Party first episode?
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Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/3/09
Konnichiwa minna san. Ogenki desu ka? Watashi wa genki desu.

So, I'm here to know what you fellow Shugo Chara fans think of SCP. I first watched it which was at 2am in the morning. I was at church all night and didn't get home until about 1:30am.

Anyways, when I first watched it I was like 'what the hell' are they gonna show the anime or what. The live segment took up half of the 24 minutes and I thought the anime would be really short and that would piss me off. But somehow it was like the normal lenght.

I rewatched it today and I really like the Live Segment, Puuchi Puchi and Dokki Doki. Guess it takes a second time to change your mind, NE?

Live Segment

I really like it. I think it cools how they did the third season with a different beat. Those three girls are really cute and they did a good job. I wish I could play Amulet Dia. Love the chara and her costume.

Puuchi Puchi

I went from to to . When I rewatched it again I really like it. I thought it was just gonna be a manga like Shugo Chara chan Kids. Anyways I look forward to the rest. It really kawaii. And I'm so glad that they added Dia.
Bcuz at wiki the only mentioned Ran, Miki, and Suu and I was like why isn't Dia included. I look forward to see her in many more episode..

Dokki Doki

YAY!!!! What we have all been waiting for!?!?!? I love the new op especially when Amu was dreaming of Ikuto and she woke and realise it was only a dream. She so love him, I wonder what he was saying to her. Probably morning Hime-koi.

I knew they would start season 3 with a filler. Because right now the manga dosen't have many chapter as of yet to get back on track and I personally like Rikka. Her voice is so cute and when she laughs I reminds me of Chibi Chibi from Sailor Moon Sailor Star.

I think it's really neat how Rikka knows what the batsu tama are feelings. You know when I saw the promo vedio I thought she extract the batsu tama from people. Who would have thought she would be friend them. I like when she was like I'm gonna be a guardian and they were like no way.

Side note

I wish Ikuto was in the first chapter and I'm so happy they didn't start out with a recap. Hate recap more than fillers. I look forward to when they get back on track with the manga. Ooooh, chapter 45 is coming out today. Can't wait for it to be on NET.

Hey did you notice how Amu changed drastically. Like when she met Rikka. She was smiling and junk. I love the new her but I also like her Cool n Spicy side.

Ok, I think that's enough of my opinion. What do you fellow SC fan think of SCP so far?
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Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/4/09
wat i think is that this thread as been made bout 4 times and ur dilusional just cuz she dreamt of him doesnt mean a thing after all he was sleeping in his bed at one point....
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Why is there so many of these threads O_O
can a mod lock this please ~
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You know, there are 3-4 other threads, why not post in those? Oh, thats right, you're too ignorant to check if there are any topics similar to yours

Anyway, the whole thing seemed like an introductory episode more than a continuation.. That is, whatever Episode 102 was
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Duplicate, LOCKED.

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