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Episode 1 : The Emblem

"Mom, dad where are you!" yelled Prince Kenji

He runs towards the opening of the gate and stops as he sees a huge flame over come his kingdom. A huge black shadow inflamed within the flame. Swallowing everything within the flame. Prince Kenji's eyes watered up as he is carried away from the gate by a soldier of his kingdom. The soldier place Prince Kenji on the horse and they ride off. Kenji awakes from his dream, sweating and breathing deeply. The soldier comes in through the door to see what had happen. The soldier has gotten old; around the age of fifty.

"My prince are you alright," he said.
"I'm fine Asuma," Kenji replies "Go back to sleep for there is nothing to worry about. It was just a dream. Nothing else."
"Do you want anything." he says
"No, go on. Your need the rest more than i do." Kenji said
"As you wish my lord" he says

He closes the door as he leaves the room.

"I will keep my promise" says Asuma

He stops to think back to when the King spoke to him.

"Asuma, you are a most trustworthy soldier. We will not survive this fight. Take my son and protect him. When he is ready give him this." said the King

The king hands him a necklace with an half an emblem attached to the necklace.

"I will my lord I. I won't fail you." said Asuma

He comes back to the present.

"I will keep my promise." he says

Asuma wakes up and goes downstairs to began cooking breakfast for Kenji. Kenji wakes up smells the sweet aroma and quickly cleans up and goes down stairs.

"Asuma i told you no more cooking for me" said Kenji
"But, but, my lord." he says
"No more of that. im not a prince anymore, you must understand that we are not royalty anymore. We are just normal citizens now we eat, shop, and do whatever every normal human being does."
"I...I..I understand my...I mean Kenji" said Asuma
"Good now eat that breakfast you made. I'm going for a jog." said Kenji
"But what about..." Asuma asks
"Finsh mines too...thanks asuma." replied Kenji
"Wait before you going Kenji, take this" said Asuma
"What is it?" asked Kenji

Asuma reaches for a box in the closet and grabs out the necklace from the box and hands it to Kenji.

"This is..." said Kenji
"Your father's. He gave to me right before he....well he wanted you to have it." said Asuma
"Thanks Asuma for keeping it. I shall cherish it always." he answered

Kenji places it around his neck and jogs out the door.

"Good luck my prince." said Asuma

Kenji jogs down the street into a park. He smells the fresh aroma of the morning air and felt relaxed. He decided to sit down on the bench and listens to the quietness of the park until he hears a scream. The disturbance shook through his ear drums as he heard the screaming, he saw the pain of screaming people in his mind. He snaps out of his vision and turns around to see the situation. A lady runs down the road and trips. A monster appears as she trips over and stumble. The monster looked like a spider and looked hungry as he approached the woman.

" I will take that life now." said the monster

He got ready to shoot out some web when he is tackled down by Kenji. Kenji runs toward the woman.

"Come on, get up lets go." he says

She quickly got up and ran with Kenji. Kenji and the woman lost the monster as they ran off. He grabs her shoulder.

"Okay, why was that thing chasing you." said Kenji

She grabs onto his hand and flips Kenji onto his back.

"Owww... what was that for? I just saved" He said
"Oh, sorry never touch me." she says "I hate it when other people touch me."
"Okay, okay, okay... now can you tell me why he was chasing you." he asks
"Because i have this." She answers

She shows him a broken piece of an emblem that looked like his.

"Where did you get that?" he asked
"I got it from my father" she said "He told me to find the person wit the other halve and give it to him."

He takes out his necklace and shows her.

"Like this?" he asks
"You, you have the other halve." she said "You don't look that heroic."
"What! What are you talking about? Didnt i just save you from that thing." he says
"Well the legend tells of a warrior who will restore peace and order to the five kingdoms of Heldim back to normal and peace will be brought back to all." she says
"What legend? How come I never knew about this?" He asked
"How should I know? I'm not the teller of all you know." She says

A shot of webs came shooting rapidly into the area. They dock and rolled to the ground.

"Yea, some hero, falling on the back of a lady." she said
"Hey I can't help it" said Kenji

The spider monster came them and held another woman in his grasps.

"Give me that piece of the emblem or she will die." said the spider monster
"Why should I?" said the girl
"If you don't then I'll...."
"Wait.... don't do it" said Kenji "Here take it..."

He opens his hands and shows the emblem.

" how did you get it from me." she said
"Release her this instant for this emblem. " he says
"Altogether " the monster said

Kenji throws him the emblem and the monster throws him the woman. He begins to shoot webs at the woman. Kenji jumps and blocked the women from being attacked. He falls on the ground as the spider catches the emblem.

"Nice trade, your life for this piece of rock." said the monster "why"
"Because I'm sick and tired of seeing human beings being the target of sorrowfulness. So i will take that off their shoulders and place it onto mines. So now they will be happy and you will be nothing." he says
"What do you mean?" says the monster
"I mean you're nothing compared to humans and i will prove it to you. The light of Justice and Love will shine its light upon me and give me strength." shouted Kenji

As soon as he says those words. In another area a guardian is awakened with the words that Kenji have said. A dragon statue has awakes with his eyes glaring red and all the rocks crumble to the ground as he begun to break lose. A mental connection between the dragon and Kenji was created. Kenji stands up and his head fell. Kenji falls into a trance and sees the dragon.

"You are the one i have chosen. You have the power to change this world. If you take my power I will show you what real justice is and you will prevail in every battle." said the dragon
"But what if i dont?" kenji says
"If you couldn't i would have never chosen you. Now grab hold this power and begin your destiny." the dragon says

A belt appears before Kenji and he grabs hold of the belt. He snaps out of his trance and sees shots of webs flying towards him. He sticks out his hand and deflects all of the shots.

"Whoa, how did you do that?" said the girl

The spider stops and looks closely at Kenji. In the back he sees the outline of the Emperor Dragon. The piece of emblem that the monster has began to burn his hand and he drops it. The emblem flies towards Kenji and his piece becomes attached to one another. A belt appears around his waist.

"HENSHIN!" he yells

He sticks in the emblem into the socket and closes it.

The outline of the dragon roar as it goes into the belt. Red flames developed and surrounded Kenji and transformed him into Kamen Rider Ryukoru.

"WHOA!!" yells the girl "How did you?"

"It doesnt matter who you are. I will still crush you." said the monster
"Come. I will drain you of your evilness" said KR Ryukoru.

The monster runs towards KR Ryukoru shooting webs all over. He stands there without budging. He then takes out his sword on the side of him and cuts the monster. The monster turns around and gets slashed at. The monster kneels down in front of KR Ryukoru. KR Ryukoru kicks the monster int the face and the monster falls a couple feet in front of him. He puts away his sword and takes out his emblem and sticks it into a socket near his leg. He jumps in the air doing a front flip first. Then a flames appears at his feet and transform into a dragon. He lands his rider kick and lands the ground kneeling. The monster explodes and a dark aura is floating in mid-air. KR Ryukoru takes out his emblem and absorbs all the dark aura. He transform back into Kenji. He turns around to the girl and smiles.

"What that heck just happened?" she says


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