Lulz, found out the name of one of the miko girls
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I'm sure some people already discovered it too, but apparently her name is Jindai, and she attended the nationals a year after Teru did with ease (according to Fujita). The name of high school that she and the other miko girls attend is unknown right now, but I do know it's located in the Kagoshima prefecture. Oh, by the way, Jindai was the black haired miko with twin tails. I didn't even realize it was her until I was bored and decided to pick up my Saki volumes and read them over again... backwards though for some reason starting with volume six, and I saw her silhouette flipping thourgh volume 2 and thought "that looks vaguely familiar." Anyways, just a random fact that I wanted to share before I head out to Akihabara (I swear I'm addicted to the place). =A= I guess discuss the new girls? Or maybe inform me if anyone else knows the name of another of the unknown girls that I may have overlooked. Personally I liked the high school that seemed like they were cosplaying, umbrella ojou-sama~. And did anyone else notice how much some of them look like Touhou characters?
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